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Capitol Punishment Review (Better than Concensus)

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So Ive been seeing different blogs and reviews on other sites about last nights Capitol Punishment PPV, and its been mostly negative. Ive never posted anything on this site, but I felt like the general consensus was off, and anyone who didn't see the show firsthand assumes they didnt miss anything special. Wrong. I may go on a bit of a rant but try to stay with me.

So other than a few questionable finishes, this was a highly above average show compared to what we've been getting from the WWE in terms of PPVs over the pase couple of years. Break down the card. Top to bottom, singles matches that had actual story lines to back them up (which has been rare) between the guys you actually WANT to see (no Santino, Divas, Great Khali, etc)

The US Title match between Dolph Ziggler and Kofi started the show. For a while the US and IC Titles haven't been taken as seriously as they were in the past. I remember these matches used to be the best on the card, the best mid-carders stealing the show basically every time. the Dolph/Kofi match felt like a throwback to that. Yes, anyone who watches Smackdown has seen this match 600 times, but for something I should be sick of, both guys showed that when they aren't being buried and are given 20 minutes to put on a match, they respond. Dolph has a VERY bright future if creative doesnt screw it up (which they will) 8 out of 10

Miz and Riley was pretty much what we expected. A good, fun match that put over A-Ry big. Looks like they have big plans for him, just hope Miz isnt forgotten about.. 7 out of 10

Big Show/DelRio served its purpose. A filler fued for Alberto until SummerSlam where I assume he'll be facing Cena. The whole "Big Show being hit by the car' thing was very corny and over done, but at least there was some sort of background story going into the match. I like that Mark Henry is being used and the slam onto the announce table was impressive, but SOMEONE PLEASE explain to me why that didn't result in a DQ and the match continued????? Whatever.. 5 out of 10

Wade Barrett showed once again that he is a star in the making. On paper, the Barrett/Jackson match looked like another snoozer. Barrets promo before the match was great. Same old material, but Wade's mic skills are top notch. I dont know if it was the booking, or Barrett carrying the match, but I was impressed with both of their performances. Not a fan of Zeke getting the title, but good match with a few nice spots, better than expected performance from Zeke, and Wade showing once again hes a future World Champion. 7 out of 10

And now we get to the good part. Classic is a word that shouldn't be thrown around lightly when referring to a wrestling match. So I wont call this next match a classic, but I kind of want to. If you didnt see this event, order it, download it, get it when its on DVD, I dont care, but the CM Punk VS Rey Mysterio match alone is worth the price. Again, another match we've seen a million times that I assumed would be a good match but the same old thing, nothing special. But as soon as I saw Punk's awesome promo (what else is new) before the match, I had a feeling I was wrong. The in-ring chemistry these 2 have together is just unreal. There were so many well choreographed, perfectly executed spots that I wont waste your time listing them all. The final sequence with all the attempted Go To Sleep's, 619's and close falls was really well done and had the live crowd going nuts. The ending was (very slightly) botched, but Punk covered it up beautifully. Bottom line, two of the best in the business at their best. Just see the match for yourself, take my word for it. 10 out of 10

The World Title Match is next. Like everyone else, I had a shit fit when Christian lost the belt after 2 days, but Ive enjoyed this story line and how it built up to Christian finally snapping and turning heel. And even tho I feel like with the concussion as an excuse, Christian really shouldve won the match and the title in a controversial way to further the feud.. this was still a great match and a good job by the writers for how this panned out over the last couple of months. 8 out of 10

The next segment is another big reason why this was such a good show. This is the part where they have that extra unannounced fill in match that is usually an 8 Divas bullshit waste of time. But for ONCE, Vince, or creative, or whoever, had the bright idea to throw in an actually exciting match between two guys who can actually provide one in the 5 minutes or so that they had. Jack Swagger vs Evan Bourne was a perfect throw-in, nice little match w Bourne getting the win and Swagger making mean faces. 7 out of 10

Im gonna pretend that the Booker T/Fake Obama thing didnt happen. Moving on..

I never though Id say this, but Ive really enjoyed R-Truth lately. Hes always been good in-ring wise. But the character was just stale and terrible. Good job by creative for finally doing the heel-turn, doing it well, and showing the confidence in Truth to be in a WWE Title fued, being the main story on Raw for the past month. An interesting match, Truth was in control most of the time, with Super-Cena doing his comeback thing. Some say "Little Jimmy" causing R-Truth the match was cheesy. I say its something different and given the story-line, was better than Cena just winning the match clean as always.

So maybe im an idiot. Maybe everyone else is. But i thought this was the best PPV of the year so far. The next one will probably be extra terrible to make up for it tho.

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  1. Theiconsting's Avatar
    I wasnt even close to getting this ppv lol & havent been keen on seeing a wwe ppv for years
  2. helmsley's Avatar
    i also have always liked the mysterio-punk feuds and this match was awsome
  3. mmadia's Avatar
    thanks to anyone who actually read this lol. i just needed to vent i was pissed at everyone saying the show sucked. but yeah punk and rey always deliver
  4. GreatMuta4life's Avatar
    Good review mmadia. I liked the show too, except for the Cena-Truth finish. Everyone needs to stop complaining so much and just enjoy the show, if they hate it so show they should stop watching.

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