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Let's Give It Up For Cena and Orton

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Ok my previous blog people were upset about a picture and i comment i wrote but there won't be any of that in this blog. This is to talk about Capitol Punishment Heavyweight & WWE Championship and the WWE.

John Cena i don't know about you but that name is getting annoying that's why i put mute when he comes out and fast forward his matches but i do watch his PPV matches just to see if he has something different but i haven't seen anything but the same. Tonight we saw the same thing he get's the offense then gets beat up and then here comes super Cena boom! it's over but this time he got help from a little jimmy just to make the rest of the lil one's happy. IMO this was another sorry PPV how long is Cena gonna keep that title until Wrestlemania against The Great One and if he does well I'm hoping The Rock wins so that Next Year The Rock will be able to Entertain us for a couple of months.

Why is Randy Orton ever since his face turn he keeps burying talented Wrestlers, Yes we know Christian leg was under the ropes so that they can continue there Story line but why couldn't they just give the Title to Christian WWE needs a Heel Champion right now but i just know that Christian will get the title soon.

I'm just wondering if WWE wants to bring these young guys so they can keep making them stars but how can they if they just get buried by Randy Orton & John Cena it's funny how these two can get a clean finish with there Signature Move but why does every wrestler excuse me sorry "Superstars" use there move and they kick out or if they get the win it's by outside interference but if this keeps going on every Monday Night, Every Smackdown and Every PPV i think WWE are moving to NICKELODEON OR THE DISNEY CHANNEL LOL! nah just playing but if that happens I think Adults should stop watching it.

THE best part of the Night CM Punk won FINALLY!!

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  1. VKM's Avatar
    Surprisingly, I agree!
  2. Enforcer23's Avatar
    i agree to...a way to describe the wwe is frustration..good blog
  3. knox's Avatar
    I agree as well, great blog and great photo. The WWE Creative team should've learned their lesson back when people like Batista, HHH & Undertaker all left.

    Cena is wrestling thru tons of injuries and Orton is pretty banged up as well. God forbid, but if Cena & Orton were to really get hurt at the same time and have to miss time...WWE would be in trouble because they've buried so much talent.

    If the WWE wants to survive, they need to keep Cm Punk & The Miz at the mainevent level because they've been burying them as well. They also need to elevate Jeck Swagger, Dolph Ziggler, Cody Rhodes and Kofi to the mainevent....
  4. Theiconsting's Avatar
    CM Punk, Christian & Alberto Del Rio should be getting pushed im not really interested in any others atm
  5. Viper's Avatar
    i'd like to see wwe do more with jack swagger.
  6. AOF666's Avatar
    I agree completely
  7. rockmark's Avatar
    agreed...rock should win and keep it for a couple of months and lose it in a triple threat or somethin.........he's not ready to pass d torch yet...!
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