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WWE Capitol Punishment - What a way to waste three hours!

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I'm going to keep this brief since it's 4am here in the UK and I just sat through a three hour snoozefest. As a result only a few matches will get a mention since the rest were so uneventful.

Dolph Ziggler defeated United States Champion Kofi Kingston

The first match on the card, and the only one (of seven) that was worth tuning in for. It had some great moments of teasing a winner, and both superstars looked good. Also, the title went into the hands of someone who can use it to propel himself to the top rather than Kofi, who seems to doomed to be a mid-carder for the next two years.

Big Show versus Alberto Del Rio gets postponed

As a match, this had very little build and no reason to be on a PPV, but SmackDown got me interested. I was left disappointed by the fact that Show got re-injured from an attack by Mark "I'll never reach the main event" Henry. In fact, the only plus-side to this match was that Show being slammed through the Spanish announce table looked epic.

Randy Orton defeated Christian... controversially

This was the match I was looking forward to. The match I stayed up to watch. Needless to say, it turned out being slow, unimaginative, and just plain dull. Orton played on his concussion far too much and it killed his unpredictability for the most part, whilst Christian seems to have forgotten how to wrestle as an effective heel. The plus side was that the controversial ending allows the feud to continue and potentially save itself from this boring encounter.

The Final Hour - Fake Obama and the Barackaroonie, Lite Beer, and a "Special Event"... and then the Cena Show

Watching the Orton match end with an hour left I immediately went to the thought of "maybe they'll put a tag team match on to break things up". Instead we got the routine Bella appearance for no apparent reason, followed by a 10 minute skit involving the clearly fake President Obama telling WWE-oriented jokes and being hailed back to the ring to perform a surprisingly-good spinaroonie. They also put a match between Jack Swagger and Evan Bourne which was a direct repeat of last Monday's RAW encounter on. If I, as well as many others in the chat I was taking part in, wasn't annoyed already there was still the John Cena versus R-Truth match to come.

Naturally, I didn't expect much from this match. I mean, in his last PPV appearance he took 25 minutes of punishment from The Miz and Alex Riley only to hit one high impact move and come out victorious, crushing The Miz in the process. It couldn't get worse than that could it?

Apparently so, because this time we were given a 20 minute match which saw Truth dominate for fifteen minutes, and then a few good near finisher moments from both superstars (including 4 of Cena's 5 moves of doom). The nail in this match's coffin came at the very end, however. Staying true to his character, Truth decided to steal a hat and a drink from a young Cena fan at ringside and have a sip. Upon giving the drink back to the fan, said fan throws it in Truth's face and Cena throws him back into the ring and gives him an AA for the win.

In my opinion this whole hour showcased poor booking, poor script-writing, and a continuation of Cena's laziest ever title run. Having hit 6 moves in two PPVs, Cena has gone further below his already low standards for putting on a wrestling match.

Oh, and on a side note, the crowd tonight was truly awful. I hope some of them read this entry and the many others I expect will surface criticising the PPV, and take note that at a WWE show the least you're expected to do is support the product (even Cena got zero reaction).

So that's my extremely critical analysis of WWE Capitol Punishment. Like I said before, I haven't included every match. This is because the rest aren't worth a mention in my opinion. I also expect some comments about how the crowd can only be expected to react if something interesting, spectacular, or shocking happens. I agree, but even the regular murmurs of "Miz is awful", "Lets's go Cena, Cena Sucks", and just general cheering and booing seemed completely non-existent throughout tonight.

Thank you for reading, and feel free to leave comments and opinions on this entry.

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  1. Daffy Duck's Finest's Avatar
    I agree with you on most of that, especially waiting on the Cena match, as I am also from the UK. However, I feel as if the Punk/ Mysterio match was the show stealer, with the Ziggler match close behind.
  2. knox's Avatar
    I think the show stealer was Punk & Rey....I agree tho thats why i never buy ppvs. Im not wasting money just to see Cena go over everytime.

    Back in the attitude era the Rock, Stone Cold, Triple H, The Undertaker and many more would lose fairly on any given night. Thats not the case with Cena
  3. jrsckilla23's Avatar
    [QUOTE=knox;bt5650]I think the show stealer was Punk & Rey....I agree tho thats why i never buy ppvs. Im not wasting money just to see Cena go over everytime.

    Back in the attitude era the Rock, Stone Cold, Triple H, The Undertaker and many more would lose fairly on any given night. Thats not the case with Cena[/QUOTE]

    I totally agree with you in the Attitude Era allot of great wrestling entertainers lost clean to each other even gave some mid-carders a pin as well but like i tell everyone Cena is the new Hogan and we all know Hogan never put anybody over unless they were the second face of the company "Warrior" but the difference is Hogan never got a mix reaction and went Heel....but if this keeps going on my message to all the adults is stop watching it until Wrestlemania comes so we can root for THE ROCK


  4. Stern's Avatar
    You've basically summed up what I wanted to put in my third blog here about this PPV. Punk and Rey was decent a decent match (the only one I've bothered to watch in it's entirety). I didn't ask for the results of the other two matches because I was going to watch them later, so when I came on eWrestling (admittedly, forgetting about the PPV yesterday) and saw "new Champions!" I actually let my guard down for a second and thought that WWE would actually make either Randy Orton, or God forbid, Cena let go of a title, but once again WWE disappoints.

    Cena doesn't really have a lot going for him storyline wise. I'm a strong believer that he needs to be chasing titles, not holding on to them for months on end, only to loose it for a couple of weeks/months. And maybe loose a Wrestlemania event once in a while.
  5. ComingToCinemas's Avatar
    Normally I would say that Punk versus Rey is the show stealer, but last night they just couldn't live up to their previous matches in my opinion. I think it's partly because I'm tired of Punk being wasted in the mid-card against Rey when he's had the ability and character to be WWE Champion for the past two years.
  6. Marx's Avatar
    I agree, and don't agree. I'm with you on the second part: I don't know why Jack Swagger is jobbing to Evan Bourne. Bourne is okay, but Swagger is better. Cena was Cena, but I've stopped caring. I don't even regularly watch the main event.

    I watch the PPV's for the matches that interest me because of the wrestling, and don't even care that much about the storylines. Ziggler vs. Kofi satisfied me, though it could have done with one 'Kofi hits a finisher and Ziggles kicks out' less. Miz vs. Riley really amazed me, I had no expectations but enjoyed myself - not that it was special, but it was good and imho had a ppv-feel to it: it brought 'it' more than a similar event on Raw.
    I enjoyed CM vs Rey, and disagree about Orton vs Christian. Diffentley paced then previous encounters, true, and maybe those were better, but I like that they don't just replicate a formula, but try stuff. Loved the Ortonslither in the corner, they both did nice spots, and love the movement of both. Almost every move has some importance.

    The two 'big men' matches really sucked. I don't understand Zeke. No charmisma, girly voice, can't wrestle longer than 5 minutes, can't sell a move, and is a walking spit in the face of the wellness policy. "No steroids and illegal substances in WWE", my ass. Show should just retire, or take a break if he's working through injury. He can't move. ADR did what he could do, hope they insert him in the title-mix.

    All in all: I understand you didn't like it, but there were some upsides. If they swap the senseless matches with bouts a la Swagger vs. Sheamus (would love to see that one), or Rhodes vs. Bryan, I'd probably love the show enough to even watch through Cena vs. sacrificial lamb.
  7. ComingToCinemas's Avatar
    I plan on watching the matches again just to see if the wrestling element was any better than I perceived it to be last night. I am probably wrong about Orton versus Christian, but it just stayed with the same tone as the rest of the PPV when it should have stolen the show. Why Cena gets to main event when everyone knows he is going to win is beyond me though. I'd happily see Cena as a mid-show match in favour of putting a great match in the main event. It's not like the kids are gonna go home any less satisfied if Cena is on early.

    Lol at Marx for the Zeke comment. I like that they're pushing some new guys, but they have much more talented superstars who have earned the right to be there.
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