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The Greatest Promoter Ever: Paul E. Heyman

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Hey guys. No if ands or buts, Heyman is the greatest wrestling promoter ever. Now lets not confuse greatest with the most successful because we all know the most successful bar none would be Vince McMahon.

WWE's Idea of Success?
Now a days when it comes to wrestling success doesn't even include a great product. Success is all about who makes the most money which is horrible. WWE considers themselves successful with their dried down product because they are still grossing a large amount of money and have a good amount of sponsors. Granted, they have been having some issues with stock prices, PPV sales and others but they are still considered successful by many.

TNA's Idea of Success?
TNA considers themselves successful because they have a large amount of old performers. TNA doesn't gross a lot of money because they pay their young and exciting talent dirt but they can put the big money in people's hands like Flair, Hogan & Sting. TNA believes that they will gain viewers because everyone remembers how much of star Hogan & Sting "USED" to be...Key words "USED TO BE". The sad part is that the only thing that TNA's old guys can do is cut the most amazing promos I've ever heard.

Foley & Flair cut some of the most convinving promos against each other early this year that I've ever heard. This past week Hogan & Sting had an awesome backstage promo. Kurt Angle & Jeff Jarrett also cut great promos against eachother. Dreamer & Steiner are also good promo guys. DO YOU GUY'S GET THE POINT. These old guys are only good at cutting promos because they are too old to try to go out there and compete.

ROH's Idea of Success:
This company in terms of money are doing the worst out of WWE & TNA. But look at what they've done. They've made themselves a name that we all know. Almost half of wrestling fans have heard of ROH. Hell everytime I go to a WWE event someone starts a huge ROH chant while waiting for the show to start.

They've seen success without having much money but they do have homegrown stars. They believe in youth. They believe in only having a couple of veterans like Shelton Benjamin & Christopher Daniels.

They're name is rising because many of their stars were able to make it to the big leagues which make you wanna know where they've come from. People like Cm Punk, Tyler Black, Brian Danielson, Samoa Joe and the list goes on. This company aren't afraid to showcase young talent and now the've earned a TV deal.

Paul Heyman's Idea of Success: Identical to ROH's
Paul Heyman has been all about the youth and knowing how to change with the times but sticking with the same concept of youth. Heyman knows wrestling better than anyone alive and that's saying something.

Heyman took a company based out of Philly and turned them into a monster promotion that gained national attention. Back in the day violence was everything. Paul Heyman took a company and allowed them to drop the F-Bomb, and do the most sadistic moves with weapons ever seen. He put that company in the hands of young talent that no one has ever heard of.

He saw a great deal of success and thats something I can't say about much. I think Vince was born into greatness and the company was handed to him. Heyman crawled his way to the top. I guarantee if Heyman's father was the one running the WWE, and Vince was a normal guy, we would have never heard of Vince to this day.

Paul Heyman's comments on what he would've done inTNA:
We hear it alot. This guy, or this guy or that guy is going to make TNA great. We thought Kurt Angle would do it, we thought Sting would do it...we even though Hogan and Bischoff would do it but nobody has. This company is in the same spot it's been in for years.

Now they're saying Goldberg will change ratings lol give me a break. Heyman was the one guy they messed up on. Now its basically no X-Division left in TNA. The WWE have a great X-Division but they'd rather job them as well.

Heyman said "You Can't Market Old Wrestlers. The only thing people will say are, damn that guy used to be great. If we market guys like Beer Money, they'll say, I'magine how good these guys will be in 6 months." Heyman said, "You can't try and sell to people that Flair or Sting's best years have yet to come"

That was the most true statements I've heard about wrestling in a long time. Heyman knows how to run a company and he's proven.

So where should Heyman go if he returns?
I'd say ROH or the WWE.

Heyman would be a good fit in the WWE because they are still number one. Heyman would be a great writer and part time on screen personality. I could see Heyman doing alot of good work with talents like JTG, Evan Bourne, Kofi Kingston, Morrsion, Daniel Bryan and Justin Gabriel.

As far as the WWE's motive, they don't want any old wrestlers running around on their program any more. I mean they are in a unique position in which HBK, Batista, HHH, Jericho, Edge, and The Undertaker are all not wrestling anymore.

They are desperately trying to build a new group of bonafide maineventers. I think Heyman could easily come through and within 3-5 years make guys like Morrison, Kofi, Daniel Bryan, Cm Punk, Jack Swagger, Cody Rhodes, Ted Dibiase and Justin Gabriel your new line up of maineventers. This give guys like Cena & Orton a chance to be mentors and help other young talent instead of constantly having to be in the mainevent.

Besides, I can see Heyman making Daniel Bryan & Jack Swagger the new faces of WWE. Those guys have it in my opinion. He could also continue to build on the greatness of Alberto Del Rio & The Miz & Alex Riley.

If Heyman were to join the WWE, he would have a great amount of youg talent to work with. This would only work if Vince decides to fall back a little bit and let Triple H & Heyman work more together.

This would also be a great company for him to work with. They are close to being on television and Heyman could give them that huge push they need because Heyman knows how to draw ratings.

Thanks guys for reading my blog and please leave comments. I know many will disagree about Heyman but I couldn't possibly name anyone better to run a wrestling promotion than him.


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  1. A.Jay's Avatar
    No offense but next you write a blog don't be such a fan boy. These old guys are only good at cutting promos because they are too old to try to go out there and compete. Instead of hating on the past show some love. They cut great promos because they come form a day and age where you had to know how to cut a promo in this business.

    All wrestlers fight to have a spot in this business and to dismiss them because they are old is getting a bit played.

    Heyman is overrated and the proof of that can be seen with they way people look at ECW. the old school ROH was good for nothing more then a stepping stone. Just ask vince he used Ecw to try and get over back in late 90's to try and counter act WCW's movement. Heyman had RVD as the TV champ for 2 years yet you put the belt on Mike Aweome and not RVD... In his prime and top of the heap in ECW.

    Heyman may want to get his dome check out because he is old news in his own right and when he needed somebody to put ECW over at their 1st ever PPV he sure called in an Old guy like Terry Funk to save the day huh?
  2. Theiconsting's Avatar
    First of all you are a full blown heyman mark which i find hilarious. You could at least write your own shit instead of quoting what heyman dribbled about what he would* of done in TNA. He left the WWE because he didnt want to be involved in a failed ECW rerun lol why would he return now? terrible blog you have no idea clown
  3. Lowki's Avatar
    Heyman is such a good promoter that he failed to sell out a bingo hall and his company pulled even worse ratings than TNA, even in its PRIME!
  4. Marx's Avatar
    Don't agree with you. Heyman is overrated. Watch WWE - The Rise and Fall of ECW, and then watch Forever Hardcore by Jeremy Borash, which features the guys that weren't under contract with WWE at the time of The Rise and Fall, and read between the lines.

    Heyman can sell his side of the story quite well and has his lackey Tazz back him up in the documentary, but listen to Jericho, Malenko, Rey Mysterio, Sabu and Raven. Jericho found 'ECW fun because you could do whatever you wanted to', Malenko enjoyed the fact that he and some of his buddies could really just go out and wrestle without restrictions, Mysterio is polite and says he's grateful for the chance to come to America (but jumped ship to WCW as soon as possible, as did all the others that could), Sabu's side of a double booking incident sounds much more convincing then Heyman/Tazz's, and Raven just outright said he planned his own storylines and didn't botter to tell Heyman, because the man was stressed out backstage as it was.

    Add that to the fact that for every decent feud, ECW had ten that reeked of total suckiness (liberal Edge and Christian quote, sorry), and the amount of big injuries en incidents (New Jack, Mass Transit), and it's clear that Heyman was in over his head, and in name ran the asylum but didn't have that much influence. The wrestlers just did what they wanted to do, which in the case of the Funks/Jericho's/Raven's/Douglas's/Dudley's etcetera works because they knew how it worked, and in the case of Sandman works because who he really was worked with the fans.

    The only thing Paul Heyman is really good at, is getting people to believe in him, which makes him more of a succesful cultleader than a succesful wrestling booker, and in some cases, ECW was a cult. The Nunzio's, Tommy Dreamers, all those guys who loved what they did and did it for near nothing (and even that check bounced)..
  5. nrb6304's Avatar
    Don't forget Paul Heyman's AMAZING work with UWA
  6. knox's Avatar
    please guys, your all forgetting that this is my opinion...i respect all of your opinions but you don't have to throw me under the bus for stating mine...

    And when I say success I mean translating good wrestling on television. Like I said Vince has success when it comes to making money but do you guys really think the product translated on Raw & Smackdown are a successful entertaining product.

    Heyman started off in a building in Philly and gave the top two promotions a good run for their money. He deserves his respect.
  7. Automatic's Avatar
    Vince bought the WWWF from his father so there goes your silver spoon theory.
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