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Why do People Hate TNA wrestling? Hogan/Bishoff?

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Why do so many people "hate" TNA wrestling? Is it because of the welcoming of the Hogan-Bishoff regime? I mean, before Hulk and Bishoff step foot into grounds of TNA, the company had a "low-budget" appeal. Their wrestlers entrance video were so budget. And It seem like they were just waiting for their next "major acquistion" to step foot into their company. Jeff Jarret was mostly in the main picture until Kurt Angle debut.

No one can doubt the fact that the signing of Hulk Hogan and Eric Bishoff helped the company. TNA is now a more recognizable name since Hogan and Bishoff made their arrival. They brought in so many good names since the debut of their presence. I mean, you can't beat the name of RVD, Ken Anderson, Jeff Hardy, Ric Flair and so many more. Like are you kidding me. And yet there are so many people that are negative towards this company. Then you have future talent that already have been recognized in past organizations such as Brian Kendrick and Shannon Moore. Ken Anderson also fits that category. Hulk and Bishoff tried so hard to bring in those talents and it wasn't easy. Before the arrival of Hogan/Bishoff in TNA, the company struggled at bringing in at least one major acquisition. Hulk and Bishoff accomplish the dreams of many fans by reuniting the original nWo once again (which was thought to never happen again of tv) and relaunching the faction in TNA. Another dream match that surprised me with the amount of haters it drew was the feud between the Nasty Boyz and the Dudley Boyz. The two teams were so similar in many ways that I found it hard to dislike. Sure the Dudleyz are a better team, but it was like Hogan verses The Rock; past verses the present. When fans wanted RVD to return, he did! So what's the problem now. No one was ready for Jeff Hardy's departure from pro-wrestling. SO Hulk brought him back. So whats the issue?

And to clarify the issues with the 6sided ring, the removal of it was mainly due to the fact that many wrestlers hated the ring. High-flayers disliked the ring because the corners weren't at a 90degree angle, making it hard to perform. The removal was also a result of the fact that it didn't appear well on camera. In my perspective, when talent shoot their promos in the ring, the ring received the most attention than the actually talent. Might sound kind of crazy, but that's my view I guess. TNA never created the concept of the 6sided ring by the way (just to clear that up).

TNA is so great. One half of there announce team has a ECW mind perspective while the other see things from a WCW stand point. TNA is a more recognizable name now than what it was once was.

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  1. tommytopographic's Avatar
    Forgot to say the only thing i disagree with is about the commentary team, i like Tenay but only as a colour commentator and most definetly not as play by play hes not got the prescence or voice for it and apart from the odd good joke i think Taz is awful and has zero chemisrty with Tenay, bring Shivaone back i say, he was awesome!
  2. AOF666's Avatar
    My biggest problem before the name was changed, Hogan and Bishoff hogged all the tv time. What makes it worst, they brought back the NWO where half the roster is part of it. It was immortal instead. Then you had a few random guys funning around on their own. Improvement have been made. Better matches, show casing younger talent, Hogan and Bishoff not hogging all the tv time. Finally ended the Jerret and Angle fued for good. Still has it's problem but it has gotten better.
  3. The Next Big Thing's Avatar
    good blog. must say, I don't see impact that often nowadays, probably all the negative criticism puts me off, but when i saw anderson looking like classic stinger i nearly shit my pants!!! As I said I haven't been following it much but suddenly I hear all this overwhelming negative stuff about it. I'm intrigued to know how bad it is. I can't imagine its that awful, is it??????
  4. Hobbinator's Avatar
    Look, I WANT TNA to succeed, competition breeds quality. But until Bischoff and Hogan step aside, they will NEVER let the young wrestlers grow. They need to get away from everything that killed WCW. And for god sakes, do something about the sound quality.....
  5. ComingToCinemas's Avatar
    I can't disagree with you that Hogan and Bischoff gave TNA some recognition, but it wasn't necessarily good recognition. Before the Hogan/Bischoff regime came in TNA was getting stagnant, but it wasn't an irreversible situation. What Bischoff and Hogan have done for their increasing reputation is give people the perception that they are WCW 2.0. Admittedly this was based on their first angles when they took over, but first impressions count for a lot, and sadly sticking to what they know hasn't helped TNA. Hogan and Bischoff, for all the good they've done, have turned TNA into a retirement home for older talent, and it doesn't translate into increased buy rates. WCW failed because they didn't push the younger stars, and TNA has the image of being exactly that because of Hogan and Bischoff.
  6. kiltbill's Avatar
    As I haven't seen WWE regularly for a coupla years, I can't give a comparison, and I've only started to watch TNA since '11.

    The main gripe I have is seeing older wrestlers being given too much main event action. Case in point: Angle v Jarrett for the No1 contender? Neither need that push, the storyline itself doesn't need any extra momentum, and it takes away the chance for others on the roster.

    But Hogan/Bish do take up too much mike time. Either of them could keep the faction together and bring stories forward. Together, they distract too much attention from the wrestling, which is what they are claiming the company is for.
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