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The Yin and Yang of the WWE part 2

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Hello again, thanks for coming back. Lets get right into it.

Good Shows/Bad Shows

Modern wrestling fans, we are spoiled. Does anybody remember how Gorilla Monsoon would call a good match-up between two established stars as "a main event anywhere in the world"? On Mondays and Fridays, each and every week, we get those proverbial main events anywhere in the world. Weekly televised wrestling used to be 99% squash matches. Good matches used to only be on PPV. Sure the matches we get on Raw and Smackdown are short and usually don't have clean finishes, but we still get good match-ups. Not only that, but we do get different kinds of shows from the two brands. Raw is a fast-paced and dynamic live variety show, where you never know what could happen or who could show up. R-Truth in a Confederate soldiers uniform!? Genius! Who saw that coming, and with Vince and Austin no less. The Rock coming back gave me goosebumps. Old school Raw night was a treat. There are going to be stale episodes when the show is weekly all year around, but we get great Raws and great moments. And in Smackdown, we get more of a true wrestling show. We get great wrestling matches on Smackdown, and always have, nuff said. As for PPV, well WWE is still capable of a good(albeit criminally over-priced) PPV. I thought TLC late last year was a strong show overall. The Royal Rumble this year was a classic. And WWE is capable of trying different things. A prime example is putting Dolph Ziggler in the World Title match with Edge. I'm a Ziggler fan, but even I questioned whether he should be in a title match with Edge at a marquee PPV. Boy was I wrong, as they had one of the best matches of the year.

And then there's the bad shows, and there is no more glaring examples than Wrestlemania the past few years. I genuinely felt ripped off for ordering these on PPV. WM has turned in the show where you watch The Streak match, and have a nice nap the rest of the time. Most PPVs these days suck, there's just no two ways around it. For every surprising and dynamic episode of Raw, there's usually a few dubs to follow. Raw can really be the epitome of the same old stuff, week after week. The lack of lengthy or significant wrestling matches on a lot of these Raws makes them seem pointless. While we get better wrestling matches on Smackdown, it is also the show that for many years has been padded by filler material. There seems to be endless recaps of Raw, trailers for WWE films, anything that eats up time. Can you remember the last time you saw an episode of Smackdown that was good as a whole?

The PG Era

Going PG was an astute decision that will benefit the industry as a whole for years to come. Young fans are being made, and that is a great thing. In some ways, a PG WWE is more mature than the attitude era. The women in bra and panty and pudding matches? If you really miss that stuff then you need to get a life. It was misogynistic and kept female fans away. Guess what? You see a lot more female fans in the crowd now than you ever did during the attitude era. The Divas are still there for us to gawk at, they're just used in a more respectable way(if only they could pull of a decent match). And they're a hulluva lot hotter than the women of the attitude era, and just as scantily clad. A lot of the frat boy humor of the attitude era wasn't that funny, it was just stupid. There's only so many dick jokes you can tell before it gets really old. Sick chair shots don't make a match good and blood was overused(and this is coming from a hardcore mark of the original ECW). And when The Rock returned, we also saw that the confines of PG can be loosen a bit on occasion. In short, PG is what wrestling has always been except for the anomalous few years of the attitude era. PG is good for business, and that's good for wrestling, and that's good for wrestling fans.

Wouldn't you love to hear Lawler shout "puppies" again? Can you imagine the Hart-Austin match at WM13 without blood? Will we ever see a WWE show in an amazing environment like the One Night Stand PPVs again? Will we ever see a TLC or similar gimmick match where the talent is allowed push things as far as they can? Yup, I miss those days too.

That's it for part 2. If you guys like what I've written so far, I'll write a part 3. Leave me your comments and suggestions for future topics.

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  1. Theiconsting's Avatar
    Going pg was a kick in the nuts to all us older fans enough said
  2. nafeesgreat1's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Theiconsting
    Going pg was a kick in the nuts to all us older fans enough said
    Well said m8,while reading was thinking to comment something similar,but u've said it 1 sentence,,
  3. AOF666's Avatar
    Attitude had it's bad moments, but it allowed the wrestlers be more themselves. PG the wrestlers oops I mean Entertainers are limited what they can do. Every time there was blood, it wasn't always plan, they are things called cuts and it happens. Even in Pg, look for the video on youtube when Cena was fueding with Nexus. He ran down with a chair, and hit the ropes with it twice and both times it bounce back and it hit Cena in the head, he got a cut there was a little bit of blood.

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