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Was That A Poot? Blog 3: Rebuilding A Broken iMPACT!

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Hey guys the Pooted Hairs here again with another sphincter tightening adventure on your computer. I know what you're thinking "Poot why aren't you wearing pants?" The answer is quite simple....It's in my EWN blogging contract that I can be naked from the waist down when I sit in the bloggers chair. So let's all feel sorry for Rated_R(ob)KO when he sits in the chair after me.

In my last blog I asked the question "will January be too late?" in regards to Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff and TNA wrestling and I was fairly critical of the overall product. Now I'm actually a fan of TNA/Impact wrestling and I want them to succeed. I just call it as I see it. I figured since I was critical of the product last blog I may as well write one on how it could possibly be fixed so here goes...

1.) Go Live. TNA tapes their episodes of IMPACT Wrestling two weeks in advance, and the spoilers of which are absolutely killing their product. It's causing fans to lose interest due to the fact that we can all log into any gossip site such as EWN and read everything that is going to happen. My solution to this is for IMPACT to start slow and go live every other week, with a taped show the next then move to airing live every week. This would solve the spoiler problem and help keep interest built up for the next weeks show.

2.) Push Homegrown Talents To The Max. This to me is one of the more important things that TNA can do at the moment. Granted they are starting to do this with having Bobby Roode and James Storm in the top 4 of the BFG Series and the Somoa Joe storyline, but I say go one step further. Have Eric Young snap back to his senses and start to really shine as a competitor. The guy can absolutely go in the ring and really showed his true colors with the World Elite heel gimmick he was given. Also have Styles and Daniels in the main event scene constantly as they are two of your best competitors.

Now I could go on and on with this but you get the picture, TNA needs to push their originals to the max because they are usually the ones that are the most over with the fans.

3.) Put The New Guys In Feuds With Established Talent To Help Get Them Over. I realize I just said to push the homegrown talent to the max, but you also have all these new guys like Gunner and Crimson that are really good young guys. TNA are trying to get these guys over with Crimson's undefeated streak and Gunner's never back down attitude, but take it one step further. In addition to giving the TNA originals the much needed camera time you could put them one on one with these newbies. Have Christopher Daniels feud with Austin Aries, could you imagine the matches?? Styles and Gunner, Crimson and get the picture again. These guys are the future of your company so they need to be established. It seems to me that TNA are just throwing them out there and it's "sink or swim".

4.) Fire Russo. For the love of the dear sweet baby Jesus fire this douche nugget already. How can somebody with a fifteen year history of ruining wrestling promotions still have a job? The guy's creative spark began and ended with the N.W.O. Let him go and bring in a team of guys that can actually book talent and create worthwhile storylines. I've read the same stories as you have, that Dixie Carter feels loyal to Russo and won't let him go. Carter's loyalty is going to cost her everything she has worked for with this clown. Russo still thinks that "Large heel stables vs. Large face stables=Large Profits." That was the case 15 years ago, which is about how old EVERY idea Russo has nowadays.

5.)X-DIVISION. I'm so freakin' happy to see that TNA actually listened to their fans for once and have started to push the X-division again. Though the matches have been abit lackluster, it's still a start to rebuilding the bread and butter of TNA Wrestling. I would suggest instead of opening EVERY iMPACT! with either a 10 minute Hogan and Bischoff Promo or something likewise as boring, open with an X-division match. Do this EVERY SINGLE WEEK, and you'll keeps fan's attention. Then instead of cutting directly to commercial finish up with a knockout's match before getting a "word from our sponsor."

Go one step further and REALLY push the X-Division. Bring back Low-Ki full time, Petey Williams, Jay Lethal, Amazing Red, Jack Evans, etc and let these guys run wild!

6.) Can All The "No Draw" Talent. Scott Steiner, Ric Flair, Robbie E, (though with a new gimmick he may be ok) etc etc. Lame duck talent are killing TNA as well. If they can't put on a decent match, or the fans absolutely hate you, (and I'm not talking about heel heat) fire them. I know I've read that Dixie Carter worries about the wrestlers feeding their families but that mentality is great for charities, not for wrestling. These guys need to be let go and soon.

Okay guys I could go all day long on stuff like this to help improve TNA but I'll let it go for now due to this blog getting lengthy. Am I right, wrong, full of shit? Any comments are welcome below!! Hope you all enjoy it and until next time...PEACE!!

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