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Giant Diva Dropped from WWE NXT due to erotic pictures.

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It seems Lindsay Hayward AKA Aloisia was dropped from WWE NXT due to some erotic pictures emerging which officials from the WWE uncovered.

I have seen some of the pics which was posted on the EWN news section and I deem them to be not THAT serious but she gets pulled from NXT because it "flouts" the PG Rating it now adopts.

Just Remember...

This is the same WWE that over the last several years had Bra and Panties matches, Bikini Contests and I will guess mostly everyone will remember the "bikini" Sable had on years ago which left little to the imagination. And to add to it, Jerry Lawler Ogling at the Divas like a sex starved teenager. Yes he is funny and I like the ladies looking HOT.

This is the Same WWE That "Fired" Bryan Danielson (I rather use his proper name) for choking a ref with a tie. Yet years ago The Undertaker "hanged" the Big Boss Man after the Hell In The Cell Match in the middle of the ring while the cell was being raised where Kids were watching at the arena or on TV.

This is the same WWE That produced the Gimmicks "Val Venis" who even had a promo with Jenna Jameson (Pornstar) and "The Godfather" who was more than happy to "Pimp His Ho's"

This is the same WWE who in the "past" openly let their Divas pose for Playboy and more to the point nude and promote the Magazine. Yet a 6'9 "Rookie" female Wrestler is given the "push" (British English Slang for fired) for pictures that may have probably been less raunchy than what Playboy would put in it's magazines.

I know that the WWE is now Promoting a Family Friendly product. But I think that being fired for pictures that are probably a few years old and not that risque is a bit too much.

And all of a sudden the WWE now have a conscience when in it's "past" it had it's previous figure heads as a Rattle Snake who raised hell and drank beer and the People's Champion who got flirty with a Female Ring Announcer and mentioned his "Strudel"

I will admit I found some of the antics Stone Cold and the Rock got up to during their tenure at the WWE great as it made want to watch what they put out on their weekly shows and PPV's. Now i rather switch off as I feel it is stale and repetitive.

Do you think the WWE made a scapegoat of this woman all for the sake of it's new found "conscience"?

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  1. Mystic Gohan's Avatar
    I think that they are using her as a scapegoat. But at the same time if this is true, then it's the WWE'S own fault because you'd think that they would check into her background and past and that they would've discovered the photos before they hired her.
  2. KellyKellysOtherHalf's Avatar
    You mention Sables bikini, but do you also remember Jackies bikini at the Royal Rumble in 2000, suprised she didn't pop out!
  3. pklee527's Avatar
    She called her photos "art".

    Art who?
  4. BigM's Avatar
    First, she's still with the company just not on NXT. Back down in FCW.

    Second, most female wrestler could use improvement. Therefore being in FCW will help.

    Third, WWE has changed. That was PG 13, this is PG. They've realized that they have done things they aren't proud of and do not wish to repeat. Learning from the past, something that is only human to do. This is the problem with your argument. Just because it happened before doesn't mean it should happen again.

    Forth, the hanging from the Hell in a Cell is something they planned, Bryan Danielson choking with a tie was not.

    Fifth, they weren't pleased with Savannah being topless in a movie. That wasn't long ago at all.

    Should she be demoted, probably not. But the WWE is different, things change with time, like their product and so what they did is fine
  5. arsenhole's Avatar
    i think everyone should get they're facts straight and stop seeing what they want to 1 she was not fired just storyline wise to remove her from the show and 2 she was not removed because she posed nude she was removed because on the paperwork she filled out it asked had she ever posed nude and she put no now she did'nt pose nude but i guess wwe feel she should have brought the suggestive erotic photos to they're attention
  6. TLK's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by KellyKellysOtherHalf
    You mention Sables bikini, but do you also remember Jackies bikini at the Royal Rumble in 2000, suprised she didn't pop out!
    I remember at a live WWE PPV in London about 10 years ago, where Sable and Jackie wrestled. Sable accidentally enabled a classic Jackie "wardrobe malfunction" when Jackie was on Ref Tim White's shoulders and Sable tried to pull her down only to detatch her top and her exposed for the whole world to see.
  7. SilverGhost's Avatar
    The pictures aren't even erotic. She was just posing. Besides she explained that was having trouble with her stepdad I believe. That is understandable. I say give the girl a break. We all have pasts that we aren't proud of.
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