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STATE OF THE 'E: The Brand Split Means Nothing!

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Okay, I know I'm in the middle of my FCW blog rant but, I have to take a break and talk about something that's been nagging at everyone since (majorly) the beginning of te year. It seems that the brand split is coming to an end. First they took away "Bragging Rights" which was a PPV designed to see which brand was better. Speculation was they took it away because of the poor sales it garnered for it's existence.

Now, a couple months later, it would all make sense as to why the PPV was discontinued... they're no longer making the long running franchise game:


That game has been a staple within THE 'E for a VERY long time.... actually, ever since the brand split. Before then, it was just known as "SMACKDOWN!" with other words added like "Just Bring It!" for example. Now, we all know why the brand split took place to begin with. TOO MUCH TALENT! They acquired all of Ted Turner's merry band of miscreants for $35.00 (USD) and some of Stephanie McMahon's pubic shavings and proceeded to have a clusterf**k of talent happening which included them having ECW on their shows and WCW on their shows and they tried to make them seperate brands but under the same banner... there was an "Invasion" and a whole bunch of other crap as well.

Well, flash forward 10 years now and... where are the WCW guys? Where are the ECW guys? All gone. THE 'E have a ton of homegrown talent now and that's it. There really isn't a NEED for a brand split. They did it because they were over 100 guys deep in the talent pool and a lot of ego was being hurt. That's all. And now with Haitch announcing that the SD! talent would be appearing on RAW and vice versa apparently all of the talent are worried about their future. Well unfortunately, that's how the cookie crumbles.

No one WANTS to lose their job. But in this economy and the fact that no other company seems to be able to compete with them, they're sitting comfortabely at the top of their mountain. Until then, what do they really need a roster of 80+ deep for?

Now, here is what I would personally do to streamline the company and make the transition a bit smoother overall.

1.) Trim the roster of about 30 Superstars/Divas. Your roster is over 80 right now, make it about 50.

2.) Make "SUPERSTARS" the show for the lower/mid-card guys. Give them a Cruiserweight (or something akin) Championship and maybe throw the U.S. Championship there as well. Considering they could be defended on any of the shows, have them do that from time to time to gain exposure. And considering the show is on the Internet, have ZR defend his Internet Championship there too.

3.) Keep The Heavyweight Championship and the WWE Championship. I know, I know, why have two Championships if the shows aren't "exclusive" anymore. Well, the WWE Championship is supposed to be the PRIDE of their company anyway. Make it so. That Championship should be considered the holy grail. The WHC should be a close second and should be attainable by the upper mid-card and those guys who are on the mountain but just not particularly ready to carry the whole company on their back.

That would be where Smackdown! comes into play. Make that show for the people who are on the precipice of main eventing a live show. The WHC could be defended on any show as well making it viable all over and you KNOW that that guy is gunning for the WWE Championship in the near future. So long as he can break that glass ceiling of course.

Also, this is where you want your Intercontinental and Divas Championships to be defended the most as well. Of course the Cruiserweight/U.S. Championships can be defended here but, make it a special event.

And on to RAW... That is where all of the money makers should be. The Tag-Teams, and the WWE Championship. That is the main show, it should FEEL like the main show. The best music, the best set designs, the best looking Championship, the best writing... EVERYTHING! Now, I know it sounds like I'm bashing SD! and Superstars here but, I'm not. This is how you get people to pay attention to the other shows more. On RAW they can have all of the Championships be defended, and the main storylines there. Have some carry over to SD! and Superstars. Make it compelling on ALL shows but, make RAW THE show.

4.) Lower your PPV numbers. You're sitting at 14 PPV's a year. Do we REALLY need that many? I know it's all about the Benjamins baby but, c'mon. In America we're pulling out $50.00 (USD) a month for a SD PPV and $55.00 (USD) for HD. Now, when you add taxes that turns into $55.00 (USD) and $60.00 (USD) respectively. I know I pay for them month in and month out, but that's because I'm an avid fanboy and supporter of THE 'E. And, I can afford to. It's not cool when a PPV should be considered a "luxury" to purchase.

Maybe get rid of 5 of them. Have 9 PPV's. The "Big 4" (Royal Rumble, WrestleMania, SummerSlam, & Survivor Series) and have them truly MEAN something again. and then also have Money In The Bank, Backlash, Elimination Chamber, War Games, and Vengeance. And have them truly mean something as well. There's a couple months gap in between there for one or two of them. ANNOUNCE THE DAMN CARD! I mean, SummerSlam came and there was only 5 announced matches. WTF? And the majority of them were announced the WEEK before the PPV. Again, WTF?

5.) Give us another show as well. Something to expose the talents a little more to the general populace. Hell, throw it on NBC. They're affiliated with them. Give an hour a week on Tuesday for the show. 8pm. Have the guys discuss things about their lives on the road, backstage shit. Make it a bit... personal. That would give the non-fans something to look into and then maybe they'll switch and watch a RAW episode, or a SMACKDOWN! episode, hell maybe even turn on the comp and watch Superstars.

Needless to say, it would definitely help them out.

Well, that's all I have for this one. Please, leave comments, questions, concerns and beratings for me. I welcome them. And hell, if you have anymore input, please... put forth.

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  1. CM_SUXX_NOT's Avatar
    O. M. G. That was one of your best blogs I think. I was disappointed when it finished!
  2. belleza's Avatar
    I like this blog.. a lot
  3. Rated_R(ob)KO's Avatar
    Thanks a lot guys. Glad you liked it. I honestly just blurted this one out. I didn't even have an idea to make this one until late last night. Glad its been received well so far!
  4. Rated_R(ob)KO's Avatar
    Thanks a lot guys. Glad you liked it. I honestly just blurted this one out. I didn't even have an idea to make this one until late last night. Glad its been received well so far!
  5. Rated_R(ob)KO's Avatar
    What? How did it comment twice? Internet glitch. Sorry guys.
  6. King Scrapper's Avatar
    Very good points. I agree with everything you said.
  7. madnonsense's Avatar
    WWE should reconsider bringing back the cruiserweight belt for mid-card wrestlers. I will contradict myself saying the IC belt and the US belt is a joke right now. How often you see a PPV match where both of the IC and US belt have a championship match?
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