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Eric Bischoff vs. The IWC

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Ok guys hope all is well. Once again I must admit that I love TNA. But hate Bischoff. Lately Bischoff has been having an ongoing battle with the internet which is very immature. What he fails to realize is that we are fans that only want to help TNA.

Bischoff is a victim of opening his mouth:
Much like everyoneelse in TNA, Bischoff has to acknowledge outside forces instead of worrying about running a damn company. This is no different than TNA employees mentioning WWE.

Basically Bischoff shows in every sense of the matter that he's insecure in how to run a company.

I'm not a big fan of Vince but Vince has never outright called out and disrespected a huge portion of the WWE fan base. He's done stuff we don't like for example not including Ryder on Raw in his hometown...but he's never outright called us out.

What Bischoff needs to realize
He needs to realize that us 10%er's happen to be a huge portion of the amount of people that actually watch TNA. Bischoff isn't in any position to be upsetting fans because most this site are filled with TNA marks including myself.

So why couldn't he just ignore us instead of making a fool out of himself by arguing with the internet??? Thats no different from Stone Cold or Edge destroying the annonymous Raw GM's Laptop (that was a joke).

He also needs to realize that with every acquisition that they've made, ratings haven't been getting any better.

Pretty much Bischoff should ignore us and realize that he probably has more money than 90% of us. He shouldn't even stoop so low as to tweet about us. If he made us happy then maybe more people would watch TNA.

It's funny because a company running a PG show targeted to kids has more maturity than a wrestling company running a program targeted for a much older do the math

Thanks for reading my blog and please leave feedback. WWWYKI

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  1. The Animal Batista's Avatar
    Ok nice read. Although a lot of fans want to help TNA, there is more that just say ''TNA is crap'' etc and not giving suggestion sot make it better, there are fans that think they know it all when in fact they know nothing. And the 10%ers are way too much out portioned that the others, our voice is hard to be heard. And so what if he has more money than us? I think he was just taking a shot at WWE's audience.
  2. AOF666's Avatar
    If they are already worrying about viewerships, isolating 10% or what his deffinition is, they can't afford it. Maybe we are not always right, but we do know what we want to see, we just want a better product. I think Vince is the same way be he shows it instead of saying something.
  3. f408m's Avatar
    i just liked this because I'm a part of the ZACK PACK WWWYKI
  4. Renevious's Avatar
    Another good one Knox. I honestly don't have a problem with Bischoff running the company. I mean, he did make WCW into the giant it once was. Unfortunately for him, his legacy is defined more by the fall of WCW rather than the rise. Most people don't realize that it was him in charge way back in the early 90's when they were getting their stuff together and long before NWO was ever even a thought. But what I do think needs to happen is that he needs to take himself out of the story. I'm personally not a fan of people who are really in charge crossing over into the role of being kayfabe in charge as well. I never liked Mcmahon doing it, and I definitely didn't like guys like Bischoff and Russo doing it. I know they are trying to connect some realism to the story, but instead they are just making it more ridiculous. If they make it too believable, fans will get frustrated because it will stop looking like a realistic story and start to look like a ship without a captain. If wrestling does truly matter at Impact, then just make it about the wrestling. ECW was never anywhere close to being as big as WCW or WWF, but they had the most loyal fans the world has ever seen. I bet there were guys out there who would've taken a bullet for Paul Heyman, and he wasn't even remembering to pay his wrestlers some of the times. But one reason why it worked was because it was all about the wrestling. I used to tune in on Saturday nights and I didn't know who was heel and who was face. But it didn't matter, because I (just like everyone else watching) knew that these guys were out there to put on a great intense match and try to steal the show. That's all it took. It's a wrestling show. That's why we watch it. Maybe if they try putting on some good wrestling on a wrestling show (go figure), it will gain popularity. So, long story short....Bischoff, step back and let the performers perform. Thanks again Knox. BTW, I sent you a message on here. Check it out and maybe we can create something together. Later.
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