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Brand Specific PPV Could be the Way Forward

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Whilst browsing the EWN forums, it seems the majority of people feel as if there are too many PPVs per annum for the WWE to be fresh and compelling. However, I believe there can be a counter-argument to those claims that could keep these events being entertaining.

Although at the time, I for one was against this idea. Nowadays, the idea of having single-branded PPVs (apart from obvious exeptions) could rejuvinate the WWE.

Here are my thoughts and reasons why:

1. Different people in the Championship Main event.
From Bad Blood, June 2003 (The first single branded PPV), until Bad Blood, June 2004 (excluding matches containing more than 3 participants) there were 13 different superstars competing for the WWE Title/ WHC:

Triple H
Kevin Nash
Brock Lesnar
Kurt Angle
Big show
Shawn Michaels
Hardcore Holly
Eddie Guerrero
Chris Benoit

From WWE Fatal Four Way, June 2010 until Capitol Punishment, June 2011, there were also 13 superstars competing for the top titles.

John Cena
Rey Mysterio
Randy Orton
Wade Barrett
Dolph Ziggler
Alberto Del Rio
R Truth

So here you say, 'there's no difference then'.

That might seem the case. However, remember the PPV's were Single branded for 9/13 of them in 2003/4. In comparison, in the past year, all the 13 superstars were able to feature in all 14 PPV's. AND this was the period where Triple H and Evolution ruled Raw! If you were sick of him , you knew the next PPV would feature top SD talent doing something different.

Just before moving on I want add this fact for the argument (although not entirely relevant to the previous point):


Triple H: 8/ 12
Goldberg 4/ 12
Shawn Michaels 4/ 12
Brock Lesnar 3/ 12

John Cena 10/13
Randy Orton 5/13
Wade Barrett 5/13
* 4 Superstars 4/13

...and we say that the year in question was all about Triple H!

2. Tag Team Revival
In the last year, you can name the Tag Teams fairly quickly (Any Nexus, Any corre, Santino and Kozlov, Big Show and Kane, Hart Dynasty & Usos). Not much PPV action for fans to chew their teeth into is there? The numbers also supports these claims:

2003/4: 23 matches
2010/11: 16 matches

Back then we had Dudleyz, World's Greatest Tag Team, La Resistance, Bashams, APA, Los Guerreros, Evolution, UnAmericans, Too Cool.... need I go on. After this period (or during this time) 5 superstars from these teams went on to in their maiden World Championship (Guerrero, JBL, Christian, Orton, Batista).

Now look at the previous list of teams, where is the potential? Now name the champions in waiting from those teams.... Barrett... and then whom? Santino, Otunga? Erm yeah, I'll leave that one there for the moment...


During the time of 2003/04 we can look back on the most hyped feuds. Here's to name a few...

Angle v Guerrero - 'You can't win unless you cheat'
HHH v Michaels - 'Who's better'... a continuation of a past feud
HHH v Goldberg - 'Who is the Alpha Male?'
Angle v Lesnar - 'Battle for domination on SD'... a continuation
Kane v Undertaker - 'Undertaker buried alive (again)' (and yes I know this was an inter- brand feud)

Now look at the past 12 months...

Cena v Nexus - 'Can he defeat them all?'
Kane v Undertaker- 'Has the Deadman lost his power?'
Cena v The Miz - 'No one ever thought I would make it this far'
Lawler v Cole - 'And I quote'
Edge v ADR - 'Is winning the WHC his destiny?'

Now seriously, which group of feuds would prefer to see, even if you took away the feud and focus on the match? I know which one I would that's for sure.
And there's one reason for this: a longer time between PPVs to create a good storyline for the WWE universe to submerse themselves in. If a brand had 2 months per PPV that would give a huge amount of time for quality storylines. And as I've shown today's feuds are nowhere near the quality of what we have once been given. Furthermore, midcarders would get the chance to flourish and show what potential they have on bigger stages. And would that be a bad thing?
Apart from economic reasons, I see no excuse for why Brand specific PPV's aren't a part of this company anymore. If there is one, someone please tell me!

As this is my blog, I am of course slightly biased. However I would love you guys to let me know know what you think!

Thanks for your time

* For fairness all stats are from Bad Blood 2003 - Bad Blood 2004, along with Fatal Four Way 2010 - Capitol Punishment 2011 (and yes, I preempted that WWE would have the WWE title match as it's main event.

All CP matches are subject to change

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Thoughts and Opinions


  1. VKM's Avatar
    I agree with you. Having brand extension PPVs would be much better. It would also separate Raw from Smackdown. Back then, it was rare to see a RAW superstar come to Smackdown or vice versa.
  2. Mr. McMahon's Avatar
    It won't work. The reason it worked back then was cause EVERYONE on the roster was involved in a storyline. From Akio (low card) to HHH (high card). The storylines today are recycled each year and are the same, there is nothing unique about them, also only the high card guys are in the storyline and that too only the wwe/world championship revolves around a storyline, the rest are just matches with no storyline or purpose accept 'im better than you, or i want to be champion' same old shit storyline.

    You had:
    Tajiri vs Jamie Noble (nidia was blinded by tajiri and noble wanted to seek revenge)
    Kane vs Shane (kane was unstoppable and tomstoned a helpless old woman... could shane be the first guy to stop kane's dominating streak?)
    Angle vs Lesnar (Lesnar kayfabe put Angle out for months. Angle knows he is the best wrestler, but has never beaten Lesnar)
    Undertaker vs John Cena (this was all about cena running his mouth and not showing any respect for Undertaker, best feud on SD at the time)
    HHH vs Goldberg (you mentioned this one above)
    Eddie/Chavo vs Shelton/Haas (talked about this too)
    Dudleys vs La Resistance (Americans vs Ignorant French)
    Jericho vs HBK (this was about Jericho's boyhood dream)
    I am sure there are more feuds, but you get the point. Back then everyone was in a storyline. Today its not like that, this is why they stopped doing brand specific ppvs cause the creative team is not so creative.

    The creative team SUCKS.
    Back then they had Vince Russo (who actually did a good job), Paul Heyman, Hayes and this other guy. Not to mention Austin would also give input along with HHH... and Vince McMahon was much more passionate about putting on an A+ show each night. It's not the case anymore.
  3. AOF666's Avatar
    If they did that, Smackdown PPVS actually would be the better than Raw. Smackdown has more going for it than Raw. The problem is they are lacking in star power.
  4. jonod's Avatar
    Isn't it also the case that at that point wwe had a whole audience group to pickup in the demise of wcw, the creation of a divided roster sort of filled in the two seperate companies void to a degree. I'm really fond of this period also, although I wasn't watching as avidly, the wwe had absolutely everyone who was anyone coming through their roster at the time and I think it had more freedom to have completely independent brands.

    I think the current era is more about rebuilding, they've had a few things fall through (big upcoming guys that haven't lasted) in the past couple of years and I think blurrier distinctions between the brands might help to build it all up. I for one thought Mondays RAW (with both brands featuring) showed off a pretty exciting roster. perhaps another idea would be to completely re merge rosters allowing for another kind of build between ppv's. I think we're at a time not too dis similar to the early to mid nineties (my introduction to wwf!) where wcw started to build and lots of wwf talent jumped ship. it took them ten years to build to 2003-4 from that and look at the company then, full of modern legends! be interesting to see where things go from here..

    great blog, nice facts and good to see someone praising such an era (it was almost like a best of album wasn't it?)
  5. GreatMuta4life's Avatar
    Good blog, and not a bad idea. But the rosters are so razor thin with top stars, PPV sales would plummet. I think the PPVs themselves would have better actual wrestling matches, but it doesn't make sense business-wise.
  6. Wrestlinfan608's Avatar
    yeah I agree

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