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List of A-Z Problems of the WWE

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In this blog, I will simply go down the line, addressing problems in the WWE.

A-Austin needs to come back and wrestle. Recent reports have stated that he said he still has "Fuel in the tank" persay. That said, chances are he likely won't, as he is focused on his outside projects.

B- Bad booking. Simply put, the "WWE All Star" edition of Monday Night RAW had some iffy matches. ie, a 7 on 7 Divas match that lasted a total of 3 minutes.

C- Christian never should have been heel. He had a good amount of momentum as a fan favorite. That said, It shouldn't exactly ruin his reign as a Heel.

D - Dolph Ziggler needs to be used more.

E - ECW. Never should have been cancelled for NXT. Think about it; Atleast ECW had the same ratings as they did on TNN. NXT hardly beat ECW rating-rise, and even that is a shock.

F - Fire Evan Bourne. I know that I might get heat for saying that, but it's not because I have anything against him. It's the fact that he's never used. Atleast in ROH, or any other indy, he was a major player. Have him go back to where he's sucessful.

G - Great Khali and Jinder Mahal. Jinder looks like he has talent. As for Khali? He's past his prime, and can barely make a name anymore.

H - Horrible, and I mean HORRIBLE wrestling. This typically happens with the Divas, but some spots that the actual Wrestlers---er-- "Superstars" can barely execute. I looked at Sheamus do a Cloverleaf, and he hardly knew how to do it. It's a simple move!

I - I don't understand why they still use Hornswoggle. It was funny in 2006-2008, but now it's too bland what he does. Either use him, or lose him.

J - John Cena calling his fans "Cenation". It doesn't stick, and likely never will. NEVER go the Hogan route. Don't call your fans a particular name. it's pointless.

K - Knowledge, or lack thereof from creative.

M - More emphasis on attitude. I know this isn't the Attitude Era, and it never will be. But, the general demographic for WWE is the 18-49 Male...MALE demographic. Males that age (And I am one of them) want to see VIOLENCE...Not the PG crap.

N - Need. Listen to the "WWE Universe" and find out what they need to see in order to stay hooked. TNA did a study group, and found out that their fans wanted to see an ECW reunion. Do a study group, and see what the results say.

O - Others need a role. Don't have guys like Jack Korpela heading Superstars. Jack is a more talented announcer than Booker T, or Matt Striker.

P - PLEASE update your characters. Having Daniel Bryan coming out to superhero music is simply moronic.

Q - Quietly remove the term "Sports Entertainment". Pro Wrestling. It is not a sport. Although, it is entertainment.

R - Truth is amazing. Leave him the way he is as a Heel (Sorry, couldn't resist using Truth here)

S - Start your damn Cable Network. Whether if it is on Cable TV, PPV, Internet, or Netflix, just start it. Some of us are tired of waiting

T - Try having Superstars as its own brand. That may sound silly but just listen. Superstars is already its own brand. It utilizes the same talent every week, and nothing changes. Make a belt, and defend it every now and then on the show. Don't have to do PPV's.

U - Use Jack Swagger more. The dude has talent.

V - Vary the usage of PG more. Create more of an edgy feel, but at the same time cater to a younger audience. As stated before, WWE has the PG feel, but demands a more violent edge. Keep the violence, but cater to the young'ens at the same time.

W - Wrestling. That is what you are, and don't try to change it to "Sports Entertainment."

X - XCUSE Vickie Guerrero from sucking....Okay, you have to admit, X is hard.

Y - Young talent needs to step it up. How many times will Cena main even RAW? We need guys like Kofi Kingston, John Morrison, or Ted Dibiase to start stepping up.

Z - ZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzZZzzz....This is what will happen if WWE stays the same. The product will grow boring and tiresome, and as a result, many may tune into TNA, and perhaps we can start a new war between companies.

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  1. Reloval's Avatar
    I stopped reading at A, sick of people thinking that Austin still needs to wrestle. The same people are complaining that not enough young stars are being pushed.
  2. knox's Avatar
    lol ignore the haters this blog was AWESOME. I enjoyed every letter but you did miss out with the Zack Ryder thing. I thought it was funny when you said you couldn't resist sayin Truth lol...

    On a serious note, I totallly 100% agree with everything you said from A-Y....Great blog and keep them coming
  3. luisalexander70's Avatar
    lol tna is more boring than wwe !! and another thing christian is a heel! he was famous as a heel
  4. spidercentz's Avatar
    A- Not gonna happen. Bad knees or whatever.

    B- Less than two minutes actually

    C- Christian is great heel or face.

    D- Agreed. Glad he's got his blond hair again.

    E- ECW was better but still not that good.

    F- Don't fire Evan Bourne. Push him.

    G- Have yet to watch a Jinder Mahal match so no comment.

    H- Do you mean horrible scripted stunts?

    I- Hornswoggle rules!

    J- You wouldnt say that about Edge-heads, Jerichoholics, or... what was it again? Team Bring It.

    K- Everybody's an idiot sometimes.

    L- Where did you learn your alphabet?

    M- Violence? Really? I thought your type wanted more wrestling.

    N- Just to be clear, the IWC is not a big part of the WWE Universe. They're like Pluto (which isn't even a planet anymore)

    O- Jack who?

    P- But I thought Daniel Bryan was your hero?

    Q- Agreed.

    R- Truth be told, you are right.

    S- Yeah, gosh darn it!

    T- Very good idea there. Zack Ryder would be king and could eventually move on to the main roster.

    U- Agreed.

    V- Agreed again.

    W- Yes, because we all know how real it is.

    X- What about X-treme matches?

    Y- Give it a few years. The good ones will stick.

    Z- Zack Ryder. The IWC nearly pushed me away from him but after I saw his YouTube videos I couldn't help but agree. But I will not put WWWYKI!
  5. AOF666's Avatar
    Austin can't wrestle because of his neck. Only reason ECW failed because Vince wanted to embarasse the name. ECW could of made money for Vince, but his childish ego got in the way.
  6. ComingToCinemas's Avatar
    You say you think Superstars should have it's own brand. Why? I can safely say I've never once tuned into Superstars and it is an afterthought. Just scrap it and send the talent which can be used effectively to RAW and SmackDown whilst sending anyone who isn't quite there either out of the company or back to FCW to get better.

    As for your point on replacing NXT with ECW again, there doesn't need to be a show on a Tuesday. While NXT was once a useful resource (for one season, the Nexus was an epic storyline) it has run out of steam and needs to end. Saying that, bringing back ECW in its place would be a waste of money. ECW is dead and has been since about six weeks after Vince brought it back. If you want to use the timeslot put Tough Enough there. It has a history which means it doesn't need to rely on RAW's audience to garner a better rating than ECW, NXT, and Superstars.
  7. TommyLee's Avatar
    Im really unsure if Bourne will get a title or even the slightest push in wwe, unless they revamp the cruiserweight division, wich will probably never happen
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