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The Animal Batista

Mainstream Fans vs The Internet Wrestling Community

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Hey, the topic you are about to read has been worked on for the last few days. The topic came about on a wrestling forum i was on and decided to make an article about it. So hope you read it, please comment if you wish.

Mainstream fans: Do not look into every single detail in the aspect of Wrestling, do not tend to be spoiled and usually support the product by what the program gives them, they do not take the companies as seriously as the IWC simply because they are mainstream and look at it from an Entertaining aspect of it; something to watch to keep you in a good mood.

Internet Wrestling Community: Mindset of knowing every detail within wrestling, they know wrestling is kayfabe and scripted, take every aspect of the sport seriously. Most tend to be spoiled with wanting the show to go their ways, but at the end of the day they are the most loyal and passionate fans out there, as they are very opinionated with how things turn out.

This is a debatable topic, as a pro wrestling fan, which one is seen as the better choice to go with? Well, both sides have an upside and a downside over each other. A mainstream fan would quite possibly enjoy watching it more at most cases, but then again if a mainstream fan doesn’t like the product, they would be more inclined to stop watching the sport as an Internet Wrestling Community fan may know more about the sport. Correct that, they would know more about pro wrestling, they would know usually a lot more behind-the-scenes stuff than a mainstream fan. With the Internet Wrestling Community, if the product is bad or don’t like it at the moment, then most Internet Wrestling Community fans know that prowrestling is a cycle, it will have its ups and downs but the fact that they understand the sport better, then maybe it is better to be an Internet Wrestling Community fan. But however, I’m sure most of us have enjoyed the sport before we signed up for forums, reading spoilers, watching other people rant about how bad it is, learning more about backstage politics and what actually goes on. But another great thing about the Internet Wrestling Community, is that it allows you to communicate with other wrestling fans on the Internet, a lot of people enjoy that as I certainly do myself so that’s a major upside. Like for me that’s a good thing, cause me being from Ireland none of my friends watch wrestling. So my pick on this topic, is with the Internet Wrestling Community.

Thank you if you have taking your time to read this, I would love to know your thoughts in this topic; if you disagree with me then I respect your opinion but please give me your feedback.

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  1. The Animal Batista's Avatar
    From my experience in the last 3 years that i became an active IWC member, the thing i noticed most is FANBOYISM. Now i didn't mention that in my blog but fanboyism is what ruined the IWC.
  2. prowrestlingfan2014's Avatar
    Your exactly right, I agree 100%
  3. ComingToCinemas's Avatar
    I'm torn on this. I like knowing the backstage details and I like being able to spout off about my knowledge of the industry's history, and I like being able to express my opinions on the product that WWE offers (I stopped watching TNA because of Hogan). On the other hand, because I know the backstage details, the future plans, and the personal life of people I used to love in the ring, I feel like it ruins the surprise element which made me love it to begin with.

    Whilst I would happily trade what I've read on websites like this for the sense that my support matters (The Miz is the last superstar who made me think "WOW" when he won MITB and then cashed in against Orton, purely because he doesn't have the typical Vince McMahon mould for a champion), I like being in the know and being able to give my opinions.
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