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Larger Wrestlers = Intimidating?

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I'll begin with elaborating with what I personally believe is one of the fundamentals of wrestling the gags and looks, now I hate to use the same people as examples but take Jeff Hardy and imagine him without his gag his looks and his high-flying capabilities. Sabu would be more prominent if that was the case if you remember back to when Jeff Hardy was the Intercontinental Champion that suited him BUT did he belong in the main-event scene?

That brings us to my blog, to be honest it isn't a hate blog so I'll need another example, how about... The Undertaker undeniable feel to his character, no-one can doubt his dominance. That came down mainly to his gag, stature, style and looks I don't discredit his in-ring capabilities he was a great performer and definitely an iconic figure in wrestling. Now, could you imagine The Undertaker as a 5'5ft high-flyer no matter how hard I try to I can't imagine it.

Today's wrestling is becoming more and more dependant on the wrestlers that can pull off these high-flying manoeuvres. More-so the smaller wrestlers that are classed as underdogs. Now I'll admit now and again it's entertaining a nice change from all the brutish 6'5 guys that rub lotion on themselves so they sparkle in the ring. However it's not really unexpected if someone like Daniel Bryan, or Rey Mysterio wins a title now although in my opinion they're trying to play them to be the dark horse still it isn't working.

So many possible dominant wrestlers that have what appear to be powerful and painful moves are being over-shadowed. It's like Gene Snitsky said, "And frankly no one believes it anymore. If Miz can kick your ass then the clerk at the store can kick your ass, so please deliver if you say that.." I partially agree with that, I mean they'd push Daniel Bryan who doesn't look intimidating at all to me over people like The Great Khali? I like what they've done with Mark Henry but I can assure you they'll pull back the push to make way for the smaller wrestlers. The prognosis of this blog essentially is that I feel like as more and more of the smaller wrestlers get pushed the less I'm entertained. It's nice now and again but you can't play off Cody Rhodes to be a giant heel wearing a mask and make him dominant it'd of been nice to keep most of them in the mid-cards and rarely put them in to the main-event.

This has changed, let's take Austin Aries for example just signed with TNA Impact! I'd prefer if they kept him within the X-Division for a couple of years rather than throwing their chips in and putting him to main-event status. Because you have wrestlers like Matt Morgan, and Abyss who ARE dominant and do look capable... well apparently Bryan Kendrick can beat Abyss, fair enough it's a spot but there could have been hundreds of different ways to go about it. Push4powerhouses?

Just my opinion really, anyone feel the same?

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  1. AOF666's Avatar
    I have to agree about Daniel Bryan. He is not very intimidating. Even when he looks bad can't help but laugh. Maybe Cole is right he is a dork. For Cody Rhodes it works, only problem is, they need to make him little more sadistic.
  2. rodrigo's Avatar
    when I was younger I used to practice brazilian jiu jitsu and grecoromanwrestling, and since that for me the size and the strenght are not necessarily to beat someone or to look intimidating, look Jericho, he is not a big person and sometimes look like a crazy sob, I have seen some pictures of Bryan Danielson with blood and beard and he also looks intimidating....its not about the size or skills, its about how a wrestler play his character, if he does it great you will believe what he wants you to believe.
  3. f408m's Avatar
    I think the main thing is that the big buff guys have no real character that the fans can get behind. Or that they don't really speak english (khali). Like when was the last time you heard Ezekiel Jackson speak, really didn't captivate me, i don't know about you. Also big heels are just played out, think about it, Umaga, Test, Khali, Matt Morgan, Samoa Joe, Kevin Nash, Big Show, hell this Jinder Mahal thing is getting a it stale. Its just dominance, there's no real character, just another body builder turn wrestler. But the quiet small heels, the ones who should be good guys, but still antagonize are the ones who have character, cause when they speak, you listen, take Punk and Rhodes for example, HELL CHRISTIAN'S heel turn although predictable, is still fun
  4. DM Tea's Avatar
    Khali sucks really really bad. Bryan is a great wrestler. You really don't understand why they won't push Khali? Did anyone here give a shit about SD! when he was WHC? Not me.
  5. Spectroheliographies's Avatar
    No-one said Bryan isn't a good wrestler but he's not convincing at all for what the majority is hyping him up to be. I'll agree Khali doesn't have much technical wrestling skill but this doesn't matter he's convincing. But it's not only Khali why would people like Kane who are living icons take a back-seat to something that's not near as convincing? I find it a double-standard that you'll cheer on Flair or whoever but forget or (don't know,) what they looked like during that era.

    Whoever said that the bigger wrestlers have no charisma... does anyone remember Batista, The Undertaker, Kane, Andre the Giant (wasn't that charismatic but definitely had the intimidation factor.) I'm not knocking Bryan or any of the above but there are BIGGER athletes with GOOD/GREAT technical wrestling abilities such as Samoa Joe and you'd rather have the same thing you've had since Rey became champion the tiny luchadore black horse defies the odds and recaptures the title?

    ^^ Pretty bland, and a double-standard.
  6. The Brown One's Avatar
    It's all about working the crowd nowadays. If you got someone like Khali or Henry cutting a promo, they wouldn't get as big a reaction as say....Rhodes, or Cena. Daniel Bryan needs to improve his mic skills before WM28, and then he will be believable. The WWE is where anything can happen-and we've seen this, when the likes of Mysterio became WHC. He did it convincingly too. So why can't they do the same with Bryan?
  7. Pjsoul's Avatar
    The WWE has always pushed the big guys. At the end of the day you can't help how big you are so why shouldn't the smaller guys (with ability) be pushed? I remember Mysterio vs Kane (last year i think) Mysterio convincingly took Kane down because he uses his whole body as a weapon, targets weak spots on big guys (i.e the knees) and uses speed too. D.Bryan does the same and thats why people get behind him because he will give everything every night in order to entertain (key word)! Unfortunately WWE has pushed too many big guys with limited ability over the years that it is becoming expected that a Heavyweight Champ should be a Heavyweight. There are so many technically gifted, entertaining wrestlers out there that it would be wrong that they can't be pushed becuase they are not "intimidating".
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