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Is John Cena ruining PPV Sales?

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Hey guys hope all is well. I've been thinking lately about how Ryan Clark has been posting the number of buys from WWE PPV's lately and wondered if it had anything to do with John Cena.

Now let me start off by saying I respect Cena as a person and as a wrestler as well. He might only do five moves but if you guys know Cena from OVW then you know he's capable of way more than five moves.

We all hate his gimmick, not the person. Cena is one of the hardest working individuals that the WWE has seen in the past decade. He came on so strong that it was really no choice but to slide him in the mainevent in just under three years.

The other reasons why PPV's draw low buys:
It isn't all Cena's fault.

We have to credit the bad writing, the lack of maineventers, the overload of midcarders and the lack of a tag team division. The stars that are ready to be bonafide maineventers are Sheamus, Kofi Kingston, John Morrison, Wade Barrett (not a fan but he's pretty good), R-Truth, Christian, and Alberton Del Rio

We also must blame the large amount of PPV's. There is little time to build feuds anymore because they WWE feels the need to have a PPV every month.

Over The Limit PPV Sales: 65,000 Buys??? Ouch
Now we can't blame this all on Cena because I mean Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole did compete in a Kiss My Foot Match. Infact, I feel the WWE has done a great job in tarnishing Lawler's legacy by having him feud with Cole in the first place. I would've rather seen him feud with Jack Swagger instead if your going to give the guy one last run.

What killed the buys for this PPV was Cena vs The Miz in an I-Quit Match:
We didn't buy the PPV because we knew that Cena wouldn't be billed to quit. Why waste 45 bucks if you know that they won't let their prized jewel quit.

The WWE's SuperCena gimmick has finally backfired because people know that if Cena is in the mainevent on Raw or a PPV, he's either going to win fair & sqaure or lose by interference. The WWE never lets Cena lose fair & square when he is already super over.

Here's a series of very interesting facts: Please Read
Of the WWE's top stars of the past decade: The Rock, Stone Cold, Triple H, Randy Orton, The Undertaker, and many more check this out.

Randy Orton has quit in an I-Quit Match (against Cena)

Triple H has tapped out twice at Wrestlemania (Against Benoit & CENA)

The Rock has lost more than 3 Times at Wrestlemania and has been pinned numerous times in his career.

Stone Cold has also been pinned alot fair & sqaure.

John Cena is 6-2 at Wrestlemania. He's cometed for or defended a title at all 8 of his Wrestlemania appearances. He's also competed for or defended the World or WWE Title the last 7 Wrestlemania's. He's never quit. He's never tapped out since 2005 and like Ryan Clark said. Over the past 2 years, Cena and/or Orton have not been in the mainevent in only 2 PPV's.

The reason PPV buys were so high in the attitude era:
The star power was high in the attitude era. They weren't scared to let Triple H tap out because it wouldn't kill his credibility because they're were so many other stars in the picture.

Now, the WWE has made a predictable monster out of Cena so if he's in the mainevent of a PPV, we aren't buying it anymore.

The WWE has to start making him lose normal one on one matches on Raw to spicen up a story. They need to stop being scared and let someone like Jack Swagger or R-Truth beat him. This may sound weird but John Cena losing more matches will build his name more. I truly believe that.

They should have an angle with Cena losing the belt at Summerslam and going on a 3 month losing streak. This will make the crowd get behind him and want him to win again. But having him win every match on Raw & at the PPV does nothing but make the product even more predictable than it already is.

Thank you all for reading this blog and please leave feedback on what you think.


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  1. Marx's Avatar
    Sending John Cena on a losing streak is a good suggestion. I'd like to see him drop the title - clean - to Alberto del Rio. Then let him lose a few matches to put some guys over. Put him in a 'I quit'-match near Survivor Series and let him quit. Show his desperation, give him a short rest & time to heal (he seems to be working injured at the moment), film some vignettes of Cena training and reinventing himself. A new finishing move would be nice.

    Then they can go on and let him win Elimination Chamber so he and Rock can fight over the title.
  2. KJ PUNK's Avatar
    You forgot to include the use of illegal streams in why the PPV sales are down. Another thing is that the other matches on the card weren't that great. The Orton-Christian match was really the only good match on the card. I think that had more to do with it than Cena being in an "I Quit" match, even if the outcome was predictible.
  3. Viper's Avatar
    out of all the mid-card guys you named, i feel Sheamus is ready to step into the main event scene. he has shown he can hang with the big dogs & put on a good match with them. as for the Kiss my Foot match, that was the second one in wwe history and is as memorable as the Hogpen Match which also happened once back in the mid 90s.

    but yes, i like to see john cena go on a losing streak for an entire year whereas other guys can get pushed and builted up as actual stars ;)
  4. luisalexander70's Avatar
    john cena is not 7-1 in wm
  5. AOF666's Avatar
    Having him loose to R-Truth would be a start. Have R-Truth kayafabe and injure Cena would be great.
  6. FaceOfSpades's Avatar
    Good read. Cena is not the cause of low byrates tho. The overall ppv product of wwe is a 3 1/2 hour raw. Until wwe goes back to the wild days, the byrates will remain the same. Doubt it all u want, say wrestling is doing fine without tv14, but its either pander to kids or adults. Pandering to kids gets the billions, pandering to adults brings millions. Its about wether wwe wants to be a multi million or multi billion dollar biz. Low byrates are traded in for endorsements. Wwe shouldn't have any complaints or price raises.
  7. cy1911's Avatar
    cena lost to miz and randy at wrestlemania..
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