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The Most Underrated Wrestler: Matt Morgan

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Hey guys, I'm not done blogging about WWE/TNA's wasted talents but I thought I'd skip to the mainevent. I don't there is anyone who deserves stardom from both companies more than Matt Morgan.

I really can see Matt Morgan as a top talent but he's never been given a good chance. When TNA decided to push The Pope, Ken Anderson, RVD & Matt Morgan for the World Title, they ultimately gave it to RVD & Ken Anderson.

They slept on the two guys (Pope & Morgan) whom deserved it the most.

TNA's World Title Problem
TNA is a company that I do enjoy from time to time but they seem to be scared to crown a fresh World Champ. The TNA World Champ is either an ex-WWE guy (Angle, Anderson, RVD) or someone who's been doing it for a while (Sting).

TNA's lost that fire they had back in the day. I remember those days when R-Truth & Rhyno(Rhino) were TNA World Champ. These were ex-WWE guys but they weren't stars in the WWE. TNA had the guts to try and build a star out of them but never followed through.

The problem with Matt Morgan:
Now this is guaranteed fact but for the past 5 years no wrestler from both WWE and TNA have had more face & heel turns than Matt Morgan & Kane.

The perfect face:
He's a hell of a good guy and knows how to play it well. He interacts with the fans and knows how to put on a wrestling clinic.

The perfect heel:
Excellent on the mic. He's a heel that also backs his words up and rarely is billed to take the easy way out.

So I guess TNA has to bill him right and role with it. I personally think he should be billed as a face. When someone deserves the belt as much as him, you want the fans to be behind it as well.

The WWE's Mistake with Matt Morgan:
Does anyone remember when the WWE had Matt Morgan carry the "Studdering Gimmick". They had him cutting promos as a heel studdering and slugging his words and taking it out on the fans. What a horrible gimmick to give such an athlete.

The WWE should've pushed him like they pushed Sheamus:
When I look at Sheamus, I always think of Matt Morgan. Two guys with a very aggresive moveset and an ability to bring back that old school vicious heel character that guys like Iron Shiek was.

Matt Morgan has a good body and height. I believe he's 7 feet if I'm not mistaken. He's been hanging in the midcarder status for a long time and its officially got old.

I know when people read this they are going to say people like John Morrison or others deserve to be World Champ for their respective companies. I love Morrison and I think he did an amazing job as a heel and probably has the most exciting moveset today. But as fars as paying dues, having the look, the in ring ability and mic skills: Matt Morgan is the guy that can run a company.

Even at his age I feel Matt Morgan could run a company. I believe if the WWE used him right, he could've had a career like Batista. Everyone knows Batista was a hot topic in the WWE for a while and I don't see how the WWE let a star like Matt Morgan slip through their grips.

Guys please leave feedback and let me know who you think is the most underrated star from both WWE & TNA.


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  1. therealdegenerate's Avatar
    I agree that Matt Morgan can be huge if used properly. The problem is how to you use a 7 ft. incredible athlete, that this business hasn't seen in years. He wasn't used well in WWE because he was too green and his athleticism didn't match their desire at the time. As to the most underrated guy in wrestling, I'd have to go with the pope. He's got the look, the gimmick, and clearly can play either the face or the heel. Now that Anderson is the champ, I wouldn't be surprised if some young guys get shots like the pope and morgan
  2. TommyLee's Avatar
    I also don't understand why WWE let him go, he's got a decent gimmick and a good moveset, that is a man who i would love to see as a WWE champion.
  3. AOF666's Avatar
    They need to push Morgan in the Heavyweight title against Anderson. Angle is amazing athlete, but the need to focus on younger talent. I have to agree they misuse Morgan in WWE. He was decent in WCW, but WWE screwed up. He has improved alot sinse WWE, and I was happy when broke away from Fortune.
  4. The Next Big Thing's Avatar
    Yep, I could see Matt Morgan being a big player - and also Robert Roode, I thought he could have been the next Triple H before he got in beer money
  5. A.Jay's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by The Next Big Thing
    Yep, I could see Matt Morgan being a big player - and also Robert Roode, I thought he could have been the next Triple H before he got in beer money
    Don't diss Roode like that, Triple H never really worked for his spot like Roode has done. If anything Triple H's only real claim to fan is the fact his marriage to Step has made him a champ many times over and now the next in line to run the WWE.

    Now that's banging your way to the top!
  6. Bralon23's Avatar
    Matt Morgan sucks at wrestling, which is why he was released from WWE. And his promos are horrible and non-believable. Don't slap Sheamus in the face by comparing Matt Morgan to him. WWE dropped the ball on him? He can't even win the title in TNA, which shouldn't be that difficult seeing as a 50 year old man previously held it. He's not someone I'd want as my champion, especially with that lame Blue Print gimmick. He doesn't have the 'It' factor, just like Ted DiBiase Jr. I hope they never put the belt on him, especially when guys like AJ, Robert Roode, and Samoa Joe are all deserving before he is.
  7. knox's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by The Next Big Thing
    Yep, I could see Matt Morgan being a big player - and also Robert Roode, I thought he could have been the next Triple H before he got in beer money
    Thanks guys for the comments and yea Robert Roode & Pope are the others that deserve it. I definitely do see alot of Triple H in Robert Roode and I've felt that way for years.

    Roode should've been lobbied to have his singles run but he's a victim of being a very loyal friend and tag team partner to James Storm. Triple H knew when it was time for stradom which is why he went to Vince and said I'm done with the DX crap back in 99 and since then has been the man. Thats what Roode should've done but I will always love Roode because he is the man.
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