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How TNA’s 10th Year Can Be Its Best

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TNA Impact Wrestling celebrated its ninth anniversary at tonight’s pay-per-view, and while it’s nice that the company has existed for this long, things could be a lot better.

The promotion seems to be running in place from a business standpoint, drawing meager numbers on pay-per-view and the same million-plus fans every Thursday night on Spike TV.

Something isn’t working. Is it the reliance on Attitude Era stars over younger talent? Is it the mindset that fans will watch a TV-14 rated show over the PG-rated WWE? Is it the lack of mainstream recognition of the company’s existence?

Yes, yes and yes.

Wrestling fans are desperate for TNA to succeed. They want an alternative to the WWE brand of “sports entertainment,” even if they love WWE and watch it every week.

Here are some ideas to help make TNA’s 10th year its most successful.

1. Commitment to great wrestling

It’s time to deliver on the name change of “Impact Wrestling.” If fans know they can see two strong 10- to 15-matches on Thursday nights, they will slowly build TNA’s audience.

If fans know they can buy a TNA pay-per-view and see four good-to-great matches, they will build that audience, too.

Why? People like to watch good wrestling matches.

2. Commitment to fresh singles talent.

Here, I mean 10 guys who were born and raised in TNA and don’t have past “Glory Days” in WWE, WCW or ECW to look back on…because we all get older.

The first three guys who should be pushed as the ace wrestlers of the company are AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels and Samoa Joe. They deserve to take the ball and run with it, while everyone else gets out of the way.

The next three need to be brought back: Low-Ki, Homicide and Jay Lethal. They can have great matches with each other and the first three.

The third group of three should come from the tag team division: Alex Shelley, James Storm and Robert Roode. There’s no need for them and the injured Chris Sabin to keep fighting for the tag team titles when they can go all the way to the top as individuals.

Finally, the 10th man to push is Crimson. They have already given him an unbeaten streak, so they might as well keep it going.

3. Stop destroying the X Division.

No more storylines where some huge guy like Abyss or authority figure like Eric Bischoff is trying to kill the X Division.

Embrace the X Division. Run with it. Bring back the World X Cup, for goodness’ sake. When I turn on Impact Wrestling, I want to see cruiserweights flipping, flopping and flying across the TV screen.

4. Get rid of some titles.

Championships should be prestigious, so they should be few in number. All TNA needs is the World, X, Tag and Knockouts titles. That worked well on tonight’s PPV.

So bye bye to the Knockouts tag team title and the TV title.

5. Push Kurt Angle’s Olympic quest to the moon.

If Kurt Angle can make the US Olympic team at the age of 42, this would a huge story in the world of real sports, on par with George Foreman regaining the boxing world title at age 45.

TNA should follow Angle’s quest on TV and promote him to every media outlet imaginable. Make it clear that Angle wrestles for Impact Wrestling every Thursday night on Spike TV.

That way, clueless media types won’t say he wrestles for “the WWF.”

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  1. A.Jay's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Bralon23
    There's no way that they could have 10-15 matches on a two hour show. That's really not what they're trying to do. You have to somewhat model your company after WWE to stay alive in the wrestling game, which is something that you guys aren't realizing. That means you have to have compelling storylines, which is something that isn't possible if you have 10-15 matches per show. If you only have straight wrestling, then of course we'd be happier with more matches at first, but it'd get stale after a while. You'd just have guys wrestling each other randomly with no meaning, with the exception of title matches. There'd be no need for characters, there'd be no backstage segments, merchandising would go down, and eventually the ratings would drop lower than they are now for TNA, which is something that they can't afford.

    I'm in no way saying that the 30-45 minutes that Bischoff and Hogan take up every week is necessary and that they couldn't shorten those segments and maybe add a match or two to the show. But, 10-15 matches just isn't realistic for the type of show that they're trying put out every week.
    As far as the X-Division goes, I don't see it getting pushed back to the level it was when TNA first started as long as Bischoff is around. I think the idea of cruiserweights carrying the wrestling show has always been something that's bothered Bischoff even going back to the WCW days. He doesn't like the idea that high flying wrestlers and spot monkeys might get higher ratings than he does in his segments.
    Stop talking!

    WCW was the home of the cruiserweights so much that WWF had to start a crusierweight divison to keep up with WCW.

    You my friend are a WWE Mark and you bashing of TNA proves that!!!

    If you watch smackdown on friend I know you can't be knocking TNA, That crap with Cody Rhodes, Ted Jr , Sin and Daniel is just a joke almost as much as the WWE trying to drag out matchs on SD, such a waste!
  2. 123mlewis's Avatar
    I totaly agree but the tv title should be kept but only if will be used well insted of giving it to the esacpes from the mental hopsital across the road (eric Young) I swear Eric Young and Hornswogle two worst gimmiks of all time
  3. Theiconsting's Avatar
    I agree on the most part but i think the main thing that will push TNA forward is taking impact on the road every week & making it live
  4. kiltbill's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Theiconsting
    I agree on the most part but i think the main thing that will push TNA forward is taking impact on the road every week & making it live
    I disagree with you about the live shows. I don't think they have the camermen, technicans, or even rabid fans, to make a live show better.

    But I do think that taking the show to other states/area's would be of great help. I can see why they like setting it in the same arena, as it reduces costs, and may help to build a loyal local fan base.
    Given the size of their roster, they evidently have plenty of money to spare. And, given that roster, they could easily have a 2 hour show with only a couple of main event stars involved with the mid carders.

    As for the older wrestlers being too involved, I'd say that this isn't as bad as I'd first feared. AJ seems to be getting the rub from going toe-toe with the ECW legends, and then they let him have the lime light.
    The problem Golden Oldie would be Hogan and Bishov. Neither are that great on the stick that they should be given so much air time. But, if it keeps them out of the ring, maybe I shouldn't complain.
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