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The IWC has the power? Really?

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Reading a comment claiming that "the IWC has the power" in modern wrestling has made me start to doubt the intelligence of some of the people who express their opinions on this website.

This is not intended as a rant, I have reasons for my disagreement. They are as follows:

WWE as a PG product

If the IWC had any influence over the direction of wrestling, wouldn't we have the Attitude Era back? For the past two years of me checking the blogs on this site I've seen countless arguments against the PG era, and a tonne of anti-Cena articles. Hell, I've even read that Vince is embarrassed by the state of his company.

Really? Reeally!? Reeeally!?! (I'm not actually trying to stress the point, I'm just a mark for The Miz)

If WWE's direction was effected by the IWC Vince would step in and change what we see now. We all know it's bad, and we complain until our fingers bleed about the fact that WWE isn't aimed at people over the age of 18 any more. If we had any influence we would have changed things.

Cena would be a heel rapper all over again, WrestleMania would have never been headlined by Cena v Miz, and Zack Ryder would be WWE Champion.

On that point, the love Ryder gets from the IWC is a small part, if any, of his television appearances on RAW as of late. His push comes from the fact he has shown that he loves his job and Vince has recognised it.

TNA is still in decline...

Another clear cut case that TNA doesn't respect the IWC's views. They still have the Hogan/Bischoff self destruct button, and they still bury their original talent under the declining careers of WWE's past stars (Angle, Christian and Anderson may be the only stars who deserved to get a push). Another major issue is that they still end their storylines abruptly. Oh, did I forget that despite disgruntled members of the IWC screaming "we want six sides" that it only got a one-night return?

My point here is that even though TNA would benefit more from the IWC's comments, and even go as far as acknowledging their existence. The problem is they look at the criticism of their (mostly former) fans and take it as insult rather than a word of advice from those who the product is supposed to appeal to.

Anyway, that's my blog. I'm sorry if this came out as a rant. I encourage comments and opinions. Thank you for reading.

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  1. knox's Avatar
    Great Blog, I myself thought Vince was embarrassed at the company at one point but I was wrong. But we can all admit that Vince isn't as happy about running the WWE as he was in the 80s and 90s.

    But as far as the PG Era, its more than just the IWC that is upset with that. I believe their recent drought in PPV sales tells the story that its not just the IWC but its the general audience who's mad as well. PG Era isn't a bad thing at all but when you tally in all the stupid Great Khali dance contests, R-Truth dressing up as a sailor, Cena going over every week, the horrible writing and the large amount of PPVs, then its easy to see why their product is declining.

    I mean the WWE treats Cena as if he's an undestructable force which is very hard to believe. I mean I can't count the amount of times Stone Cold, The Rock, Triple H and The Undertaker lost fair and sqaure back in the primes of their career. I mean why can't they just let Cena lose a match wihtout him being cheated?

    I'm a Miz mark too so why in the hell would the WWE push him as the Mainevent of Wrestlemania 27 just to let him quit within two seconds at Over the Limit. The Cena crap is old.

    But you are right, we don't have power but I feel the general audience tends to agree with us. I mean Ryan Clark just posted that Over The Limit had 65,000 buys which is painfully low. The reason no one bought the PPV is because we all knew the outcome of the mainevent. I mean we all knew they wouldnt bill Cena to quit so it was pointless to buy anyway. If they wouldve made Cena to be a top talent that loses every once in a while then maybe they wouldve had more buys.

    Do you know that the last time Cena lost a match with no outside interference or fairly on Raw was in 2007 against Shawn Michaels? Thats crazy.

    So after those sales, the WWE stock dropping at an all-time low, I would definitely say that Vince has to be embarrassed with his company. My hope is that Mick Foley can join the WWE creative team because it just seems like something he does well.

    As for TNA, I dont know why Bischoff treats the IWC as if we aren't here. The IWC are bascially the only people that watch TNA so we are his audience. And the TNA marks on this site really let you have it when u bad mouth TNA.

    Great Blog dude and keep em coming
  2. The Next Big Thing's Avatar
    It is the most frustrating thing as a fan that you are presented with a product that you can't really get behind or care too much about - long has it been since I and many others have looked forward vehemontly to what is going to happen this week and looking forward to the next week, maybe its an age thing.

    It is far more frustrating as the internet is a huge pool of information to have. Whereas any business in the world would be delighted to have access to a large database of opinion and "customer feedback", the wrestling industry seemingly ignores about 99.9% of the idea's that are out there. There is a loyal clientele that gathers around several websites that basically in theory should make WWE's marketing approach a hell lot more cost effective, and isn't that what business's like, free feedback, at your doorstep?

    The problem with the wrestling industry is that it is full of frankly oversensitive types, whether they feel shunned from cynical types throughout the world or have a collective ego of such huge proportions is open to debate, everyone is different after all. But when forces are so important as to ignore the most loyal section of their support, who have stuck through them by thick and thin and obviously care enough to analyse the business in regular doses, things get disheartening and bleak. The blatant shunning of the fans of wrestling is sad and makes me feel bad about being a wrestling fan. Your most loyal customers are the one's who care.

    Some are irrational, immature and over priveleged, but many, although they don't experience all the factors like employee relationship and politics, can give assessment from a simple perspective. The simple things in life make the most sense.
  3. ComingToCinemas's Avatar
    @knox: I don't know much about the PPV buy rates but with online streams buy rates are likely to go down. Saying that, Over The Limit was screened on Sky Sports 2 over here in the UK, a first for years, showing that they aren't blind to the decline in the buy rate.

    @The Next Big Thing: I completely agree that the wrestling business is stupidly blind to their most critical fans, but who was the last new face to start up a big company? Perhaps it is a case of owners not knowing how effective the internet community can be? Although, it would be a weak argument to try and piece together since WCW and WWF acknowledged the internet back in 1998 and it is highly unlikely that any company doesn't have a few researchers under contract who's expertise lay in the internet.

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