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WWE future

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So excuse any mistakes I make on here as this is my first ever post on anything pertaining to wrestling period. I'm young but I've been following wrestling since 2000s so I know my attitude era and pg era.

So to go over to what the title states... if the WWE is going to sustain and grow, it needs to go back to what works. There are three things that worked for WWE in the past. Those three being Promos, Mid-Cards, and Big Pushes.

We can all name the Rock as being one of the greatest, if not the greatest promo cutters of all time, but not just because he was gifted and could just verbally assault any and everyone who stepped in the ring with him, but because he had a great catchphrase that people responded to... "If you smellllllll, what the rock is cooking". But he wasn't the only one, the undertaker slowing uttering "Rest...In...Peace" or Kurt Angle "Oh it's true...its damn true". Now a days we have crap like " I'm AWESOME" come on man, lets get back to what we love, good promos... people verbally assaulting one another and giving the crowd a reason to chime in. These catchphrases (at the end of the promos) got everyone made you feel as if you were part of the action. Hell even Hulk Hogan (who I thoroughly despise) had "What you gonna do brotha....(I hate the rest)" The fans need someone who we can see get on the mic, say something real, and drop the mic leaving us astounded.

I'm sure most of the bloggers have mentioned it, but it needs restating. The mid card was where you go to put on a show. Its where high flying men, Jimmy Snuka and Rey Mysterio, and decent wrestlers like The Macho Man, and CM Punk get their start. Its where we first fall in love with shouldnt be where they go to die. Classic example Sheamus, loved his brutality and difference from the others...loved him slamming Mark Cuban through a table, I was like "OMG". But what happened he doesn't even get a camera match at wrestlemania (i know its a battle royal on the disk). Look at Kofi, he's been in the mid card for... since he came to WWE. I mean look at Guerrerro when he was going against Lesnar for the WWE championship. I remember watching and was on the edge of my seat b/c it was an amazing match. Why not take a risk, like this whole R-Truth thing they've got going on, and push a mid card. Or better yet, bring back or invent two new mid card belts (keeping the ones already). They've already got the talent for it, the whole Nexus and Corre (except Punk), Sin Cara, Cody Rhodes, Zack Ryder, JTG, Dolph Ziggler, Daniel Bryan, Ted Dibiase, Evan Bourne. Cause nothing's greater than watching wrestlers fighting for Gold... And some of these guys already make good, could be better, heels. Put matches like Rhodes vs Sin Cara, Zack Ryder vs Dolph Ziggler...better yet Ryder, Cara, Rhodes, Daniel Bryan, DiBiase, Ziggler, Bourne, and Kingston in a championship scramble match... can you imagine the innovation these guys would come up with? Or throw a Ryder vs JoMO fued (EPIC!!)

Now this last one is gonna be short, but WWE needs to push a mid carder to main event status ASAP. They pushed Macho, they pushed the Rock, the pushed Guerrero and the effing pushed Cena. So WWE the mid card push is not a bad one. My top five in need of a push soon, are JoMO. This guys athleticism is incredible and with some mic help or maybe even, dare I say it, A MANAGER, he'd be on fire. The Sexy Shaman Champ? Come on, where can you go wrong? CM Punk, worked well when he did it, already a good heel, can make you hate doing the right thing...great ring techniques, high flyer mixed with submission technalyst (made that word up). Next Guy is Alberto Del Rio. He came in with this whole, Spanish JBL meets nicer Dibiase Sr. You know he's got great ring maneuvers and he ran over Big Show... push him now and put let him fulfill his destiny. Zack Ryder is number four. A little biased here because I'm a Zack Pack Fan, WWWYKI. But the guy can cut a promo, have you seen his youtube videos...instant hits, more viewers than TNA. Make him a heel and you've got yourself someone we hate to love, and he's already got his own fans backing won't lose money. Lastly push Cody Rhodes, with this whole tortured monster bit... it was on fire when it first came out, but now you are dragging your feet, this guy can be ruthless and scrawny at the same time, give him gold and do it soon

Leave comments on anything you think I missed Out

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  1. TommyLee's Avatar
    You're right about almost everything but i disagree on a Zack vs JoMo feud, i think they would just make it 2 matches with Morrisson winning both. I think a comical feud between him and Marella would be cool because i really enjoyed their match two weeks ago on superstars and i think the crowd loved it to, what they're doing right now is wrong for Ryder because they're just putting him in a tag team with Curt again and we all know how WWE treats the tag team division these days... If there's one thing that would make WWE more watcheable for me is revamp the tag divison and bring back the Cruiserweight championship, the guys you mention in your blog like Cara,Bourne, Bryan... that would make for some epic matches + they can get their push. And yeah i think Rhodes should drop the mask gimmick within a month or so and go after the IC title but without his dashing gimmick. He should bring back the cocky attitude he had like when he was in Legacy. JoMo has a lot of high flying talent and gets a lot of wow's but i dont think he would fit as a WWE champ. But i agree with you on Punk, he's the best heel they have, great promo's good wrestling and is skilled in all areas , thats why he should become champion.
    Dolph Ziggler should have been US champion since the day he joined the RAW roster but i think he will get it soon. To really make him a star , i would bring him back to Smackdown and go after the WHC again. One thing you've really got right on the spot is what you said about The Rock. Just look at all the reaction he got, ratings went up and RAW was finally becoming interesting again since nexus.
  2. f408m's Avatar
    All i'm saying is that WWE brought in NXT for fresher or newer talents, yet the most successful were all from season 1 (except Darren Young). I don't even remember season two, three or four...? WWE needs consistency, otherwise they may "fall from grace"
  3. TommyLee's Avatar
    You are right, Wade Barrett could be a real good heel WHC champion, Slater & Gabriel have held the tag belts so did Otunga, i think the least succesful would be Tarver, hes not even seen on television anymore and i dont think they will make skip sheffield a big star when he comes back. Mark my words , Jinder Mahal, he's going to be a badass heel
  4. f408m's Avatar
    I want Jinder Mahal to be a badass heel... Smackdown needs a badass heel... but he's got to do much more than bully around Great Khali... I need him to be a big bully to everyone...and that's gonna require lots of promos and lots of talking (he needs to be vocal)
  5. Theiconsting's Avatar
    You have a few good points until you take the low road & say that the woo boy has more fans than TNA what bs. I watched one of his little vids & sorry kid it didnt impress me alot even though i dont mind him. I pity you fool wwe sheep type fans who are blinded by the big WWE machine & what it shoves dwon your throat
  6. TommyLee's Avatar
    We're not blinded but atleast the company we're supporting is not a retirement home like Impact. And our superstars are doing something to get on tv. I liked Tna back in 2007 and 2008 and around that time i actually thought tna would one day become as big as WWE, they were original , now they bring in guys like Bischoff and Hogan who are gonna ruin the company for sure, Samoa Joe is awesome and so is Sabin & Styles and a lot of guys , those are the ones they should make main-eventers and if they really want to help the company, get rid of Jarrett and Karen and make a feud between Kurt and Anderson now they have the chance.
  7. TommyLee's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by f408m
    I want Jinder Mahal to be a badass heel... Smackdown needs a badass heel... but he's got to do much more than bully around Great Khali... I need him to be a big bully to everyone...and that's gonna require lots of promos and lots of talking (he needs to be vocal)
    Yes that would be awesome but there is no doubt hes good on the mic, he does not need the JBL rich guy gimmick like Del Rio is using, let's just hope for now and see him evolve.
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