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#2 WWE: Did you smell what The Rock was cooking?

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I did. Gold. Pure gold.

Yesterday I posted my first blog here touching on the subject of TNA/Impact Wrestling and my opinion on the product as a whole and I don't think it's fair to write about TNA (which I've only just scratched the surface of what I really wanted to talk about) without comparing it to WWE. TNA after all, are a wrestling company, something they try to mark on every fan with a branding iron.

Some years ago I began to watch WWF for the first time around the start of the "Monday Night Wars" in 1994/5 and was immediately interested. Without the internet back in the day, everything storyline and match was a complete surprise to me. I got all my information about WWF either by staying up stupidly late to watch it on cable (I was around 8 or 9, mind) or get all my information from my older friend, Terry. Back then, I didn't understand wrestling was fake. In fact, it took a botched move a year or so later to figure things out.

Manyy of my years of watching WWF came from the Attitude era. Something almost every wrestling fan will know of. It was edgy, it was fun, and it still had one over on WCW; the wrestling. The WCW and WWF "war" was amazing, it's something we're lacking today. WWE doesn't have the competition that it did then, there's no reason for the company now to try and best another. The closest possible company to challenge WWE is TNA, so where's the challenge?

There isn't, but WWE is still at fault here. The Attitude Era had so much more to give it's viewers than it does now. I've recently started watching WWE programming in recent months, and it doesn't hold a candle to what they had before. RAW lacks star quality. That's right, I said it.

The massive problem they face is WWE is like any other entertainment program, which Vince to his credit doesn't try and pull the wool over our eyes and tell us otherwise, is that WWE can't risk getting stale. I loved the Attitude Era, but as Bralon23 said in my first blog, at what point do we move on? Completely correct and it was something I wanted to bring up.

Like any other entertainment show, WWE had to evolve into a different product. They fully understand that their key demographic is people under the age of 16. The same way Paul Heyman knew that ECW's demographic was people over the age of 21, and adjusted his show to occupy that. If WWE kept the Attitude Era going, people would still complain as I am now because it would get stale. When The Rock came back to WWE programming to announce he was hosting Wrestlemania 27, I saw shades of the Attitude Era coming through, and it's what re-sparked my interest back in WWE programming. TNA are trying to emulate this constantly. Russo knows that WWF was popular back then because of the Attitude Era. What they idiot doesn't think about is the current fan-base, and tries to push a TNA version of the Attitude Era. Hence why they're showing blood every other match.

Point being, WWE now have a chance to swing back to an Attitude Era version of their product. They won't, but they can.

The problem with TNA is they bring in wrestlers that WWE have dumped. Glamour Girl disagreed with me in yesterdays blog about this statement. Unfortunately, this is the truth. I can't think of a WWE star that has left WWE voluntarily to join TNA and still made a name for themselves there, aside for Kurt Angle and possibly Jeff Hardy, but what a deal the latter was for TNA!

Now, on the flip side to this, WWE bring in wrestlers they use improperly, or fashion wrestlers that are just not good. Case and point; The Miz. I'll get to that idiot in a minute. WWE programming is predictable to say the least. At least TNA still has the odd element of surprise, though, mainly because they enjoy abruptly ending story lines rather than an actual thought process.

I'm finding myself sitting through boring crap like TNA waiting for the decent stories and matches. WWE keep finding new and innovative ways to bullsh*t people into thinking they're still a good product but the bottom line is they've fallen so much further in recent years, especially after the Attitude Era.

I'm going to break it down in to a little more detail as I did with #1.


I meant to address this yesterday in the TNA blog, so I might as well start with this. Get rid of them. I cannot say it any clearer than this. WWE and TNA are identical in the fact they believe that a Woman's division within their companies is actually a good idea? It's not. I'm not sure if it's a diversity thing or not, but both the divisions are not only lacking in development, but they're lacking in talent.

TNA are the worst culprits in this. I watched a match a few months back at a PPV where once again, TNA managed to screw up the ending. A 9 stone, twig of a girl managed to roll up a 14 stone, quite muscle-y girl for a good 30 seconds while the ref gets back into the ring. That's one of the many, many bad Woman's matches I've seen in both TNA and WWE. People keep saying how WWE bring in Women from TNA and vise versa, but it doesn't matter! If you trade a bag of sh*t for another bag of sh*t, what have you got?

The achilles heel of wrestling is the Female divisions. You can't win. The only reason they are there is for eye candy. Why do I want to see thin, attractive, big breasted women wrestle around in the ring... Okay, okay. I take that back, but the point stands. It's not wrestling, it's cat fighting. I remember rumours that Vince wanted to create a Women only show and I truly wish he did. He would've seen how unbelievably low the figures would've been, and would have scrapped the division all together. It's a win-win as TNA would either follow suit, or go in the complete opposite direction like they usually do and over promote the Knockout's division. Although, I think the Knockout's already have too much exposure.

Get rid of it.


WWE have the awful habit of pushing the wrong superstars, and the reason for it is simple. Revenue. WWE are a company that make a bucket load of money, and they know that promoting a star that is over with the children will make them the big cash. Why do you think you never see Cena as a heel? Because he makes them money and they know that making Cena in to a good heel will stop a massive amount of revenue into the company. He's a cash cow.

John Cena is like your favourite Pokemon in one of the games. No matter how popular he is, he can only learn four moves at a time.

Since superstars like The Rock and Austin left the WWE, they've had to find and promote new stars that will stay with the company for the long haul. Randy Orton, Mysterio, Edge etc, are all great examples of this. They're over as faces and more importantly, they're over as heels (with the exception of Mysterio). I've watched them progress through the roster since they started and WWE are using them correctly.

However, WWE have the habit of mis-using stars. The Miz is a perfect example. He's just something that management within WWE saw $ signs and quickly snapped him up. He pulls decent heat, but the thing's he says and the way he acts is similar to how I would when I was 9.

And again, WWE have the habit of having stars with so much more to give than they let, like CM Punk for example, who I don't believe is being used as he should. He's a great heel, pulls great heat, and has the wrestling skills to match.

Christian/CM Punk

I'm only breaking this down slightly because of all the people who moaned about Christian dropping the title the day after he won it. This had point. WWE did something right when they made Christian drop the World Heavyweight Title the night after he won it. WWE are predictable. I don't watch PPV's, so I'll read the results, and I already know that if Cena is in the main event with a title on the line, he'll more than likely win.

Making Christian loose to Orton on Smackdown the day after was genius. Now Christian is the top heel on Smackdown and he's making it work! Orton as a face is something I don't particularly enjoy because I think he's the perfect heel, but the chemistry they currently have is the best program I've seen in WWE in recent years and has the potential to go on for a while. And as Christian has dropped the title unexpectedly, one can presume WWE will try to catch us out again.


As I stated above, I don't watch PPV's because they're mostly predictable and have been for a while now. Back in the days of The Rock and Stone Cold, matches could end with a simple roll up, or a sudden, out of the blue finishing move. Now, stars like Cena have to go through a very strict set of rules before he gets pinned. I think WWE wanted to push the boundary at the recent PPV with Cena vs Miz, which I happened to catch as my flatmate had it on, and I heard the recording of Cena saying "I quit" and I just left the room. It was pathetic.

Well, this has now become an article rather than a blog but, if you have actually read all of this article firstly, thank you for reading, and secondly, please don't take my antagonism towards WWE as me not liking it. As a whole, I do like WWE and I will continue to keep up with it until it reaches a point like TNA. I'll be writing #3 sometime next week on ECW and WWE as a wrestling company, and a business.

Thanks again for reading!

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  1. Glamour Girl's Avatar
    Stern I did not argue that TNA hires alot of former WWE talent, even a blind person can see that. My point was that just because WWE doesn't want them anymore and would rather fire them doesn't mean they're now worthless or past their prime. Clearly this doesn't apply to every former WWE star that TNA hires, however, many have proven that they still had alot to offer.

    As for your point on women's wrestling I completely dissagree with you. WWE hires gorgeous women now and it hasn't kept the guys more interested in watching. As both a girl and a fan of women's wrestling I can tell you that there's deffinitely a market for good women's wrestling and many fans can appreciate seeing skilled female wrestlers in place of cat fighters.

    So what if you saw a skinny girl rollup a heavier girl for over 20 seconds? It's wrestling and alot of bullshit like that happens even among the males. To reduce women's wrestling as a whole to what you think guys want to see (when clearly the WWE divas prove otherwise) and think women's wrestling is absurd in general makes your lack of faith in them the only thing that's absurd to me.
  2. A.Jay's Avatar
    Let's see Christain went away from the WWE and Cut one of the greatest promos in wrestling history at Genesis 2005. The WWE let him go and took him back with open arms after TNA put the world title on him many times over. Was he a reject when the WWE brought him back? What about Booker T and Kevin Nash? The WWE took them back and I remember so many WWE fans said the WWE didn't want them back.

    Now if you think MVP is worthless then please stand by your words because according to you anybody who is release or what not from WWE is no longer a draw... Unless they come back to Vince and then fans like you Mark out.

    Friends do you understand that this makes you look bias to just Vince and nothing else. Oh yeah woman's wrestling should not be removed but treated alot better then what it has. From Madusa to Lita to Chyna to Awesome Kong the woman's part of this sport is great to see in a day and age where wrestling fans are so blind by the attitude era they can see or respect anything else out there.

    Lastly please stop talikng about just SCSA and The Rock cause the WWE had so much more going on and if you have been watching wrestling as long as you say atlease put HBK in some of your comments because he made the WWF back in the mid 1990's with Breat Hart, Undertaker, Razor Ramon and many many others.
  3. A.Jay's Avatar
    One more thing, TNA is meant for your generation because Russo was a BIG PART of that. You want the Era back but only in the WWE? Sorry friends but you need to grow up a little here. You sound like an old man with the whole " You know back in my day we had to walk to school bare foot in a foot of snow... even in the summer time".

    The Attitude era is dead and gone and to be honest with you I don't know how you can want that era back when we all know the Attitude era was nothing more the ECW JR!!!!

    Just ask Paul Heyman
  4. AOF666's Avatar
    I disagree. The Knockouts are better than the Divas. Atleast TNA uses them right. Knockouts are actually better than some of the men. WWE has some talented Divas, but they are not being used. They rather use divas that are a waste of space and time. TNA has some flaws but it has improved alot. They been show casing alot of their younger talents. They don't have as many pass their prime wrestlers anymore. WWE has alots of potential stars, but their love for Orton and Cena is costing them to build new stars. I think they got to comfortable being at the top, to the point where they really stop trying to be best that they can be.
  5. Slobernocker_30's Avatar
    Attitude was a great promotion that was luke-warm in terms of aggression as compared to ECW. ECW was a horrible promotion that met most standards for aggression. Problem is, you can't have a promotion that is on par with ECW and not be so nickel and dime that you can't smell the nicotine stains on the wall of the gym they're wrestling in. Or at least to date no one has met that standard. TNA seems to be content sitting somewhere in the middle, and they're happy where they are. If you don't like it, switch the channel...
    ummmm since you said and I quote " I don't watch PPV's because they're mostly predictable and have been for a while now" your creditability of how the product should be is laughable. That is all.
  7. thetheme's Avatar
    I am going to respond to this with a long blog of my own... For you and all the other people that complain about wrestling the way it is today, comparing it to the attitude era, and "understand" that it's a business but want things to change or go back to the way it "used to be" and saying it sucks and certain people suck are very stupid for one reason. And that reason is simple, YOU DIP SHITS ARE STILL WATCHING!!

    Understand that as long as you give a business your time and money, you are still showing some support and in their eyes you as a fan are telling them that things are not that bad. It's just like an abusive relationship when someone is getting beat down, but doesn't leave because "they love the person". By still watching the product every week or even every once in a while is still giving them support, which is stupid if you are complaining.

    You don't complain about a movie that sucks and see it 50 times. You don't complain about a resturaunt and keep eating there over and over again when they make the same mistakes. You were a kid when you started watching wrestling, so that's the era that you want things to be like. Most children and teenagers of the 90s are going to make excuses about what wrestling is today, but you are still watching.

    Predictability... Did you actually pay attention to the attitude era? Do you know how corny and predictable it got at times? How many times did the big faces win? How many times did they lose fairly? Storylines... You had Japanese guys trying to cut off someones dick, old woman giving birth to a hand, the 24-7 hardcore title comedy skit which retired guys and a ho won. These are examples of not everything in the attitude era was good.

    You are bitching about certain things that has been done for years and years, but complain about it because a wrestler you don't like is doing it?! Moves of doom... Rock, Stone Cold, HHH. Top faces have them so stop being so biased because you grew up watching those guys. Think about this. The formula that Cena uses is not far off from all the other big faces in the past, 80s and 90s. Getting their ass whooped, comeback victory most of the time, roll credits, the end. Remember "die Rocky die" and "Rocky sucks" chants? He did the same moves over and over, and the "people's elbow", what the hell was that. Just like the 5 knuckle shuffle ridiculous crap that gets cheered.

    Faces and heels... The real reasons why they won't turn Cena heel is because there is not another star face that can take him down, they make money like you said, and get this - HE IS HATED BY SOME FANS ANYWAY and they are still making money. So in their eyes there's no reason to. If it would be totally up to the fans, they it would be like TNA when many change from face to heel about 9 times a year and get cheered no matter what the case, thus not making any house hold names, no heros, no one to look up to, and no one to build upon. You like the Rock right? Why is that? It's the same why kids like Cena now. Cena can't go heel, not yet. There are too many heels that can't be strong faces.

    Talent and how they are used... This is a double edged sword. Listen, there are many that can wrestle, but are not accepted by the fans because they don't have "mic skills", their intro music and ring attire is bad, they don't have a catch phrase, or they "can't wrestle". If Mark Henry, Big Show, Kane, and Khali really wanted to literally crush people then they would. Khali went from BEATING THE UNDERTAKER ONE ON ONE to making people look good. To make people think that they suck, can't wrestle, or worthless means they did their jobs conviencing you of such, when in reality they would destroy most of those other guys in seconds. Would you believe it if the miz went against the Undertaker ONE ON ONE and beat him? Many have the talent and get looked down on and rejected by the fans. Think about that.

    There are even people that are older that believe in people like the miz and buying his shirts and carrying miz signs. Why? Because he is against Cena and can talk on the mic in their opinion, NOT because of in ring skill. Then there is CM PUNK. One of the main reason why he got noticed all of a sudden is because when he was injured and on commentary HE WAS SAYING THINGS AGAINST CENA and many liked that. When he was doing the whole SES thing and shoving straightedge down our throats many didn't like him. Cena has been in AND out of the title picture, and he has even given chances to people that would have probably never got the chance to be champion. Who has he given up the title to who never had it before. Sheamus, Edge, RVD (and he fucked that up), and he even JOBBED to miz at mania. Many of you liked that just because it was Cena losing, and the WWE made it's money.

    As far as the Divas... People are still watching them in the ring, cheering, booing, and hoping for a change. Cena being a cash cow... Well duh, it's a business! Once again, people are still watching. Many have a funny way of asking for change. Asking, demanding, complaining, bloging, watching, going to the events cheering and booing. If you really want things to change, then it's simple. STOP WATCHING. It's a business remember, and the way to hurt a business is to stop giving your time, money, and viewing. So how many more blogs like this one are we going to see before people get the message? Vince and the others are laughing because they are making money off anything they put on TV.

    So... for those who disagree with this. Ready, set, complain and bitch.
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