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TNA: WWE's kid brother begging for attention.

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I'd like to make the point before anyone (if anyone) reads this blog that I do not like TNA Wrestling, or Impact Wrestling, whatever they want to call themselves. I watched TNA for the first time a few years back when they still had the six sided ring and just had to ask myself "why?" Why would any wrestling company decide to create a ring with an extra two sides? Simple. They wanted to be different from WWE. Granted, I can see why. WWE is the biggest wrestling organization in the world and companies need a niche to get noticed. This was not their niche. If Hulk Hogan has done anything in TNA (other than grind the already slow moving train almost to a complete stop), getting rid of the six sided ring was it.

I watched TNA every now and again and found the whole show laughable. Every time I switched on TNA I found yet another WWE reject, or over the hill, trying to cling on to fame wrestler trying to steal the spotlight. But, I enjoyed watching matches by AJ Styles and Christian when he was a TNA... dare I say, superstar.

Anyway, I'm writing this blog because of TNA's recent name change from TNA to Impact Wrestling. Why? Again, it's because the management of TNA (from what I know, is Dixie, Hulk and Bishoff) are stupid. The story from what I've read is WWE are distancing themselves from the word "wrestling" because Vince has this long term goal to make the WWE into a brand name like the NFL, or something. TNA, in all their glory, take this to mean that WWE no longer want to focus on wrestling. That's right, they genuinely believed that WWE, a company solely based on wrestling, no longer wants to focus on wrestling. Cue TNA wanting to go in the opposite direction of WWE, as they usually do, and completely miss the point.

By all means, I'm not saying WWE are perfect, they're not. WWE constantly push people like John Cena and The Miz. Both of whom have the characteristics and personality of a paper bag. Full of steroids. When I was watching wrestling you had The Rock insulting anyone he felt like, running his mouth at anyone. Austin giving people the finger, 70 year old's crammed in a shower with an overweight, sweaty Mark Henry. Now they're all about "I'mmm Aweeeessssooome." A catchphrase a 12 year old with brain damage might blurt out while dribbling.

I'm going to break down exactly what is wrong with TNA as a whole, as I've got the time, and I'm on a roll here.

On-screen chemistry

I know Vince Russo is booking for TNA, but after helping to completely screw up one company, you'd have thought he'd learnt his lesson? Nope. Absolutely not! The story lines between characters are usually awful. Promo's are even worse and stories just end abruptly. I'm not even bothering to follow the current story in TNA because there's no point. In two weeks it'll be done and dusted, and we'll see Hogan spouting off at someone else in the middle of the ring and some new rubbish trying to be forced.

The wrestlers themselves

Now, I'm not going to generalize here, because TNA do actually have some very valuable assets. Kurt Angle for example is one of my favourite wrestlers, now and when he was in WWE. Do they utilize him? No. Kurt vs Jeff Jarrett? C'mon! I could book a better Impact than Russo/Hogan. Jarrett has the microphone skills of a deaf person. Again, they really do have talent. AJ is great to watch (although, not to listen too), and the X Division is something that WWE is missing. But then you have people like Hogan. Wrestlers that are over the hill and never want to quit. I think it was when he brought in the Nasty Boys, that's when it confirmed to me that nobody in TNA have a clue what they're doing. Bring up new, fresh talent, older talent, job. Pass the torch.

Word to the wise, if WWE are releasing their superstars, they've got a good reason.


It's a bit petty, but when someone is going to blade, don't stick your camera man right in the face of the wrestler.

Matt Hardy

Okay, this isn't a dig at Matt Hardy, but when he went to TNA he claimed he was "totally re-inventing himself." Plating your hair like a 9 year old girl and changing your trousers isn't reinventing yourself, Matt. If you really want to re-invent yourself, shave off all your hair, start growing a stubble around your chin and try some new wardrobe and go out as a heel. It would work wonders.

Hogan, Bishoff, Russo.

Last thing, I've gone a bit too far here. If you ruin one wrestling company from so violently trying to not be like WWE, the exact same methods you used a decade ago will still not work now. As my title says, you are, and always will be WWE's annoying little brother who is just begging for attention and will do anything for it. You've nothing original. I saw a countdown clock for (I think it was the undertakers return), suddenly, what does TNA have? You guessed it! A countdown clock. There was even a video I saw a few weeks back with a camera angle of (again, I think) the Undertaker coming up from behind the ring looking menacingly, played next to a video of Ken Anderson in THE EXACT SAME SHOT, THE EXACT SAME FACIAL EXPRESSIONS. WWE do something, TNA try to copy, or do the exact opposite. Try something original for a change. Take the title off Sting, put it on a decent heel.

The point is, TNA/Impact Wrestling isn't original. While Hogan/Bishoff are there throwing their weight around, it'll only be WCW but under a new name. I know that's nothing original, people have said that already. But TNA is a sinking ship, and they're all out of lifeboats.

That's all for now. Just wanted to rant, if you read, thanks!

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  1. The Next Big Thing's Avatar
    Loved the article. The problem with the people in charge of TNA is they lack character. They are arrogant, but that doesnt mean they have character. Only character can truly lead in anything, especially the wrestling biz. Whatever people may think about them turning the corner, its never going to happen. If the WCW debacle doesnt make people look at themselves, nothing will
  2. Stern's Avatar
    Thanks. You're right though, they all lack character and I highly doubt any of the management will step aside and let new idea's in. I truly believe Kurt Angle is one of the best wrestlers out there and he's working with Jarrett, pathetic idea. If this wasn't managements idea, it should have been shot down by them. Don't even get me started on the Knockouts division, but I'll leave that for a later blog.
  3. Glamour Girl's Avatar
    "Word to the wise, if WWE are releasing their superstars, they've got a good reason."

    That is the only thing I read that I really dissagree with. Let's face it WWE is run by clowns and their storyline people aren't any better than TNA's. Just what was the last good storyline WWE got out? I'm liking the Mizz vs Alex Riley but other than that it's just shit. And don't even get me started on the Divas, at least the Knockouts get good matches and are fun to watch (not to mention diverse in look and gimmick). Just look at the way they had Kharma exit, not only did it break kayfabe but it also broke the whole image she had spent weeks buidling. I know she left cause she's pregnant but there were alot of better ways for her to exit without hurting her character that way.

    Now look at talents in TNA. People like AJ Styles, Mickie James, Tara, etc. Just cause WWE let them go doesn't mean they weren't good. All that shows is how uncreative the WWE is since these people have had great careers in TNA and are still great to watch. TNA turned Christian in to an even bigger star than he ever got to be in WWE, then WWE hires him back and how long did they have him as a mid-carder till he got his so called push now? And to add insult to injury they make him drop the title to Randy Orton 2 days after winning it leading to Christian turning heel instead of Randy. Another person who was amazing in TNA and has been reduced to nothing is Gail Kim. She was the top Knockout for years, then WWE decides they want her back so they can make her a jobber who hasn't had a single title reign since she returned to WWE.

    Now please explain to me what the WWE's good reasons are because I am just dying to know.
  4. Rassling_Fan's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Glamour Girl
    That is the only thing I read that I really dissagree with. Let's face it WWE is run by clowns and their storyline people aren't any better than TNA's. Just what was the last good storyline WWE got out? I'm liking the Mizz vs Alex Riley but other than that it's just shit.
    R-Truth's storyline with Cena is entertaining. The slow turning of Christian is good. Khali is surprisingly becoming interesting thanks to the new guy. There is a lot of good to be seen.

    But what I believe the guy is pointing out is who they hire.

    They did some smart picks (Anderson, Morgan, Burke) but some of the others they shouldn't have (Hardy is a bad news waiting to happen, Hogan and Bishoff, Scott Steiner).
  5. steveorton's Avatar
    Great blog mate, the only thing I disagree with is The Miz he will be a Megastar but thats later down the line, until your next blog then Take care and spike your hair woo woo woo you know it, I'm jus sayin...
  6. luisalexander70's Avatar
    zack ryder has mor echarisma than 90% of the tna roster
  7. The Next Big Thing's Avatar
    Angle is the most phenomenal wrestler in the world, still in this age and despite his age. There has been no one like him and i actually believe he will go down as the greatest. TNA is a waste for him even though he is aloud to be more creative with himself. He should be in the heavyweight championship program though, even if he doesn't need it. This is the man to lead your company, just like it was in the past. I'd like to see him go back to WWE and get a proper swansong in the future, teach that roster a thing or two!
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