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WWE WILDCARD what should have been

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Hi peeps this is my 1st blog so let me know what you all think.

Last year wwe added wildcard to its ppv calendar only the event never took place and was scrapped for some reason which is disappointing because the title wildcard had so much potential.

Three things before we come to the matches:
1 every superstar or diva is selected at random
2 superstars and divas from both brands go into the hat so its not just raw vs raw and SD vs SD
3 a selection of legends names are thrown into the hat to add to the excitement

So match 1: to dertemin the number 1 contender for the wwe championship that night, a 10 man over the top rope battle royal, 10 picks at random, the reason 10 is so if you draw a 1 on 1 match and out comes santino v yoshi you know there not gonna lift the title but a 10 man battle royal would at least get them on ppv, so mix some jobbers and main eventers like mysterio and punk and throw in legends dusty and nash you'd have a pretty exciting match with the outcome not certain, the winner takes on cena that night.

Match 2: to dertemin who will square of against randy for the world strap, again being a 1 on 1 is a no no for the same reason, so have a 5 man scrabble match and the winner at the end of 20 mins faces orton later that night, with 5 picks your bound to get 1 main eventer in there and you'd have a chance for say tyson kid to mix it up with del rio, 1 good showing by kid and it could give him a push on SD.

Match 3: divas match for the title, this one you can do 1 on 1 as there isn't a different level of diva there all on the same level, so the hat could throw out the bellas squaring off against each other, or for 1 night lita lifting the title 1 last time.

Match 4: IC championship, the current champion wade barret has to defend the title against a former ic champ, you'd have a selection of former ic champs come out on the pre ppv sd and the audience are given a chance to vote for who they wanna see face wade, similar to how cyber sunday used to work, you could have ex stars from rikishi to ricky the dragon to piper to choose from.

Match 5: tag titles, this would be a 5 tag team gauntlet match, so nexus would start of and the 1st team would come out picked at random so mason ryan comes out to fight off against his own group members and the hat draws out ezikiel jackson as his partner!! And so on until the last team standing gets the gold, a match like this could also use say tedibiasi thrown together with the miz to help get him over similar to how jericho did with miz.

Before the 2 main events the next part of wildcard would really be fun 2 picks out the hat to be GM for a month on raw and smackdown, Teddy would be in the ring with the lottery and he would pick 2 names out, 1st out the hat tales over raw for a month and 2nd takes over SD for a month, could you imagine Zach Ryder in charge for raw it would be awesome and exciting and a legends control SD for a month let's just say Jesse Ventura come out the hat, that would shake things up!!

Match 6 and 7 would be the wwe and world titles matches from who ever won there matches.

Totally different from the usual stuff put on for us lately and would excel careers and gives us a chance to see some legends 1 more time! And who knows maye cena would lose to a fresh opponent from the battle royal!

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  1. BrandonLoopsTV's Avatar
    it would be rigged anyways..
  2. blink's Avatar
    I can't say I hate this idea!
  3. Rassling_Fan's Avatar
    Talk about a gimmick PPV... Maybe too gimmicky.

    If everything is completely random, there is a good chance people may not want to see it. A PPV sells better when you sell what is on it than what could be on it.
  4. AOF666's Avatar
    it would be great but they will already choose who would face the champs.
  5. woo86's Avatar
    Fair comment but how many times can a fan pay to see either orton or cena main event every ppv, punk and kofi get held back to mid card or show in a boring 5 min match, its well publicized that ppv buy rates are down apart from mania so if they promoted it well enough I think fans would be intrigued to see which superstars would get a chance to shine, your right it is maybe too gimmicky but could still be good with wwe's toned down version, thanks for the comments
    Woo86 you realise your mainevent was still Cena & Randy
  7. woo86's Avatar
    Haha well pointed out! Just doin it based on current champions
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