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Matt Hardy: Thanks For Making Wrestling Interesting

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Hey guys. Now I know I'm going to get bashed for this but I seriously don't care. I for one am a huge Matt Hardy fan (Not a Jeff fan but he's cool I guess). But lets give Matt his props. He basically revolutionized the IWC to a whole different level.

When Matt Hardy started making his little videos, he had the internet world on their asses.

How many times did we all argue on this site whether it was a work or a shoot? We argued all the time about it and it actually made me visit this site more often.

Hardy made himself the most HATED, RESPECTED, BRAVEST, and MOST STUPID Mainstream Wrestler at the same time.

Many people hated him and began to pick him apart because of his weight as if he cares what we think. But people included myself found him to be very brave but stupid as well. The dude had balls to expose the top wrestling promotion ever. The same company that was signing his checks.

He put the WWE Management Team on their ass because for a while they didn't want to release him because they were afraid of a Hardy Boyz Renunion (So They Say). We all seen how the Hardy Boyz Renunion turned out but atleast he had them on their heels.

His Comparison to Christian:
These two were so similar in my opinion. They were both the leftovers from the E&C & Hardy Boyz tag team. They were the one's that were shoved in the background while Edge and Hardy received a mainevent push.

I truly wish the WWE didn't scrap the program/angle that Hardy was coming up with because I think it would've translated to great TV which is hard for both companies to achieve these days.

I sometimes ask myself if Vince finally decided to push Christian as a slap in the face to Matt. I mean Christian and Matt were at the same level before Matt left the WWE. They both received good TV time every week but just never were used in much storylines. They both received huge face pops from the crowd. I had the honor of being at Matt Hardy's last Smackdown in Baltimore and marked out when he came out not knowing that that would be his last time on WWE televison.

I think eventually Matt Hardy was going to be World Champ because I remember him making an entry saying that he was about to get the push of his life. Maybe they scrapped it because he opened his big mouth, I dont know.

They gave it to Christian because he kept a cool head and worked his way back to the top even after turning his back on the WWE for TNA and I will always respect Christian for paying his dues.

The Truth About Matt:
Matt always keeps himself in the news which isn't a bad thing. I mean he made mainstream news when Edge took Lita from him. That was a real situation but Hardy was a man and he accepted the angle and worked with a guy like Edge whom he thought he trusted. Give Hardy props. Edge is my favorite of all time but even I must admit that what he did was bogus.

Matt, Jeff, Tasing Video:
I mean Matt recently posted and removed a video of him, Jeff and his girlfriend tasing eachother. People flipped and the first thing they did was blame drugs. Jeff did look out of it. But what guys need to realize is they were only having fun. Who's to say that Jeff wasn't hign off marijuana. I never smoked or drunk in my life but I do know that Marijuana isn't as bad as drinking and driving.

Unless we were in the house and witnessed Jeff taking Meth or whatever, we can not sit here and assume that he's drugged up. Thats not fair to him even though he does have a track record. All I seen were two brothers having a little bit of fun but everyone got bent out of shape.

Now, he started something amazing:
MVP, Zack Ryder, Ultimate Warrior, Melina, Curt Hawkins, Sean Waltman and More:
Do these names ring a bell? These guys have started their own internet shows and I truly believe its because of Matt Hardy. Now these wrestlers are voicing their opinions.

I mean wrestling is exciting again for the internet. I mean we get to hear hands on experiences from real life situations that would usually be kept buried. I mean this whole Hogan vs Warrior thing is the most entertaining stuff I've seen in a while. Many stars are telling us what really goes on.

So I feel we owe it to Matt Hardy. Matt Hardy said, "I'm going to change Professional Wrestlign Forever" and thats exactly what he did. Love him or hate his he has. Because now people like Zack Ryder have the internet buzzing. Matt Hardy has innovated wrestling deeper into this whole social network which has changed the business.

No matter how much we complain, our eyes are glued to the set when Ryan Clark posts, "Zack Ryder's Z True Hollywood Episode _", "Another Warrior Video" or whatever. We will complain, but we will watch. That brings the factor of contrversy into the equation, which leads to buzz, which generates ratings.

Thank You Matt Hardy and thanks guys for reading my blog. Feel free to bash me or agree with me. I don't care but really sit back and look at how hot the IWC is right now. We are a 10% that will keep rising.


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  1. Marx's Avatar
    I'm not a fan of Matt Hardy, in the sense that I see nothing more than a midcarder. But I really respect the way he handles himself in TNA. He went there looking a bit washed up, I for one thought him done for.

    But I believe it refreshed him. He works hard, the matches are good, he makes his opponent look good.
  2. luisalexander70's Avatar
    matt hardy? that guys is jobbing in tna too
  3. Jaitsu's Avatar
    being a huge matt and jeff hardy fan, i am glad to see someone finally giving him and to a lesser extent, Jeff (thanks for sticking up for him about the vieo) a break, weather people realize it or not, The Hardys have done a lot for wrestling.
  4. knox's Avatar
    thanks guys and also he lost that weight. I don't know how he did it, but he fought his ass off in the gym to lose that weight and now is back in great shape
  5. VASeph's Avatar
    I dont know how people can disagree that Matt revolutionized the IWC, it really baffled me.
  6. biggy's Avatar
    sorry to say this dude but matt hardy isnt a great wrestler i think now u look at him and jeff you can see where the real talent lies.
    I mean he has done well coming to tna but i think he will always live in his brothers shadow
  7. Theiconsting's Avatar
    Good blog man its good to see there is a few non-hater type fans out there. I feel sorry for the hater no-life fans like Luis & biggy who have nothing else to do with their time but put people down online
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