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If I were responsible for WWE storylines...

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With all of the current mid card talent on both raw and smackdown and with all the previous pushes they received but them seemingly disappeared, why not take those previously pushed mid carders and throw them into a stable. Have the background story of the stable be that they are unhappy with how much respect they are getting and that they deserve to be at the level of the cenas, jerichos, mysterios, etc. I dont think that this stable could be related to NEXUS because I actually believe that if the right wrestlers are chosen for this group(bourne,kingston,hardy,christian,mvp) and maybe Christian and/or Hardy take over as the leaders of the group, they have the possibility to be VERY over with the fans. Now how would I introduce this group to the WWE?

Scenario one: One way I could see this group making themselves known would be to show up at NOC. It would be cool if leading up to NOC, clues starting appearing on both RAW and Smackdown such as pairing Christian and Kofi in a tag match or seeing the group talking backstage before commercial. Then at NOC, have the group appear and cost wade barrett the championship right before hes about to win. I think that way you could have nexus out of the title picture so that the main event wrestlers have more time to establish rivalries between themselves(especially since this nexus angle seems to be stalling) and have nexus start fueding with this face stable. Since Wade Barrett is clearly a soon to be star, I think you have him slowly break away from nexus and start focusing on fueds with Cena, Orton, Jericho, Etc. This leads to a Nexus vs. Face stable elimination match at a PPV where the losing group must disband(most likely Nexus would lose). This would be a great way to propel those mid card talents (Kingston, Christian, etc. ) back into the picture and gain some credibility since Nexus is clearly a force right now. Also, its a great way to break up Nexus since they could only hang on for so long without Barrett. From here, you have one or two members of the face stable who are clearly the most over with the fans catapulted into the main event picture while the others could continue fueding with the remaining members of nexus and rebuild the tag team division. Results: There are a few new fresh faces in the main event picture including Wade Barrett, the Cena vs Nexus angle gets crushed because its clearly suffering, and the tag team division gets rebuilt.

Scenario two: Same setup with the face stable costing Barrett his championship and this new stable fueding with nexus. At this point, the face stable with christian, hardy, bourne, etc. should be very over with the crowd considering how much everyone clearly hates nexus. The two groups fued over the course of a few weeks and at the PPV elimination match between the faces and nexus, have the match come down to 2 faces vs. one member of nexus and have one of the faces turn on the other and cost him the match. For example, have the match come down to Kofi and Christian vs Otunga and have Kofi hit a Trouble in Paradise out of nowhere on Christian and drag Otunga on top of Christian while the ref is knocked out. Nexus wins and now Kofi is a legitimate heel(We have all seen how Kofi can absolutely lose his mind like when he boom dropped orton off the ledge). You then have a new top heel in the spotlight, mid carders like Christian are brought back in to the PPV scene, and members of Nexus and the face stable could still rebuild the tag division.

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    get rid of the women division-not making money, not great entertaining, Bring back ECW seperate to WWE under a new managemen team where the PG rating doesnt apply which can be used for old ECW guys and FCW Talent.
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