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Match of the Year???

The futures of WWE

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Alberto Del Rio - He is bound to win a World Champion especially if he is being put in a WWE Championship match against John Cena

Alex Riley - He's been moved back to Raw so it obvious he is going to be put in a rivalry with The Miz . But Im not sure if The Miz is staying at the top or being demoted to the Mid-Card section

Cody Rhodes - In Smackdown , there is 5 main eventers . He will definitely be pushed as a main eventer . He'll be the best heel in Smackdown

Daniel Bryan - There is no doubt that he'll be put in the main event section . Daniel Bryan has had a past feud with Sheamus and currently feuding with Cody Rhodes another future main eventer

Drew McIntyre - Vince McMahon gave McIntyre the name of 'The Chosen One'. Well i havent seen him in a singles World Championship match

John Morrison - Well , he's the one who everyone wants as a World Champion , im pretty sure he'll be given a World Champion title shot , there is no doubt

Sin Cara - He is being given the steps like John Cena , IC or US champion then Tag Team probably and then the World Champion . He's got loads of potential so he'll be a great main eventer in the future

Wade Barrett - He is definitely going to be pushed . He's had a singles World Champion match in the past so im sure he'll get another one

There probably is alot more talents but these are the most important one in my opinion

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  1. TommyLee's Avatar
    Drew just needs to get more main event matches and attract more heat, and luisalexander70 says he gets no reaction, if you're out there you just have to do what Christian did and thats insult the crowd and bring Cole in the ring lol, Drew always has interesting matches and always knows how to portray himself as a sinister person. Barrett is not overrated in my opinion but he could be a better main eventer than Sheamus imo. Ted DiBiase is good but he needs to get rid of Cody. Maybe if they make a match at CP with him and Cody vs Cara & Bryan they can put on an angle where he betrays Rhodes and beats him up for his psychotic actions turning him face and making a big feud out of that.
    The Brown One had a great comment about Morrisson, when he went from Johnny Nitro to John Morrisson and he stood there and talked trash and then he hit punk that was just awesome. From a The Shaman of Sexy to the Prince of Parkour ?? I mean wtf
    Sin Cara doesn't seem interesting to me anymore, you said barrett is overrated? Look at Cara.
    Ryder will never be wwe champ but he can be a chomical character like Marella is and a feud between those two would be nice.
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