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Match of the Year???

The futures of WWE

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Alberto Del Rio - He is bound to win a World Champion especially if he is being put in a WWE Championship match against John Cena

Alex Riley - He's been moved back to Raw so it obvious he is going to be put in a rivalry with The Miz . But Im not sure if The Miz is staying at the top or being demoted to the Mid-Card section

Cody Rhodes - In Smackdown , there is 5 main eventers . He will definitely be pushed as a main eventer . He'll be the best heel in Smackdown

Daniel Bryan - There is no doubt that he'll be put in the main event section . Daniel Bryan has had a past feud with Sheamus and currently feuding with Cody Rhodes another future main eventer

Drew McIntyre - Vince McMahon gave McIntyre the name of 'The Chosen One'. Well i havent seen him in a singles World Championship match

John Morrison - Well , he's the one who everyone wants as a World Champion , im pretty sure he'll be given a World Champion title shot , there is no doubt

Sin Cara - He is being given the steps like John Cena , IC or US champion then Tag Team probably and then the World Champion . He's got loads of potential so he'll be a great main eventer in the future

Wade Barrett - He is definitely going to be pushed . He's had a singles World Champion match in the past so im sure he'll get another one

There probably is alot more talents but these are the most important one in my opinion

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  1. BrandonLoopsTV's Avatar
    zack ryder
  2. Desitatta's Avatar
    Seriously!!!! The only to in your list, Del Rio and Barrett, are the one that should be champions. The others have zero talent(except Sin Cara who's awesome but isn't a world champion material).
  3. VASeph's Avatar
    I can see pretty much all the guys mentioned in the main event sooner or later except possibly Bryan and Mcintyre. Daniel Bryan because he doesn't fit the wwe mould so i can't see him pushed. And Drew Mcintyre a good wrestler, and it's easy to get behind him but i dont think wwe are going to continue his push from a few years ago.
  4. The Brown One's Avatar
    @Desitatta: I have to disagree with you when you said that no one except Del Rio, Barrett and Sin Cara have have talent. These days, talent comes in two forms:
    a) wrestling ability
    b) promo cutting
    Some have one of these, some have both. Alex Riley is a gifted promo cutter, and for a "newbie", hes already cut some good promos. I personally would rather have Cody Rhodes as the world champion than Wade Barrett. Rhodes has gone from just 1/2 of Legacy, where he was donned "the weaker member", to a great promo cutter and wrestler. You also said that Daniel Bryan "had zero talent". Are you crazy? Hes been awarded the best technical wrestler in the world for the past 5 years, had match of the year once, and has had been the most outstanding wrestler of the decade. This is all with good reason. We haven't been able to see his full moveset in a WWE ring, since they like to place restrictions on every indy star's moves. But go and watch his ROH matches, if you want to see real wrestling, that I guarantee you will be better than most of what you see in the WWE. Bryan doesn't have the mic skills yet, which he can improve on, but hes no doubt one of the best TRUE WRESTLERS in the world. John Morrison too, needs work on his mic skills, but hes been gold on the mic in his ECW days, and has been putting on matches last year that stole many PPVs. You can't say he doesn't have talent. At least he doesn't botch as many moves as Cara, not that Cara isn't talented.
    As for Zac Ryder, I don't see him getting pushed beyond the US/IC title, IF he even gets a chance to have a match on Raw/Smackdown, rather than just backstage scenes. Hes got the fanbase, and some skills, but I just don't see him as world champion material yet.
  5. luisalexander70's Avatar
    drew nobody will never be champion that guy gets no reaction
  6. knox's Avatar
    I disagree on Wade Barrett, he is soooooo overrated...the rest of your list is pretty accurate though...I wish Ted Dibiase Jr could be pushed
  7. YoungShaz11's Avatar
    agree with The Brown One
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