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STATE OF THE 'E: How I Learned To Love The Push!

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I'm fully back 100% now. No crazy meds, and as coherent as a IWC Smark can be. That's what Bitchoff called us recently, right? Either way, I digress... this post is about one thing and one thing only: "The Push" It's a long fabled, time honored tradition in the World of Professional Wrestling/Sports Entertainment.

Some pushes happen because VKM wants to shove a guy down our throats like a 12 inch dong, some pushes happen because the IWC just won't shut up until it does, some pushes happen because a person i just that over with the live crowd. THE 'E nine times out of ten has a valid reason behind what they do, will we always like it? Hell no. Will we accept it? Yerp. Because that's what we do. This current crop of talent has a few guys that can attain the status of Macho Man, Hogan, Andre, Stone Cold, The Rock, Triple H, John Cena, Edge, Randy Orton and Batista.

Yeah, I'm leaving out the Jericho's and Sheamus's because no matter how much love they get, THE 'E still looks at them otherwise. I'm talking about talent that can transcend Pro Wrestling/Sports Entertainment. I'm talking about guys that have "it". Some of them may not show it fully on television but with their personalities, anything is possible. I'd like to take the time to spotlight 5 individuals that I believe have the "it" factor. These guys have never been WWE or World Heavyweight Champion. But, in time they deserve it. In time, these guys will shine bright enough to take on those trials and tribulations.

I will give a brief telling of who they are, what they're about, and why I feel how I do about them. It is in order from who has the most to least but hell, just making it to the "TOP 5" [IMO of course] has merit with me. So sit back, hold on and keep your eyes open at all times.

1.) WADE BARRETT - He was the former leader of The Nexus, a group of dominant heel rookies who were blood hungry like a pack of wolves. THE 'E dropped that ball hard here and Wade then went to SmackDown! to become the "technical" defacto leader of The Corre. Since being with them, he has obtained the WWE Intercontinental Championship. This man is also the first winner of NXT, he's bound to go on to many bigger and better things. He's literally got the whole package right now but I believe in a slow build. They're simmering Barrett right now. Which is a good thing. They're not pushing him too hard in front of everyone.

He's kind of in the background doing his own thing and then one day, BLAOW!! He's gonna be all up in the faces of the main roster.

2.) JOHN MORRISON - I am in no way shape or form a Morrison fan. But what will that do for my list to not include him? It would lack credibility. Although I may not be a fan, denying all of his accomplishments would be retarded... World and WWE Tag-Team Champion 5 times, Intercontinental Champion and ECW Champion as well. This man is just dying to be let loose. The master of Parkour has literally just begun to show u what he's worth... well, in front of the camera anyway. His backstage ways are a bit more questionable. But that's another story for another time.

3.) CODY RHODES - Yes. A million times yes. Remember when we all thought DiBiase would be the major breakout star from The Legacy? Yeah, look at the egg on our face now, eh? Good thing we have these paper bags over our heads to save ourselves. I'm awaiting the day when he finally steps up and all the smoke and mirrors finally go away. He needs a singles Championship. Stat!

4.) ALEX RILEY - Perfect way to build up a guy. He started by being a rookie on NXT2, then became an extra mouth piece for The Miz and now he's broken out and become a major player. Yet, he's never won a Championship outside of FCW. I think he needs more of a slow build. I understand he's hot right now and they need to keep that fire going but, they can at least put a lid on it and let it marinate. DON'T push him to the top right away, let the fans bask in his current self and let everyone get to know him.

5.) ALBERTO DEL RIO - Do I really need to say anything about this one? Really... If I did, it would be pointless. But, you already knew that.

I also want to shout out the "OTHER 5" meaning, the remainder of the "Top 10"... just a sentence worth or noting:

6.) R-TRUTH - This guy has been active for years and finally it seems they have a 100% amazing vehicle for him. I'm damn glad he's finally being thrust into the limelight. The TRUE Captain Insano, and that will set you free!

7.) JUSTIN GABRIEL - He has the look, the style, but he's not a complete package yet. He's not a good hand when it comes to being a mouth piece. Give him a few more sprinklings of season and throw him in to the roaster, he'll come out great.

8.) KOFI KINGSTON - All they need to do is find the right way for this guy. He's lost in the shuffle but he's an amazing hand in the ring. If he ends up without a tile run by the end of his career, it would be a damn shame.

9.) DREW MCINTYRE - What the hell happened to this guy? He was supposed to be oh so great, oh so awesome... this guy couldn't generate heat if he cut open a Taun-Taun and slept in it. And that semi-face crap is crap. Let this guy be himself. THAT would be awesome!

10.) DANIEL BRYAN - I thought long and hard about this final spot. It has to go to him. For some reason VKM and the rest of THE 'E won't let this guy be what brought him to the dance in the first place. Daniel Bryan Danielson is one of the best. His story could transcend outside of what he does, he's got what is needed to take one of those titles and make them his.

And there you have it. I'd prefer that these 10 guys end up with the flagship title being the WWE Championship because I think the WHC only means you're second best. (Even though I respect that Championship more.) Hopefully you like my blog and will write back and maybe tell me your peeps. Thanks as always for reading!

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  1. Sondreg's Avatar
    Not every news bit that you read on here is true. i will go as far to say that 50% of the stories are either not true or exaggerated. And how exactly does WWE look at Jericho in your opinion? You making it seem like he is not a big player in the game. He has come to a point where he can come in whenever he wants and be the character he pleases. When i was reading this blog i couldnt help but think that you just try to please people and not formulate your own opinion. Follow the herd called the IWC. (which is nonexistent if you think about it). Oh yeah one more thing , im not interesting in a recap of shit that has been posted on this website before. Instead of calling it the STATE OF THE 'E, you should of called it LOOK AT THE STATE I AM IN. Because this blog is a fucking trainwreck. Good day to you sir!
  2. Rated_R(ob)KO's Avatar
    OHNOEZ!!!! Some random guy/girl/guygirl doesn't like my blog and has bad things to say about me!! Whatever will I do?? WWAAAAAAHHHHH!!!! 0_o

    By the way, thanks for coming back again and again to voice your opinion. Thanks for getting me views, cheers!
  3. Sondreg's Avatar
    O deary me. What a comeback. Where do i start? Firstly the whole point of a blog is that you voice your opinion and get feedback off it. Thats what ive done, but in your case it hasnt been very positive. Secondly if somebody start a discussion you are supposed to read the post and go into the things you dont agree with. Guess that too much to ask from you. You can trow hissyfits all day long but that doesnt change the fact that your blog is literary piece of garbage. Here is another view. I hope it will get you far in your blogging career.
  4. Theiconsting's Avatar
    Del rio, Truth & Drew yes the rest they just arent worthy of a major heavyweight title maybe Barret & Morrison years down the track but thats it
  5. Slobernocker_30's Avatar
    Good stuff. I have to disagree though on Kofi and Bryan. Unless you want to tell me that someone in the WWE is holding a gun to their heads backstage and forcing them to suck on the mic, there's no excuse for mediocrity in personality. Ringmaster sucked, but SCSA sucked it up, did his bit, and created something marketable. Same with the Rock, remember nation of domination? I think over the next couple years Gabriel will eclipse Kofi tenfold. Bryan just might have a gun to his head, and I don't get those politics, but it's his career in the end, and I hope he grows a sack...

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