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Christian's Heel Turn

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Hey guys, hope all is well. Just blogging about this recent heel turn we've seen from Christian.

All I can say is Bravo WWE. About time they've booked something right. The WWE knows how much the world prefers Christian over Orton. The WWE will give the fans what they want but in opposite form.

We wanted Christian to be a face World Champ. But it looks as if he will regain the title but this time as a heel. So in return we get Christian as World Champ (if he wins it) but just not as a face.

Facts about Christian:

1. He is the only and I mean only current WWE star that can cut top notch promos as both a face and heel. The closest that comes to that is Cena. Cm Punk is a great promo man as a heel but we all seen how dry he was as a face cutting promos. I would have to see the Miz as a face to see if I can add him to that list.

2. He has a vast moveset. Christian probably has the most moves in his moveset so far. The others close to the amount of moves would probably be Mysterio.

3. Christian's match quality is 2nd to none. He delivers great matches and knows how to make himself & his opponent look top notch.

4. Experience. 17 years of experience speaks for itself.

5. Crowd reaction. As a heel, he would get a large amount of boo's and a large amount of cheers because the Peeps are here. As a face, he was receiving very large pops.

6. Christian is also in excellent shape. I've been watching Christian perform since 1999 and I sware he does not look like he's lost the step. Now the deep maineventers like Kurt Angle, Triple H, and The Undertaker have lost tons of steps because their whole careers have been filled with high profile matches. Christian is just stepping in the mainevent picture but I would expect all those classic ladder matches to take its toll but he honestly performs with no ring rust. Jericho also hasn't lost a step.

Christian is ready for the big leagues. Can you imagine this catchphrase: "The Peeps Champ"

Man Christian will rock as a heel.

He has an opportunity to feud with the other face of the company: Randy Orton. What this means is that with such a strong heel turn, they're feud will carry on to Summerslam in LA. The match possibilities these two can have are endless.

The future?
I for one am an Attitude Era Mark. I loved every second of it. The PG Era is cool to an extent. But it seems as if every aspect from the Attitude Era is gone.

Give us Attitude Era Marks a long title run for Christian. I can deal with Cena being WWE Champ if Christian is World Champ. But having both Orton & Cena as the Champ at the sametime is becoming very bland.

Christian in my opinion has a large amount of time left in him. I can see him going atleast another 7 years maybe. Just put his name in that Mainevent Mix that The Miz, Orton, and Cena enjoy.

I guarantee you Christian won't hurt ratings at all. Let him feud with people that he would ordinarily not have the chance to feud with. If Triple H comes back for a while then let them feud. I think they could put on classics.

All I'm saying is they call Christian the "Instant Classic" for a reason. Thanks for reading this blog and notice that I didn't mention Edge once. This is Christian's time to start his own legacy and I feel this heel turn is a great start.


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  1. Enforcer23's Avatar
    i personally cant wait to see this fued of orton and christian continue now that his a heel i said that it would be great from day one nice blog!!!
  2. Anyrysm's Avatar
    Enjoyed the blog, and I agree with virtually everything you said. Although, lets not kid ourselves, the Online Wrestling Community may love Christian way more than Orton, but when push comes to shove the fans in the arena cheer for Orton. Otherwise there would have been cheers rather than boos when Christian laid Orton out.

    I myself prefer Christian and can't wait til he gets his title back be it by hook or crook.
  3. AOF666's Avatar
    I agree about Christian.
  4. Slobernocker_30's Avatar
    I agree it's going to nice seeing Christian in the title mix again, but I think you're optimistic about the range he's got left. When you go back and look at some of his TLC matches with Edge and the Hardy Boyz, yeah he's lost a step. Call it increasing his move set, fine, but he's no where near the high flier he was ten years ago. He's definately got stamina though, I'll give that to him. Maybe we can actually see some matches in the next few months that run over 30-40 minutes. Orton has the conditioning for it and I'd say Del Rio and maybe some others have the conditioning for it. What I think would be key for Christian is a Jericho return, you picked that spot perfectly. We'll see though, it definately made SD a lot more interesting to watch, that's for sure!!
  5. Slobernocker_30's Avatar
    Oh and a Jericho face return, I'd mark out for that one!!
  6. Theiconsting's Avatar
    I agree with pretty well all youve said but it is unfortunate that most of the wwe fans are blind sheep who just follow the rest or whatever Vince feeds down their throat. Id rather Christian over Orton as a face or heel but im also an attitude era mark as you say
  7. Renevious's Avatar
    Hey Knox, I like the blog man. I'll say I'm also excited about Christian turning heel just because throughout his career I found he was so much more entertaining that way. The only times I ever really enjoyed him as a face was when he and Edge were being super goofy. I can't really get behind the "serious" face character that Christian brings to the table. Also, another thing this does is shifts the balance on Smackdown to being much more heel heavy. We now have Christian, Mark Henry, Khali, the Corre, and Sheamus as all being high level heels. And that leaves basically just Orton, Daniel Bryan, and Sin Cara as the faces. I sincerely hope that this is going to create the opening necessary to do what I've been wanting for a while, which is having Sheamus turn face. The guy is golden. He's following the same path as Razor Ramon nearly 20 years ago. He starts out as a bad ass heel who is all about business and beating people down. He's about the same exact size and build as Ramon. He's super cocky, but he's not a typical heel coward. He backs it all up. The fans are getting more and more behind him each week, and you can see that in the cheers he gets. You can't help but respect what he does in the ring. Hell, he even has the same finishing move as Razor. I just hope that if they turn him, they don't nullify his dominance and make him suck like they did with guys like Yokozuna and Adam Bomb back in the day. There's all the potential in the world with this guy. They just have to use it.
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