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WM28 Booking: Where Past Meets Future

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Wrestlemania 28: Where Past Meets Future

This is my proposed WM28 card. It will never happen, but this is how I would do it. There would probably be some sort of throwaway tag match or crappy battle royale, but I wrote this assuming WWE stays on the same path as promoting one-on-one matches.

Matches listed top to bottom.

Alberto Del Rio vs. the Undertaker

Undertaker is gone for most of the year, but Del Rio keeps mentioning how he wants the chance to end the streak, but how Undertaker is gone because he is scared. At the Royal Rumble, instead of winner getting a title shot, winner faces the Undertaker in his last match ever. There are like 5 or 6 wrestlers all being hinted as the challenger, but Del Rio ends up coming up top.

Del Rio pulls out all of the stops, but inevitably, it is not enough. The Undertaker will not fall. As everyone in WWE comes out clapping, Undertaker rebounds and steals the victory from Del Rio. Undertaker shakes his hand and Del Rio joins the applause out of respect. Del Rio got closer than anyone else, even HHH. 20-0 and retired.

Cena vs. the Rock

Go back and forth with guest referee spots and such, but Rock does not wrestle until Wrestlemania. Cena wins in a close bout, handshake. Hulk Hogan makes a surprise return for a big moment. All three of them come out together after the main event to applaud the Undertaker.

HHH vs. Morrison w/HBK as Guest Ref for WWE World title

HHH returns in a few months and quickly turns heel for the last time in his career. He plays the role of a guy desperately trying to hold onto the spotlight. Morrison is trying to unseat him. HHH says he is just a HBK poser, that he’ll never be HBK. HBK teases a heel turn to screw Morrison, but doesn’t and Morrison wins. HHH takes the mic.: “The King of Kings… has been dethroned” and hands the belt to Morrison.

HHH leaves… to retire?!? This becomes a storyline… he’s not quite done yet. But he has a face run before he retires.

Jericho vs. The Miz

After the Miz/Cena feud is done, Jericho returns and The Miz immediately starts a feud with him, saying he has taken his spot. It culminates with The Miz defeating Jericho at the big one.

Orton vs. Christian for World Heavyweight title

This feud lasts a year. Leading into Survivor Series, Christian still doesn’t have the belt but gets One Final Rematch against Orton who still has it, or recently got it back. It’s a Pure Honor match, no cheating of any kind allowed. Christian wins it clean. This leads to Christian becoming the face and Orton the heel, culminating in Orton cheating to win the title back. He defends it against Christian, who comes out on top.

Daniel Bryan vs. CM Punk

Bryan feuds with Barrett over his IC title but the The Corre keeps interfering. When Bryan eventually beats Barrett, Barrett goes off on his own. CM Punk gets the rest of The Corre to rejoin, forming a larger Nexus spanning both shows. He feuds with Bryan from Raw, the storyline spans the shows, and he eventually wins the IC title. In this match, Bryan gets his rematch. Punk wins, mostly to keep a face/heel balance, in an epic battle, but Bryan is put over huge. This leads to an epic Series of Seven where Bryan comes out on top to win back his belt.

Rey Mysterio vs. Sin Cara

This match is announced well in advance, just like Cena-Rock. They finally do battle and it is awesome as SC has finally hit his groove. Sin Cars wins, handshake.

R-Truth vs. Bourne

R-Truth continues heeling it up on Raw, going through the competition. Finally he begins a feud with Bourne. This feud is over the U.S. title which R-Truth has had for several months. Bourne becomes more “badass” to counter his goofy, smiley gimmick but R-Truth wins. Post-match, Bourne is furious and R-Truth teases: “Do you want to join the Truth?” Bourne walks off without saying anything.

Sheamus vs. Wade Barrett

Sheamus and Barrett have the obvious England-Ireland feud, with Sheamus as the face and Barrett as a lone heel for the first time. Sheamus battles through and beats Barrett and is put over as a monster face. This is the match of the two breakthrough guys of 2010.

Rhodes vs. Jackson

Jackson breaks apart from the larger New Nexus at some point, becoming Rhodes’ hired muscle to protect his face from further damage. “I need someone ugly to protect someone beautiful.” This leads to a feud, yadda yadda, wherein Rhodes wins by debuting his new manager… Michael Cole!

Kingston vs. Swagger

These two feud off-and-on throughout the year over the U.S. title but wrestle Morrison for a shot at unseating HHH. When Morrison wins, these two begin a feud over the #1 contender to the WWE title. Swagger wins here and goes onto feud with new champion Morrison.

Batista vs. Mason Ryan

Mason Ryan as the biggest muscle in the larger New Nexus begins collecting wins, but the announcers talk about how he reminds them of someone else who they cannot mention because he is no longer affiliated with WWE. Dave Batista begins showing up in the crowd, leading to a confrontation and a match where Mason Ryan defeats Batista. They shake hands at the end, but the New Nexus destroys Batista afterwards. Batista powers back and sends all of the New Nexus reeling to a huge welcome back pop. Though Ryan wins, Batista is put over at the end.

Thanks. Let me know your thoughts.


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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    That is a lot of matches which would not help anyone on the card because the matches would be short unless you did like a 6 hour ppv.
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