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Chyna and Kharma what a shame!!!

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Hey guys! This is my second blog so far and unfortunately not a happy one. While in my first blog I spoke about how the addition of Chyna and Kharma raised fans' hopes in each of their feds it seems neither was meant to be.

First of all let's start with Kharma since she did debut first. After many months of being on the road as part of WWE she finally debuted and it was awesome! While I wasn't sure about where WWE was going with her (you can only be the monster diva for so long) it actually made the women's division interesting for a while. Unfortunately her push was ruined after she got pregnant. Sorry to be so blunt, but has the woman never heard of condoms or birth control? She's obviously not the first diva to have sex but she sure is the first to get pregnant while performing actively. It's just horrible timing and completely ruined what might've been while at the same time leaving us with the same boring diva matches we had and ahted before she came.

Now let's talk about Chyna. She's arguably the biggest female name ever in the history of wrestling. She had some hard times for many years after WWE and I'm sure nobody expected to ever see her wrestling again. But all of a sudden she was back and looking pretty good. She had some brief action in a single match that left us wanting more and now she's gone. I don't judge Chyna for doing a porno because I remember well how she was bitten by a spider and she couldn't afford to go to the hospital for it a while back. It was very sad and she was obviously in desperate need of money so desperate people do desperate things. This porno was shot months ago so odds are not even she expected to go back to wrestling at the time. While I question her desicion to continue on with the release of the porno and say goodbye to her wrestling career the fact is we don't know how much money she got for it, what kind of legal issues she would've had if she had tried to avoid its release or how much money TNA was willing to offer which may well have been less than what she got for doing the porno and maybe she still needs that money badly. At the end of the day the result is that her wrestling career has ended as soon as it began and TNA's women's division gained nothing from her brief stint.

While I still believe the TNA women's division is a hell of alot better than WWE's it would've been nice to see Chyna stay in it. As for WWE's women's division I sure hope a miracle happens that allows their women's division not to suck till Kharma returns. All in all both additions resulted dissapointing for me and I'm sure many others.

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  1. jamez20's Avatar
    When Chyna came back to the wrestling world, I thought she changed, guess I was wrong.
  2. Jaitsu's Avatar
    check out mister dramatic jamez here.
  3. LMPunker's Avatar
    hey to be fair you cant compare the to conraceptives arent 100% effective any fan that berates kharma for getting pregnaunt because she had such an awesome build up is selfish if kharma wants to be a mother then thats her choice unless your dad i dont see how you can bury her for it im sure its not ideal for her she finally gets a shot at her dream and then gets pregnaunt and im sure it was very hard to deal with.

    Chnya on the other hand blatently used tna as a medium to get back in the limelight to getmore exposure for her "film" this should be a lesson to tna dont use anyone who hasnt got a contract
  4. maar13's Avatar
    To be fair, Chyna was offereda contract or so they said, but they didn't want her to make porn.

    Look at the end of the day is kind of hypocritical from TNA, what? they care about their image now? Is that was the case it was smart from them to not give her a contract right away but at the same time it was dump because again it leaves a loop whole there, she might be done with Karen but probably there was something else in motion.

    Besides, truth be told, the whole deal would have gather them a lot of publicity, not much good, but a lot anyway.

    And Chyna didn't "batantly used TNA", TNA reached her because they wanted to get somethign out of her, you talk about like pooor TNA had no option or like Chyna forced them to put her out there. In that regard and with out giving a contract I say TNA were lucky with what they got, a name from the past and no real repercutions afterwards.

    In regards fo Kharma, usually that I know, pretty much no active female wrestler is seeking a family until later in their lives, but good for her. Now with that, it is like an injury, she left everyone hanging, but The WWE was good into managing the situation, lets hope they find somethign for the divas to become relevant again.

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