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Top Wrestlers of the WWE

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Decided to start blogging here just to "get the poison out", so to speak, about my thoughts on various things in the wrestling business. Starting with the top guys in WWE.

John Cena - Always compared to Hogan. Don't get why. Hogan's promos were always fun. Cena's are boring. Even when he was a heel rapper, all his promos did was give the crowd an excuse to yell a swear word. The crowd didn't even care half the time. Hogan wasn't the greatest ring technician, but he could go in the ring when called upon. Cena can't.

Cena has always been more like Ultimate Warrior to me. Brightly colored. Bad talker. Bad ring worker. Only looks good when being carried. Except Cena is able to play politics enough to keep his spot. Warrior wasn't. IMO, Cena is Warrior, if Warrior were a stooge.

Randy Orton - His last heel run came off like a cheap Jake Roberts imitation IMO. Without the charisma. He really needs something that's all his own. He has so much potential, but seems to be content on being a stooge and holding guys back. Which is sad. I want to like him. I want to be a fan of his. But until something changes, I will change the channel 90% of the time he comes on TV.

Christian - What are they doing with him? The fans want him on top. they wanted him on top before he went to TNA. Even returning in ECW couldn't slow him down. Vince doesn't think he's a top guy. That's fine. Someone remind Vince that the fans are ALWAYS right. Make him a top guy already. More than anyone else on the roster, he's earned it.

The Miz - Never got why they pushed him so hard. Doesn't have an original voice. Bad talker. His ring work is improving. But I don't think he's ready to be a top guy. I thought he was better in a tag team. At least in a team, his flaws can be covered somewhat by his partner. As a singles guy, his flaws are spotlighted, and make him look bad. Maybe someday he can be a top guy. But I think it was way too soon. I always saw him as a transitional champ. And it seems that thought was accurate. He got buried twice in 24 hours to get Cena and Riley over. Either way, he needs some help with his mic work. The ring work is coming along decently.

CM Punk - Not technically a "top guy" at the moment, but he's the best heel they have. Think about it. He took the positive straight edge message , and turned it into something fans hate. Hogan and Cena preached the same kinds of things. Punk does it, and it's a bad thing? That's talent folks. His ring work is great. His mic work is great. And yet he's been bogged down with the Nexus gimmick , which already failed once. As much as I want him to stay, I kind of hope he does leave WWE. They aren't using him very well at all. And I don't think that will change.

HHH - Shame on him for burying the entire locker room on Raw just before WM27. For a guy who got buried about as much as anyone could be, and was able to fight through it on his way to success, you'd think he'd do everything his could to help the younger guys instead of hurt them. But NOPE. I guess he hasn't matured with age. Still the same old Hunter. Bury everyone to get himself over for ONE MATCH. I hope he's done in the ring. Don't give me the "paying your dues" crap. That was just uncalled for. Stick to talent development. Hopefully he can ween Vince off his "let's only hire bodybuilders and hot chicks" kick. Signing Sin Cara and Kharma is a good start.

The Undertaker - Supposedly retired. Works for me. 19-0 is more than enough. Doesn't need another WM win. Was clearly hurt after WM27. And if he is done, he was classy enough not to have the big ego-boosting send-off. I think to him, he's just one of the "boys", and would like to keep it that way. It's no wonder everyone respects him. I'm curious how the locker room will adjust to not having him around anymore though.

Vince McMahon - His ability to make smart decisions has deteriorated greatly. He favored his daughter so much that it drove his son out of the company. He has been ignoring the fans for the last 5 years or so. I remember reading or hearing about how frustrated his is in not be able to create new stars. What he doesn't seem to realize that he, the Genetic Jackhammer himself, is both the cause, and the solution, to that problem. He keeps getting in his own way for one reason or another. He needs to take a step back, and really look at his company. If he did that, he'd see a lot of the problems that we all see. Until then, things aren't going to get much better.

OK. That's it for now. Leave a comment.

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  1. Jimmy Rave's Avatar
    Outside of John Cena who has been pushed to the moon since the end of the WWF, there haven't been any real credible 'superstars' created. One of the main reasons for that is holding a WWE championship belt means a great deal less than holding a WWF championship belt. Look at wrestlers like Undertaker, Vince, Jericho, Rock, HHH - all WWF champions and all superstars that people want to see, nowadays the WWE belts have little or no credibility at all so the fans just aren't buying into it
  2. monctonvike's Avatar
    I respectfully couldn't finish your blog as I was lead here under false pretenses. Your title says "top wrestlers of the wwe" Yet you go on about the top names that are in the wwe

    There is a huge difference, I figured this blog would be about ppl , like tyson kidd or sin cara maybe daniel bryan yet i hear about hhh, and cena ect. No doubt they are the top of the business today hands down. I just thought we were talking about in ring talent,no hard feeling I hope
  3. JohnnyV123's Avatar
    I think what bothers me so much about Cena is his storyline is the old 80's movie cliche every single damn time. Underdog gets crap kicked out of him for most of the match does a few things right and wins. Then he does a promo about how he never backs down. Always good I guess, but so cliche. Also, is it really that hard to cut a good promo and stay PG?

    I disagree to the poster who said the only reason Christian is being favored is because of Edge retiring. Edge had his moments and was a good wrestler but was really static in that he could never pull off good guy successfully and only excelled when he was the villain (also I slightly hold it against him he tried to bang my friend once meeting her at a bar).

    Christian is great in the ring and can pull off smarmy heel or charismatic face. The guy is fun to watch and has paid his dues it should be his time.
  4. VASeph's Avatar
    Nice blog bro, really interesting. Cena isn't all that bad, if you put him in a different company with a different scenario like tna im sure he'd excel. The miz is a great promo guy, but sometimes i feel(like the build to wm27) that he had too much time for promos on the same feud, leading him to get a little boring or unoriginal, i think they are hitting the nail on the head with his feud with riley though.
    Other than that I agree with your points (hope I don't come across as a cena mark, i dont even like the guy)
  5. zapphoman's Avatar
    I agree with everything you said except for the wanting to like Orton part. Never liked him, never will.
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