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Greatest & Worst Announcers Of All Time

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This will be contreversial and thats what I like. Guys these are my opinions but feel free to leave your opinion as well as feedback. First, I hope things are going well with you all, now lets get to it.

When I think of an Announcer, I think of many qualities to look for. The ability to not over act, the ability to play their role (face or heel), humor and knowledge of the moves.

Greatest Announcers:

5. Jerry Lawler (Heel)
Today, Lawler is a horrible announcer. He confuses his days of the week alot which is why he's never called Smackdown. I can see him now saying "Welcome to Tuesday Night Smackdown, we are just 5 days from the Royal Rumble." LOL....

Now in the late 90s up to about 2005, Jerry Lawler was amazing. He had no limits and would always go there. I remember how he would harrass Jake The Snake about his drinking problems. Lawler was always the King of corny jokes that delivered. The dude was amazing also in his feud with Bret Hart.

4. Jim Ross
Personally not a fan of Jr at all. I respect his legacy and his knowledge of the business. He will never be my favorite but atleast he knows the proper name for every move and he knows how to make a moment surprising. I respect him.

3. Michael Cole (Heel)
This guy over the past 6 months has literally made Raw watchable for me. Raw has been hard to watch with the same Cena on top ending every show but he's made it watchable. I usually DVR Raw and fast-forward through the matches but I had to stop because I must listen to what Cole has to say.

He delievered as a heel. He cut some of the best heel promos in ages. Him & Cm Punk will have my vote for the best heel promos along with Cody Rhodes. And the reason people hate Cole is because he's doing his job.

Bonus: Gorilla Monsoon
I once again respect his legacy. I wasn't alive in the 80s but I have WWE On Demand and him and Bobby Heenan were the greatest pairing of announcers in any sport. Even better than NBA's Marv Albert & Mike Fertello.

2. Bobby "The Brain" Heenan
I had a hard time with this one here. I really think of him as the greatest announcer but Ventura has the edge on him. Heenan did his job and I will always consider him the greatest heel of all time. No disrespect to the wrestlers but Heenan was everything a heel should be. He pulled no punches and is one of the funniest guys ever on television.

I will just plain consider him the greatest Manager in WWE History

1. Jesse "The Body" Ventura
He was the best. I gave him the edge over Heenan because he has the wrestling experience which makes his words more organic. He truly can make the most boring match ever worth watching with his commentary.

Worst Announcers:

5. Michael Cole (face)
Just plain bland. That all I can really say. Knows his stuff, just a bland face.

4. Joey Styles
The "OH MY GOD" thing was so stupid lol but people liked it. I never enjoyed him at all. I always considered him a big mouth that didn't seem to know much.

3. Larry Zbyszko
This guy just had an annoying voice. I tried to listen to him but it was hard. He would stand up and take his little bow but that was his respect as a wrestler. As an announcer he wasn't good at all.

2. Vince McMahon
Some people are born to cut promos but not announce. He's just like Eric Bischoff. They both sucked as announcer but sure know how to cut some in ring heel promos. Vince's calling was to run things but as an announcer he stumbled alot and was very loud for no reason.

1. Tony Schiavone
The worst ever. He overreacted every situation. He would overreact simple things like it was so uncalled for. Also he was always off topic. All he talked about was the NWO when calling matches. He barely called any of the actions. He always anticipated and discuss the mainevent before it even happened. It's ok to mention it but he barely called matches. I will always hate his for the way he spoile Mick Foley winning the WWF Title. Even though he was given that order, I dont respect how he did it. Mick Foley's one the most talented ever and he spit on his name just because he was competition.

Honorable Mentions for Worst Announcers: Tazz, Don West, Dusty Rhodes

Honorable Mentions for Best Announcers: Mike Tenay (Love This Guy), Mick Foley, Cm Punk, Matt Striker (Sadly Demoted for no good reason), Randy Savage, Jim Cornette, Paul Heyman

Thanks guys for reading my blog and please leave feedback. Appreciate it and be safe.


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  1. johnnynuts's Avatar
    lance russel, and gordon solie gotta be somewhere on the list.
  2. tad locust's Avatar
    I disagree with Styles and Heel Cole.Styles was a great announcer who had knowledge and energy.Heel Cole only puts himself over and is not exiting or smart.He's a good heel but a terrible announce.
  3. johnnynuts's Avatar
    Totally agree about Cole. What about Coachmen, or paul e. I even kind of liked Cornette.
  4. Rebel Lion's Avatar
    You must be in your 20's, because if Gordon Solie is not on yor list.....if 'Mean' Gene Okerland is not or your list....then, my friend, you have no list!!!
  5. knox's Avatar
    you guys are right I forgot about Coachmen, Paul Haymen & Jim Cornette...@Rebel, yea lol im only 20 i dont know Gordon Solie
  6. Deadman's Avatar
    Mike Adamle was pretty terrible too.
  7. BackYardWrestler's Avatar
    Mike Adamle was the worst
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