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Cena's Stale Story lines

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I am so sick of Cena being in the same damn storyline, playing the same damn role week after week, month after month, year after year, feud after feud.

Whatever happened to different storylines?

If you haven't figured it out, this is exactly what storyline Cena is involved in the whole time:

The person he is feuding with (heel) makes fun of Cena because kids and women love him. They say Cena doesn't deserve the spotlight and is always in the spotlight. They say that they want to be in the spotlight, then Cena says 'you want some, come get some'... they feud, at the end of the feud Cena always ends up winning and the person he is feuding with doesn't go over and goes back to jobber/mid-carder.

This is the same storyline they had with Cena vs Batista, Cena vs Miz (2009) and a bit this year, and now Cena vs R-Truth, also Cena vs Nexus shared similar elements. Also lets not forget, Rock vs Cena has pretty much the same storyline.

I am so sick of Cena, I can't even watch him anymore. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate Cena, I just hate the storyline. Imagine watching the same movie each week, you can't hate the actor, only the script.

We all know in the end Cena will win when this feud is over, sure R-truth, Miz, Batista all had wins over Cena, but Cena got the final win. When Cena defeated Orton in 2009, Orton went back to mid-card and feuded with Kofi instead of going over. Orton finally went over after turning face. Miz is now feuding with Alex Riley, Batista left, Nexus is nothing but a joke...

This storyline is doing no good to anyone anymore, guys don't go over and Cena always ends up winning.

Why do people cheer for Cena and like him? I am sure if you ask the kids they will say because he is a good guy. What is so exciting about Cena? Why do kids get excited when they see him? He surely doesn't go any magic tricks, nor doesn't cut any promos which are 'gold' week after week. I have nothing against faces, look at face Edge, he always cuts funny promos and thats why I get so excited seeing him on TV cause I know he is gonna cut an entertaining promo. Cena is just not entertaining, he has been in the same storyline for years. Look at The Rock... week after week the guy cuts amazing promos, and his stuff is always new & fresh, so people don't get sick of the same joke everytime... and Rock always did other things to keep himself from getting stale (such as steal taunts, do commentary while wrestling a match).

Cena is stale, and you know how WWE makes sure Cena doesn't stay stale? THEY fucking change his Tshirt color each year... thats all!! Orange, Purple, Red... different shirts, same gimmick.

Just because he is face doesn't mean that he should win each feud. Look at Triple H, when he was heel, he won most of his feuds if not all (hbk, kane, booker t, rvd, orton, etc...).

WWE will turn the entire ENTIRE roster heel just to keep cena face and to let him have someone new to feud with. They turned R-Truth heel so Cena can waste a few months on him. They turned Batista heel. Like I said to keep Cena fresh they will turn everyone heel, why not just take the damn risk and turn the guy heel

Hogan turned Heel, Rock turned Heel, Austin turned Heel... but did still sold a shit load of merchandise as heels. You have Orton as your face if Cena goes heel.

And lets say if the WWE starts losing money when Cena turns heel, they can always quickly turn him face. But atleast take the risk, Raw has become so damn boring and shitty with the same storyline, the only thing exciting on raw is alberto del rio and heel cole.

So would you rather have Cena do the same storyline for the next 5 years or have him change his gimmick?

Once again, this is the same storyline cena has been in:
He is a good guy, the heels are jealous cause all the kids and ladies like him, they make fun of him blah blah blah... Man storylines used to be so different, remember Kane vs Y2J (2000)?? That storyline started with a coffee accident... a COFFEE ACCIDENT!!! and lead to two month feud.

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  1. jethro's Avatar
    I enjoy reading thoroughly your blog.

    Cena will stay in WWE until god knows when.
  2. Rick BoA's Avatar
    I dont mind recycled material, i just hate how every cena match is the same. He gets his ass kicked for all but 5 minutes, comes back not selling a single injury hits the 5md and wins. Its a joke. When was the last time Cena lost clean. Can anyone remember because I sure cant.
  3. AOF666's Avatar
    Unfortunetly his character is not developing neither. Cena seems to be a nice guy, but maybe backstage, he is selfish and won't put anyone over.
  4. Desitatta's Avatar
    Yes, finally who shared my thoughts. The best thing WWE could've done was to have Cena as the real leader of Nexus. But WWE doesn't want to upset the kids so they kept him face. Hate Cena and everything about him, specially the marine gimmick where he salutes at every entrance. Cena should turn heelm cuz everybody hates him.
  5. thetheme's Avatar
    This is going to be pretty long... Hate to break this to you, but this has happened to all faces of a wrestling company. Hogan, same shit. Warrior, same shit. Bret Hart, Stone Cold, HBK, The Rock. They didn't sell much merchandice as heels, it just generated more viewers because people wanted to see them get their asses kick. The problem is that Cena is already there, and there is no real believeable face that we haven't seen already as a dominate face that would be able to take him down if Cena goes heel, and people would be still complaining that he always wins. Plus if Cena goes heel, some of the grown ups will cheer him because that's what they were waiting for, so it will solve nothing IMO. For the most part, the fans choose on who to build up next. Think about that for a sec.

    The only difference here is that Cena gets a reaction no matter if it's good or bad. He is loved, he is hated, and to much people's surprise, MANY STILL WATCH WHILE THEY COMPLAIN HOPING THAT HE LOSES. When he does lose or gets bullshitted there is still a reaction. Compare that to when someone like Evan Bourne loses a match. There is more silence than a reaction. It's about business, and to bring down a business you have to stop giving them your time and money.

    It doesn't help that many of you boo Cena or that you don't like him, it's a better reaction than most get. Vince is laughing his ass off simply because many still watch a formula that's broken wishing for things to change. It's like when a girl is in abusive relationship and gets her ass beat, but she doesn't leave because, and I quote, "she loves him". I was watching the WWF/WWE since 1980, but when I was told that the miz won the title I didn't tune in to that Raw and enough was enough for me. You don't complain about a resturaunt and keep eating there. You don't complain about a movie and watch it 30 times. You don't intentionally go out on a rainy day and still blame the rain. If Cena became leader on the Nexus, he would have been winning and too dominant. People would still find reasons to complain about different issues just because it's Cena.

    Orton gets a big reaction from all ages, not just the grown ups, not just the women, and not just the kids. So that's why he is where he is. Mysterio is the same way, HHH, Undertaker. Now look at others like the Big Show, Kane, Jack Swagger, Kofi, Drew, Cody. Not the same is it. The WWE is making money off of all the Cena hate. Think about it. many tune in just to hope that Cena gets taken down. Punk, miz, and Orton got big pops and got noticed and loved from the grown up guys because they were trying to take Cena down. No matter who is put against Cena you will cheer them with a couple of exceptions. Plus there are people that STILL complain when someone else like R Truth tries to take down Cena because of the "mic skill" issue, and trust me the WWE knows that. Many don't want Truth to beat Cena because he is boring on the mic.

    Another Cena excuse. If you really want to wake Vince, HHH, and the rest of creative up then it's simple. STOP WATCHING, STOP BITCHING and STOP REACTING. They are not going to try and fix something that isn't broken, and they are doing better than TNA and ROH as far as money and viewers go. Asking or demanding something "new" isn't getting anywhere. You have to hit them where it hurts, the wallet. For the people that don't agree, ready, set, complain.
  6. Jayoholic's Avatar
    Hats off to thetheme...bravo. Well said...

    To those who are tired of seeing the same thing, the same goes for us who are tired of you saying the same thing about seeing the same thing. You're annoyed, but yet you annoy others about your annoyance.
  7. knox's Avatar
    Nice blog, I couldn't agree more...When will the Cena stuff get old?

    We dont mind mind Cena being in the mainevent but the WWE guys aren't doing a good job of making other top names. Its like Cena is on a pedestal and Orton is right under him but no one else is close to their level.

    They've dropped the ball on The Miz, Cm Punk, Jack Swagger and other guys
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