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STATE OF THE 'E: Averna, Kharma is a Bitch, CM Punk and more!

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It's been a while since I've last graced the blogosphere with word noise but, I almost died so I guess that counts for something, eh? But I'm back now, alive and all that good stuff and ready to write my mind on what's going on and has been going on. It's going to be a decent size one I believe...

1.) Averna Signed -- THE 'E has recently signed MCLL Lucha, Averna to a deal. This is great news for Sin Cara because he simply has no one other than say, Daniel Bryan that can match him in the ring currently. and even Bryan had some problems keeping up. I think this is a great way to build up a middle/cruiser/x-division type class. THE 'E sorely needs it and I'm glad they're finally starting on that path. With Cara, Bryan, Gabriel, and a host of others just waiting to get their time to shine, I think it's a great time to start it out. And lets honestly hope they do it right.

2.) Kharma Is A Bitch -- And pregnant. What? Yup... THE 'E waited to debut her for so long that she actually had the opportunity to uh... "Bump Uglies" with her mate. That's a good thing for her and for him. I'm glad that's she's pregnant and I'm glad THE 'E isn't trying to be douchebags about it. Trust be told, it's their fault for waiting so long to debut her. She's been under contract since what, October, November? I mean seriously, that was a long time. I'm surprised it took them that long to do the deed considering all she did was autograph sessions and appearances. Still though, good for her. Congratulations Ms. Stevens!

3.) CM PUNK =( -- What the hell Punk? I understand you're tired and all that good stuff but, don't walk away. Now, I understand that there's more to it than meets the eye considering your name is at stake here so, I'm actually glad you're holding your ground. PUNK was a rare breed from the door. He was allowed to keep his indie name when signing a big time contract with THE 'E. It's because of the previous talents like Mickie James, and a few others who were allowed to keep names that this big fuss is over. PUNK wants to keep his name, Vince wants it incase PUNK leaves THE 'E. That's the major part of the contract problem. Hopefully this can be resolved quickly and efficiently. I'd hate to see such a great talent leave due to mishandling.

4.) OVER THE LIMIT, UNDER THE EXPECTATIONS -- Hmmmm... where to begin? This PPV actually had some DAMN solid moments. King getting retribution, Hart returning, Cena getting WHAILED on, Truth cutting another crazy ass promo, JR calling matches, and not to mention one of the BEST matches in quite some time, Randy Oilton VS. Christian!! This PPV had so many ups and downs, I dunno what really happened... and that was over a week ago now. John Cena gets annihilated for 35 minutes and within 4 minutes of beating The Miz with a belt, he quits? WTF? Yeah, the PPV was a strange one. Was it worth my money? More than likely not. Will I buy Capitol Punishment? Of course. I'm still glad THE 'E are giving us fresher matches every PPV or so. Their quality has honestly become MUCH better this year than in previous years and I definitely have to give The Devil their due there.

5.) RAW IS WHAT? -- Yeah, this weeks edition of MONDAY NIGHT RAW came and went with not much going on except A-Ri finally becoming a face. Now seriously, if they keep his momentum going, That was how you make a star. That crowd was SO into Riley doing his thing on Monday and turning on Miz. It was a great thing and hopefully it lasts because that was a great turn. Captain Crazy R-Truth gave a great performance and another astonishing promo. This guy is great. Glad they turned him into a batshit crazy, kick ass mofo! And with that I'm led again to CM Punk. NOT to talk about contracts but to talk about his tribute. His in-ring gear this past Monday spoke LEVELS as to what The Madness really meant to everyone and more importantly Punk himself. Everything was on point with the tribute from THE 'E all the way down to Punk's attire. I understand that Vince and Madness had a falling out due to things like Steph's cherry being on the line but hey, glad he did what was right by the fans. (And that is purely speculative rumor. There is no concrete evidence that Madness plucked that cherry. Although it is firmly believed.)

6.) THE DEATH OF MACHO -- When Macho Man died, the World cried. Even Chuck Norris. The death of Randy Poffo was a hit to the chest of many wrestling and non-wrestling fans worldwide. It's a travesty and heart break. I still remember watching him and doing flying elbows onto my floor (Which had a pillow version of Hogan, Savage and Warrior all there nestled into the couch cushions I had made into a wrestling mat.) while watching him in all his glory. Watching him against Steamboat is still one of the pinnacles of wrestling and watching him against Hogan still makes me happy. I'm glad "Macho Man" Randy Savage and Ms. Elizabeth are back together. They can snap into Slim Jims and be forever remembered as 2 of the greatest of not only their time but their legacy will transcend generations. Especially in my household. Thank you Randy. Thank you very much. ='/

And with that I think I'm done. As always, thanks for reading, leave some comments and I'll see you again next week.

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  1. BackDaFoosleUp's Avatar
    I believe i hear the whines of a bitch
  2. Rated_R(ob)KO's Avatar
    I believe i hear the whines of a bitch
    Excuse me?
  3. King Scrapper's Avatar
    Great blog. Confused on the CM Punk Madness part though..What's going on?
  4. Pumpkinhead's Avatar
  5. AOF666's Avatar
    Averno is being brought in to try to make Sin Cara (or Fumbles as I call him) look good. Fumbles botched every match he was in. Sin Cara fans, no way you can keep blaming the other guy. Every match come on, even Vince isn't happy with his performance. He is too busy trying too look impressive, instead of performing the move right. I agree about Macho though, it hit me hard.
  6. Rated_R(ob)KO's Avatar
    Wow, I just looked at this blog and saw a LOT of typos! My apologies. Meds will do that to ya'!
  7. Rated_R(ob)KO's Avatar
    @King Scrapper - "Confused on the CM Punk Madness part though.."

    I was talking about CM Punk's tribute to The Madness himself, "Macho Man" Randy Savage. Dig it!
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