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WWE: What a Miz-take.

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I respect the hell out of John Cena the man. He obviously lives and breathes WWE. I’d go as far as to say that his life would probably be empty if for some reason he could never appear on WWE TV again. He loves being in that ring, and he truly does give 110% whenever he is performing. I want everybody to understand that I am by no means the typical Cena hater who wants to see him leave the business.

That being said, while I respect the man to no end, I absolutely loathe his character and his booking. Cena used to have a lot of edge to his character, but every single bit of it has dried up and floated off in the wind. If his current sense of humor and jokes that he uses in his promos are who he really is, then kudos to him, I guess, for being himself. That doesn’t mean that it’s enjoyable to listen to. He’s too righteous and “goody-two-shoes” for me. In a lot of ways he is similar to 1980s Hulk Hogan. It’s hard to cheer for a man who has absolutely no faults and no weaknesses. It’s the same reason that I’ve always liked Batman more than Superman. The difference is that Cena is booked to have no kryptonite. I just don’t find it realistic, and I need realism, even if I am watching a “fake” sport.

Which brings me to what we saw at Over the Limit, a show in which I believed the creative team was on LSD when they booked it. The Miz has looked pretty damn good over the past few months. They really have built him up well. He has looked like a superstar. He has looked like someone who can carry the WWE in the future. And then came his match with Cena where it all came crashing down. The Miz did absolutely EVERYTHING he could short of run Cena over or hold a family member or one of his fans at gunpoint in order to make Cena quit and every single time, Cena said no. Not only that, but it was a two-on-one assault as Miz had Alex Riley helping him throughout the whole ordeal. It was basically a complete beatdown with zero to minimal offense from Cena. Being unable to get Cena to quit through savagely beating him with no retaliation, Miz then tried to cheat in a way that made him look like a foolish idiot rather than an evil mastermind. As soon as this was discovered, Cena immediately jumped up like nothing had happened and threw Riley through a table. While Miz was still down, Cena then started smiling. SMILING! SMILING AFTER GETTING THE LIVING SHIT KICKED OUT OF HIM FOR 20 MINUTES! He took off his belt, hit Miz a few times, and put him in the STF for approximately 8 nanoseconds before Miz said “I quit! I quit!” in the voice of an 8-year-old boy. Cena then stood tall, smiling some more and in no noticeable pain, to end the show.


WWE, you just destroyed any credibility that The Miz had. You didn’t just take away a little bit. You didn’t just make him look bad. You made him look like a totally incompetent, weak, unintelligent jackass who doesn’t belong in the main event. It really sucks because up until the ending, I actually was enjoying what The Miz was doing. The match itself has taken a lot of flak for being a never-ending beatdown, and while that may be true, I thought that Miz got a chance to shine. The fact that he very calmly and matter-of-factly told Cena what he was going to do made him come across as borderline psychotic. The announcers pointed out that he was obsessed with regaining the WWE championship and would stop at nothing to do so. This is exactly how a top heel should look in the eyes of the fans. Like a man possessed, a man who knows no boundaries and will permanently damage another person just to get that gold around his waist. Miz got to look brutal, aggressive, and like a force to be reckoned with.

But then he had to take ten seconds of offense from Cena and scream like a girl. That’s when all the buildup of Miz, over the past few months and during the match itself, came to a halt. Essentially what the WWE told us that night was that no matter what this man did, and no matter how much help he had doing it, he could never cause enough pain to this particular (super)man in order to make him say “You know what? I think I’ve had enough.” Not only that, but they also told us that all Cena has to do is throw a few belt shots at Miz, put him in a submission hold for a few seconds, and Miz would say “WAHHHHHHH!!! PLEASE NO MORE!”

I mean, would it have really been that hard to book both men to look good? Listen, I understand that Cena’s character is that he is super strong and never gives up. I get it. That’s why the little kids and the women of the WWE Universe love him. But there has to be a line between making Cena look strong with a never-say-die attitude, and making other superstars, especially superstars of the future, look like absolute dog shit. You want to make Cena look like Superman? Fine, but make Miz look even more vile and despicable in the process so that he gets even more elevated as a heel. Here’s how I would have done it…

The match goes on the same way until just before the whole tape recorder cell phone crap. Instead of the fake recording, Cena says “Just keep going… I’ll be here all night.” Miz flips out, screaming his head off, punching the mat, kicking the announcers table, asking “WHAT THE HELL DO I HAVE TO DO TO YOU?!” Alex Riley looks dumbfounded. Miz starts looking like he is having a real moral dilemma, pacing back and forth, when he takes the mic and says “I didn’t think it would come to this… but I will prove to everybody in this arena once and for all that I’m not just talk. I will back up my promise that you will say I quit.” He goes and whispers in Riley’s ear. Riley looks at Miz, still dumbfounded. His expression is a mixture of apprehension and fright. He says he can’t do it. Miz points to a fan in Cena gear. Riley shakes his head, sighs, and goes over to the fan. He pulls him over the barricade. Cena is still stuck in the barrier. Miz grabs a kendo stick and walks over to the fan. “Cena. It’s time for you to make a choice. You can say I quit and this will all be over with. But if you so much as make any attempt to come over here, if you take one solitary step in our direction, I swear on everything you believe in, I swear on all your hustle, all your loyalty, and all your respect, that I will cane this fan until he can no longer breathe. I will cane him until welts cover his body. What’s more important to you, Cena? The WWE Championship? Or the wellbeing of the fans who support you?” Even Cena can’t believe what he is hearing. He looks on in utter shock as Miz raises the cane. He struggles to get free briefly. “DON’T TEST ME, CENA!” Miz strikes the fan several times. Cena screams “I QUIT! I QUIT!”

What do you think about that? I realize there are a few holes that need to be sorted out, such as why Miz wouldn’t be arrested for assault. Perhaps the fan is in on Miz’s scheme, perhaps he chooses not to press charges out of fear, whatever. But you get the gist of it. And what would be the end result? Miz gets to look like the biggest piece of shit heel in recent history, and Cena quits in a way that makes him look more like a hero without having to make his opponent look bad. More importantly, he receives something that all effective superheroes have, a weakness. After this incident, people would actually want to see Cena be the superhero. We would actually feel sympathy for him. We would want to see Miz be destroyed. Even people who aren’t on the Cena bandwagon would have a new reason to cheer for him. And yes, Cena would get his revenge. He would win the title back and beat the holy Hell out of Miz. But in the process, Miz would look like a man that you don’t want to mess with. He would firmly cement himself as a top heel for years to come, as opposed to potentially being de-pushed like we’re seeing now. That’s exactly my point… if you’re going to have one man be a superhero, at least let the man he’s up against be an ultimate supervillain, not a squealing coward.

Unfortunately, it got worse the next night.

Heels aren’t supposed to take responsibility for their actions, so I have no problem with Miz taking his frustrations out on Alex Riley. I also have no problem with the fact that A-Ri finally got tired of being pushed around and fought back against The Miz. Where my problem lies is with the level of beatdown that we saw. A-Ri absolutely schooled Miz on Monday night. Miz looked like he had no chance of even landing a punch against Riley. Simply put, A-Ri made Miz his bitch, instead of the other way around. Now, it was effective in elevating Riley. Did you hear the “Riley, Riley!” chant going around the arena? That’s amazing, considering that the man has barely won any matches since being on the main roster. That’s just the problem though; he’s been a jobber and a lackey for so long that it made Miz look even worse when he got beat down by him. Combined with the Over the Limit debacle, this incident took away quite a bit of Miz’s buildup and credibility.

In conclusion, I have no idea what the WWE creative team is thinking right now. Maybe they’re not thinking at all. Maybe they’re on a drug cocktail that even Charlie Sheen would pass up. It just worries me that WWE invested so much time in making the Miz a believable star only to derail him completely in the course of 24 hours. Could they have him rebound from this? Sure, absolutely. They can prove me wrong, and I’d be more than happy for them to do so. As of right now, however, I’m worried. I’m also worried as to where SuperCena will go from here. I mean, is there even any reason to assume that he can lose a match anymore? Two men beat him down with weapons for 20 minutes, and he came back in 30 seconds to win the match with no problem, and with no visible pain. Why should we believe that anybody can take him down? He might as well just hold the WWE championship for the next ten years *Shudders*. I’m just at a loss right now, and that’s a damn shame.

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  1. Automatic's Avatar
    The outcome of your I Quit match is very good and would be a shock, but easy to do, just hire a kid actor. But it would be stupid to let Miz win the I Quit match, considering Cena won it the 3 weeks before. It would devaluate the title a little bit. It could be done, but Miz and Cena had to feud over the title a few more months to have an serious end of their feud. Now I agree that the ending was worse and badly executed. I enjoyed the match until that point.
    Now onto Riley. I agree with you that he is portrayed as a jobber, but you should also consider that he is a trained athlete and, despite being a jobber, is a strong man, with a lot of muscles. So it's not a big upset that Miz gets beat down by him, he is even bigger than Miz so it makes sense and Miz never got any real chance to throw some punches and when you are mad you can do more than normally.
  2. Jayoholic's Avatar
    I guess I'm the only one who likes the fact that Cena won. No, I didn't like the ending of the match, but I do like Cena and I'm glad he has the title again. Miz has held the title in a good amount of time, and will eventually get it again. It's been almost a year since Cena last had it, so I'm glad he got it and will move on to a new feud. It happens...the biggest star will eventually hold the belt again...and again...and again. It happened in the past and will continue to happen in the future. Now once Cena's star has faded or whenever he decided to call it quits, the same thing will happen with whoever picks up the ball afterward.
  3. steveorton's Avatar
    This blog was long but I enjoyed it Master BaTor, couple of things though. Firstly lol @ Miz strikes the fans a few times its unrealistic (I know thats wrestling) but without striking the fan Cena could have called it quits but still this wouldn't be believeable. This will just show all the other heels have to do to win Cena is just threaten/beat up a fan. I are a huge Mizfit and I respect the hell out of John Cena but the better road I would guess was to threaten his father's safety. We have seen time and time that Cena's father has been used as an object of abuse to get a reaction from Cena (that is the punt to his head from rko and the slap from Edge). Thats just one possibility if Miz were to loose they could have at least let Cena beat Miz for about ten minutes then make him say I quit after being subjected to the STF and about 2 minutes into the sumbission, with Miz saying I quit when he finally decides he can't get out. Now Riley beating the Miz was entertaining as hell but wrong on the part of the WWE. A-ri has yet to win a match on the main roster and he completely destroys one of the top heels in the company, come on creative. They could have at least given him a weapon to lay out the Miz. But I see your point who the hell can stop Cena now. 2 options come to mine The Undertaker or Randy Orton, Cena will never be as great as the Deadman and Randy Orton is quickly becoming more and more over with the fans. The only person who can stop Cena is a Mega-Face and soon enough I believe Orton will become one and we will see The Age Of Orton vs The Era Of Cenation, thumbs up on the blog though it was an interesting observation, I'm jus sayin...
  4. thetheme's Avatar
    First off, I am not a Cena fan but I am glad that he won. Why? It's simple. If anyone is going to convience me that Cena was going to quit in a match, it wouldn't be the miz. Before you get all bend out of shape keep reading. I was already pissed due to the fact that Cena jobbed to miz at mania. Why do I say jobbed? Because it isn't conviencing that Cena can beat HHH, HBK at mania and make them TAP OUT, but he couldn't beat miz? Plus once again miz had someone do all the work for him and he just picks up the scraps. So, Batista Orton or JBL couldn't make him say I quit but people would want the miz to do it?!?!

    Second, what CREDIBILITY did the miz have to begin with?! Listen, to be a great heel you have to back up your trash talking in a one on one standard every once in a while. It doesn't matter if you cheat, but don't have others doing some or all the work. Be out there ALONE on a one on one match, not a triple threat or fatal four way or a MITB and let the others fight and pick up the scraps, and take care of business. THIS is one of the reasons why I couldn't see miz as any champion or even respect him. He shows little to no wrestling ability and hasn't had anything that is close to a classic match. Even Cena has showed wrestling ability in the past, and if anyone says he hasn't then they are just plain stupid and so covered with bitch ass hate, and lose credibilty with any arguement they have about this. Just because someone likes miz doesn't mean they can deny the facts. When has anyone said, "Hey, did you see that miz match?" with any positive descripion of a classic taking place? The miz has never shown anything to even be close to be in a conversation to rank him as high as any other former champion. He even won the title before Christian and kept it longer! I was the only one that said something about that, but people still praised miz. His mic skills are as annoying as a kid that farts and laughs at his own farts, says it's awesome, and wants everyone to think it's special. Then have his 2 friends help him (Cole and Riley) and try to shove his antics down our throats.

    How can anyone sit and have a conversation of a conviencing dream match with miz against many other great former champions with a straight face? The miz crying like a bitch? Well duh, he was always a little bitch, that's his character. The reason why he gets so much heat it's because he isn't credible and he isn't believeable. Why? Because no matter what he says with his "mic skills", he hasn't proved anything in the ring, and you have to do that at midcarder level. So it was a slap in the face of so many greats that never got the title but have all the tools.

    Riley beating him down. Well, once again duh. The miz tapped out to his other NXT rookie remember. It's funny to hear or read about the "super" cena gimic when it has been done other times with other wrestlers in different formats. Let me name a few. Hogan, HBK, Stone Cold, HHH, The Rock, Undertaker. Depending on the era, people are going to praise who they grew up watching, and for most people it's between the Rock n Wrestling era, the New Generation era, and the Attitude era. What were you people doing when you were watching when you were younger? Jizzing every time a certain person did a "out of nowhere" comeback as a face, got the win, celebrated in the ring. All of these other guys have done it in different ways, but the formula has not changed. There hasn't been many back and fourth matches between faces and heels. Most of the time it's the heel having the advantage, and the face making comebacks at certain times to get the croud going. Some win, and some lose, and most of the time the face never got beaten cleanly. It's basic story telling. Same in movies, TV shows, and even cartoons. There are even times when people say that the bad guy keeps coming back gets stale in movies, but if the people keep watching, then there is no reason to stop producing the same old shit. I stop watching when the miz won the title and my friend from Philly told me so I didn't tune in. That's the message you want to send to Vince instead of bitching.

    So it's is simple as this. If you want the WWE (and TNA) to STOP with all the crap that people complain about, then STOP giving them your time effort and business like I did and just read the results or get the results from a friend. It's like a abusive relationship when the one being abused doesn't leave. So when Vince and the creative team looks at it, they see that everyone is still watching so "everything is fine". Now I know that many people are going to comment on all that I have said because they have a hard on for miz and total hatred for Cena, but guess what I don't care. I don't like Cena either, but as it stands he is the champion and many of you are still watching. Even booing him is a better reaction then no reaction at all. Bad booking, yes. Bad showdowns, yes. Bad building up and breaking down, yes. Bad business? Well people are still watching, so no... IMO miz shouldn't have been champ in the first place unless he had some wrestling ability that put him at that level. People jumped on his bandwagon because he was against Cena in the first place, not because of skill. I watched wrestling for the matches and for the people that could tell a story with a convincing outcome, not for a guy that has as much wrestling skill as the divas like miz. He realized his dream, so just leave it at that and lets move on to more people with ability. So I'm done. Ready, set, start complaining...
  5. Master BaTor's Avatar
    @thetheme you respond to a blog with a blog lmao
  6. knox's Avatar
    Great Blog and you idea was awesome for the I Quit match. I would've also like to have seen Zack Ryder come out and help Cena since it was pretty much a handicap match and Cena seems to be the only one backing Ryder. Your outcome is awesome though, they would have to have hire a WWE's employees son to play the role of the kid though which I'm sure many WWE empoyees have an 8-12 year old son.

    I totally agree with your views on Cena. Hellava entertainer and hellava human being but Creative has to realize when enough is enough. They picture Cena as a guy that has to mainevent every single Mania. I mean Triple H, HBK, The Undertaker, Orton, Bret Hart, Stone Cold, Y2J, or The Rock never competed for or defended WWE/World Title in 7 consecutive Wrestlemanias so why are they making Cena to be the Jesus of the WWE?

    The Thugamonics Face/Heel Cena was an absolute cut throat character that was really over with the crowd. His pops were so much heavier when he played that role. Cena infact was the only one on the roster in 2003 that had a serious attitude era type character.

    Lol at one point, the 18 and over crew freaking loved and marked out for Cena. We begged for him to get a push and he got the push and creative turned him into a freakin Marine and Humanitarian. lol its hard to watch.

    Yea and having Cena beat the Miz technically in a handicap match after a 40 second beating to make him quit did nothing for the Miz's credibility.

    Hopefully the WWE really does something big with this upcoming Miz vs Riley work, I think it has potential.

    Sorry for writing a blog lol great blog and continue and I look forward to more of your posts. Be well
  7. Outsider's Avatar
    The Jiz sucks ass. They put the most prestigious belt in the industry on that fucking jobber. Generic heel, decent mike skills, no ring skills. He only got his chance because he is the most dominant ass kisser in the world of professional wrestling.

    I can't belive that we go from the BoyHood Dream and Austin Era Has Begun to Hate Me Now...Era Of Awesome...WHAT A FUCKING JOKE....

    I can't believe that Vince McMahon has gone from legends like Stone Cold, The Rock, HBK, etc. to a fucking jobber like the Jiz to represent his company.
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