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And I Quote: Does age matter?

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After a 7/10 Over the Limit in which Randy Orton vs Christian undoubtedly stole the show it now begins the countdown to Capitol Punishment. Capitol Punishment which is set to be held in Washington DC could be a perfect platform for the return of the animal Batista. Although short notice, there have been rumours of Big Dave's return due to the lack of main event talent now available on Raw.

Although most of my blog this week isn't topical at the moment it is nevertheless thought povoking and could spark a decent debate. I was thinking this week about age within sport. And i was thinking about the comparison of how the perspective on age differs between wrestling and football (soccer). I chose football as it is without question the most popular sport on earth. Now despite the fact that wrestling is now generally percieved within the sports-entertainment category it is nevertheless a form of sport. Within football across the world, footballers have long careers. A footballer is in his prime these days from the age of about 18 - 32. Once a footballer hits the mid 30's their careers tend to wind down for the simple fact that their bodies just can't do what they did back when they were in their 20's even if their mind wants to. I now contrast this to a wrestler. And i talk about the wrestlers who still compete week in week out who are at an age range of about 35-45. I've looked into some superstars for both WWE & TNA who are still competing every week and are hitting an age which would be considered retirement age in football and indeed in many other sports.

Big Show (39) Christian (38) Kane (44) Mark Henry (41) R-Truth (38) Vladimir Kozlov (39) Kurt Angle (43) Jeff Jarrett (44)

Of course i've discounted others such as; Undertaker, William Regal, Triple H, Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan however these wrestlers don't compete every week.

My point overall is what keeps these superstars going? In football they'd be long one into retirement or at least considering it by now. If you compare the training and schedule a wrestlers goes way beyond a footballers. I'm sure a wrestlers training is far more intense and articulate. As far as the schedule goes, wrestlers compete at televised events, non televised house shows, tours across North America, Europe and acros the world and travel from town to town and city to city every day of the year in planes, tour buses and rental cars. A footballer trains but perhaps in the morning every day and takes the afternoon off ahead of a big match on a saturday or sunday. Footballers may have a European match or a pre season tour abroad but it doesn't nearly compare to a wrestlers unbelieveably busy, work-filled schedule!

So what is the motivation of a wrestler to keep going, keep performing at the highest level. If you look at the English Premier League an example of a wage is Wayne Rooney who gets £200,000 per week. Now i'm unaware of the pay and wage structure in professional wrestling but i'm sure even the top stars don't recieve anywhere near that. And i can understand that because there's not that much money in wrestling to dish out. Although i do believe that wrestlers get paid very well. So for a lot and for the one's that i named i don't think that they keep going for the money. Or do they? Is there a WWE pension scheme? I don't think there will be. A top level footballer doesn't need to worry about money when they retire. But do wrestlers? Another factor could be that it's ther ego's that keep them going, still chasing the dream, still chasing another championship run, still wanting to be on television and not prepared to give up their spot to the next generation? Or it's simply because they love it! It's in their blood and they don't want the journey to end. Many retired footballers move onto media work, commentary or hosting sports shows. This is an option for wrestlers but they just want to keep going,keep going out to the ring and doing their thing at a top level. And fairplay to them, i don't want them to stop and for many of the names that i listed with their ages, long may they reign on our TV screens in the near future.

This is a blog that could generate much debate about age within sport, there are many factors, possibilities and theories that can be discussed.

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  1. DXFan619's Avatar
    Age only begins to matter when it hinders your ability to do your job. Take Ric Flair for example. The man was a great wrestler, IMO, but he's like 67 years old now, and sucks dick at it.
  2. jethro's Avatar
    wrestlers wrestle under 20 minutes most while footballers play 60 minutes match
  3. Automatic's Avatar
    Ok, this is simple to explain. Let me elaborate.
    A wrestler wrestles because he draws. A footballer footballs because he is good. When a wrestler gets older, his drawing powers get higher. It has nothing to do with wrestling skills. Now you can say that wrestlers wrestle less, but they wrestle far more weekly than that footballers play. Now when a footballer gets older he normally becomes worse. The coach then replaces him with a younger, better player and forces the older player to play on a lower level or quit. Wrestlers however can go until the audience grows tired of them. And even then they can become non-wrestling on-screen talent.
  4. JohnnyV123's Avatar
    The difference is that football is a competitive sport and wrestling is a team sport meant to seem competitive. As a footballer once you lose a step or so it becomes tough to remain a quality player when guys 10 years younger than you come in with the same talent as you but quicker and have much longer careers ahead of them.

    In wrestling, say if you have lost a step due to old age or can't get up from a bump as quickly as you used to your opponent can hold off for you and wait til you catch your breath. You don't have the same luxury in any real sport.

    Also, so much of wrestling as you know is on the microphone. It's why someone like Ric Flair who has for most of his career been a very average wrestler has continued to be so popular.
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