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Similarity & Difference Between WCW & TNA

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Hey guys hope all is well. Let me start off by saying I've been a WWE mark for my 20 years of living but I always loved WCW as well. I'm all about competition so I'm a fan of TNA as well. As a fan, I want to see both companies doing well and thats hard when the product from both WWE & TNA aren't cutting it. I believe ROH might truly be our wrestling savior.

However let me discuss the main similarity & difference I noticed with WCW & TNA.

Guys this is a huge one. Back in the day WCW over anticipated every little thing they did. It was always something to expect when they were on and for the most part it never delivered. Tony Schiavoni has been the main one doing it. He would always over anticipate little things. "WHO WILL STING PICK AS HIS PARTNER TONIGHT FOR THE MAINEVENT?" Does that ring a bell? They would weekly anticipate a big surprise for almost every episode of Nitro that never really delivered. I think WCW were so big on getting those ratings during the Monday Night Wars that they would say anything just to get you to switch from Raw.

TNA also over anticipates, their concept is pretty much the same as WCW. I mean the big deal they made about the "THEY" angle was just over played. The first they was absolutely horrible with the Hogan heel turn and so was the second one. I think the whole TNA being taped thing is digging them deeper into their own grave. They truly need to go live.

Also, TNA spoils all of their debuts and returns. I think they should've kept the acquisition of Hogan under the table and let him just debut on a big episode of Impact. They went and did a big ass Press Conference. But the biggest one in my opinion is how Ric Flair debuted. They showed Ric coming out a limo. Do you know how loud the crowd would've popped if his music hit and he debuted in front of the live audience? They would've marked out by seeing him in the flesh instead of through the titantron screen.

Also, this new Goldberg mess. Goldberg and Eric Bischoff are now tweeting about their meetings and such. WHY CAN'T THEY KEEP THEIR DAMN MOUTHS SHUT AND JUST LET THE DEBUT HAPPEN SO WE CAN BE SHOCKED? I mean everyone knew Chyna was coming and everyone pretty musch finds out about every major deubut or return they have up their sleeves.

Okay, lets talk about the difference between WCW & TNA

WCW: These guys took every major shot they could take at WWE back during the Monday Night Wars. They weren't scared to steel a WWE star and debut them the next week (The Outsiders, Lex Luger). WCW went too hard which is what we all lied. And the reason they had so much guts is because THEY WERE LIVE AND RAW WAS TAPED. Simple as that. Thats the reason.

TNA: Now the tables have turned. TNA is taped and Raw is live. TNA has punked out of alot of things for the simple fact of being scared. I freakin love TNA but they have to get better. Who remembers when they changed the date of their PPV because it was the same night as one of the WWE PPV's? Who remembers when they cancelled Impact because Monday Night Raw was going live in Orlando? They need to gain their guts back. They've attempted the re-kindle the war which was a let down. But that still doesn't mean they can't go live on a different day other than Monday's. Umm how about going live on Thursday's?

If Vince wanted to spoil TNA's results he could. If Vince wanted to take shots he could but why bother? TNA currently aren't much competition for the WWE anymore. Now I know the TNA Marks are going to bash my brains in but who cares. I'm a freakin mark for good wrestling. I'm a mark for both companies and I just wanna see a good product from both brands.

WWE has the maturity of not mentioning TNA. Why mention TNA and get them ratings if an episode of Impact can't even beat out Tough Enough? Lets be real. Vince makes sure that his wrestlers are never are asked questions about TNA. All I hear are TNA wrestlers mentioning the WWE, even during Impact they do. When competing, you have to pretend the competition doesn't even exist.

Also Vince tries to keep things under the table when it comes to debuts and returns. I mean their things do get spoiled but it happens. Atleast they aren't doing it on purpose.

Thanks guys for reading this blog and please leave feedback guys.


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  1. SilverGhost's Avatar
    This whole blog makes sense. Good one Knox.
  2. gohan's Avatar
    i know what you mean
  3. Lowki's Avatar
    Great points. Great track too those "concious" tracks.
  4. AOF666's Avatar
    You forgot to mention the rehash of NWO and how they ran everything, and everybody was linked to a group. I think things are starting to improve they are focus on matches and giving Hogan and Bishoff less tv time. Only time will tell, don't know how much longer Hogan's ego can take before he wants his tv time.
  5. Jaitsu's Avatar
    another blog that more or less is just a shot at TNA, big fucking deal.
  6. teacher_on_da_rampage!'s Avatar
    decent blog but u have no positives About TNA! the only issue i have is with the similarity and thats it, they do need 2 shut up and shock us with debuts, mind u, wwe is even worse at that!
  7. BackYardWrestler's Avatar
    @teacher_on_da_rampage: wwe is a hell of a lot better at hiding debuts and returns. did anyone expect the Rock to return this year?
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