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Ring Of Honor: The Saviour Of Wrestling?

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This is my first blog I've done where WWE is not the main focus. Hope you enjoy it.

Now, I'm sure when news broke out that Ring Of Honor got a TV deal, a lot of the Indy wrestling fans and internet marks died a little bit inside. What a moment. One of the hottest Indy companies today, who not too long ago lost their TV deal, is now about to join the big leagues as a mainstream promotion. Way to go, ROH. Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc. should provide the wrestling promotion with the leverage it needs to get over. One of the largest television broadcasts in the USA? Wow. So now with the financial part of the promotion pretty much covered, all the promotion will have to do now is deliver on the screen.

It has been said before that ROH is by far the best promotion when it comes to wrestling. Granted, it is not the best promotion when it comes to storylines and characters, but the wrestling aspect is always there. This being said -- am I excited that ROH is coming to mainstream? Well, first let me say this. It is no secret that I am a huge WWE follower and I am not afraid to admit I know little about ROH. I recently started getting into the promotion, but still know very little. I know who Kings of Wrestling, Davey Richards, El Generico, Homicide, and The World’s Greatest Tag Team are but that is a given. But from the PPVs I've seen like Death before Dishonor and Final Battle 2010, this promotion has something unique about it. It does not try to fool the fans at what it is: A wrestling promotion. It is not an entertainment company like WWE or TNA. It does not have the best of equipment either. It is a wrestling promotion and every concept about it screams that. So, being someone that knows very little about ROH, am I still excited about it coming to mainstream?

HELL YES! And here are my reasons:

One. Since the death of Chris Benoit (and way before then honestly) the term 'wrestling' has almost become a taboo term. With the death poll of wrestlers climbing over suicides, homicides, drug overdoses, premature heart failures, or a combination of the four, the sport of wrestling has been going down the drain and still continues to do so nowadays. You can't even mention the term 'wrestler' anymore because it has such a bad reputation behind it. That is why WWE has chosen to jump ships to the world of entertainment. It is an act of survival because they knew the world of wrestling was in a bad state. However with the emergence of ROH, if this promotion can continue to present consistently good matches and gain a large fan base, it can help bring respect back to the sport of wrestling. At this point in time, the wrestling business needs a role model. WWE refuses to be that and so does TNA. So the spot is all for the taking for ROH.

Two. It provides some competition for the other wrestling promotions. I've stated before that one of the main reasons wrestling is not as interesting as it was in the Attitude Era is the lack of competition. TNA is wasting its time playing on the past to really serve as competition for -- hell anybody! Especially WWE. ROH, on the other hand, is exactly the competition WWE needs. Where WWE is entertainment, ROH is wrestling. Ring of Honor should definitely provide a better opponent for the promotion to compete against. With Sinclair being as large as it is, it'll have all the air time to really get its name out there and show what wrestling is really all about. This will force WWE to perhaps tap into its talent a bit more and bring the best out of company. Hell why not. It'll probably do the same for TNA. Competition means better storylines, better wrestling, more money, and better ratings. Everyone is happy.

If ROH can truly step up to the plate and take the wrestling world by storm, I truly believe it can be the saviour of wrestling. It has the talent and the resources to be that now. They just need to bring it. Word of caution. If ROH isn't careful, it may just turn out to be another subpar wrestling promotion like TNA. No worries. This won't happen as long as they create an original identity, stay consistent with it, and continue to bring it every single week. With a lot that’s happen over the last two decades, I think ROH will make the most out of this deal. The company just needs to be smart. Start learning from past mistakes and keep looking to the future. Before long, success will be knocking at their door.

Thank you for reading. Comments are very much appreciated.

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  1. blink's Avatar
    Unfortionately wwe is too big of a sports entertainment juggernaut for anything to really be competition to it. Wwe will be here forever. Which is good cuz I'm a wwe "mark". Always have been. But you're right about the attitude era. It was competitive and they stepped their game up and gave my childhood really memorable moments. That's said, I still like the E's product. It's entertaining, keeps me interested and then once in a while you get a holy shit moment that just makes everything worth while. Remember that shooting staRKO? How cool was that!? Lol
  2. Tarkan Tsu'tey's Avatar
    Great blog, but I do fear that if ROH is able to promote their product successfully would this mean that in order to alleviate themselves to a status similiar to the WWE or TNA, would they ultimately have to betray their original principles? (namely pure wrestling) I mean TNA as far as I know was a unique product when compared to the WWE through it's emphasis on the X-Division, the 6 sided ring etc but as it expanded they felt that in order to compete with the WWE they had to create the same sort of style e.g. introducing a 4 sided ring and in my opinion, starting to focus more on entertainment as opposed to beautiful wrestling that would captivate the audiences.

    Ultimately, I hope ROH stick to what makes them so unique which is pure wrestling as opposed to focusing on toppling other companies, but I do agree with you that it "will force WWE to perhaps tap into its talent a bit more and bring the best out of company".
    Again, interesting blog, thanks for sharing
  3. Mikeyboy7777777's Avatar
    if this statement is still true jim cornette is in roh so i am not worrying the least
  4. AOF666's Avatar
    If ROH keeps to their format, it will be good. Knockout wrestling biggest problem is that the are worrying about what WWE is doing. They should focus on their own company to make it better. The reason WWE is in a slump, because ever since Vince bought WCW they have nothing to worry about. They got to comfortable being at the top. Having more competition on tv will be good for the fans. Each company will have to step up their game to put on the best show possible.
  5. Jimmy Rave's Avatar
    2-3 years ago TNA was the innovative, wrestling-orientated promotion and were putting on the better weekly wrestling shows compared to WWE but then in Jan 2010 they decided to sell their soul for 'fame' (ratings), kicked out most of their home-grown talent and brought in a load of wrestling's old boys because the casual viewer already knew their names. I see that happening to ROH in their desperate attempt to stay afloat ratings-wise
  6. DXFan619's Avatar
    I really just want ROH to kill this WCW Lite we have on our hands, and to some day, be great competition for the WWE. I hated when Vince monopolized the wrestling industry, and I hope he doesn't do it again.
  7. jhorton1215's Avatar
    ROH is a better overall product than TNA, and can probably beat them in ratings. A lot of the IWC know of ROH but can't really watch their product. Now they can.
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