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Kharma is a Bitch, but when she cries .....

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So last night on RAW, wrestling fans anticipated two things from the WWE. One. A tribute to Macho Man Randy Savage, which we got and what a beautiful tribute it was (not to mention CM Punk wearing a Macho Man attire in tribute to him). The second was to see Kharma come out and continue her destruction of the diva's division. Did we get that? Well ....

An 8 diva tag team match was scheduled to take place between the four heel divas (Bella Twins, Melina and Maryse) and the four Face divas (Phoenix, Kim, Kelly Kelly, and Eve). We get 10 seconds into the match and Kharma's music hits. The audience starts to salivate as she strolls down the ring and enters the ring, sensing a massacre about to take place. The 8 divas circle her and all look to pounce on her at once. The big bad bitch, Kharma, invites all of them to attack her at once, having the audience go nuts. Then all of a sudden, before one single diva could attack -- she falls down and starts crying.

Now I'm sure everyone wrestling fan saw that and went .... WTF?????

Trust me I did too. Personally, I didn't like it because it puts a damper on the monster heel persona she has. Apparently, the fans in the arena didn't like it either. They seemed to give it that X-PAC heat. The type of heat where they didn't boo it because it was part of the show; they boo'd it because it was a stupid move. The IWC appeared to give it that same reaction. Hell, she trended on Twitter for christ sake. Internet fans are already claiming the death of Kharma and saying, "WWE RUINED HER CHARACTER" and all that jazz. To be honest, this blogger doesn't blame them for being upset. However, is it to end of Kharma's career? ABSOLUTELY NOT. Far from it.

Many expected Kharma's dominate persona to revitalize the diva's division completely. IMO, a big ass diva coming in and dominating the division can only last for SO long before even the audience starts to get bored of it. There is no depth to that kind of character at all. She'll be amazing the first few months, somewhat hot the next few month, and by November people will have lost interest in her. I believe the dominant diva gimmick is short term and is only good until Kharma gets beaten, then she is done for. So how do you fix that? Simple. Give the dominant character some depth so he or she can last longer. What they did last night was the start of that? Who in the world EVER expected Kharma, one of the biggest female wrestlers today to fall down and start crying in front of 8 sticks she can break in half? Most importantly, WHY would she do that? Doesn't that intrigue you and don't you want to see where that leads? I mean, come on. WWE creative may have done some stupid shit in the past, but why in the world would they want to kill off the momentum Kharma has gotten over the last few weeks for NO APPARENT reason? That's just very stupid and illogical for any kind of booker to make. There has to be a reason and this must be leading somewhere. So my thing is, before anyone loses their cool ....

Wait it out and see what happens.

By next week, we will know where WWE plans to take this. Maybe WWE wants to add a split personality dynamic to Kharma. Or maybe her character has a subconscious reaction to one of the divas inside the ring. Or perhaps she is just unstable like Mankind. Any of those is MUCH more interesting and has more merit to give Kharma's career some longevity. Because not only is she dominant and we get to continue seeing her destroying the divas division, we also get the emergence of a solid, strong character we can watch weekly and get nice storylines out of. You can make a better feud with an unstable, psychotic dominant force than just some generic dominant female that will only last for so long, you know?

Let's not forget that Kharma is Triple H's 2nd project. I'm sure he won't let this one become a farce. We have enough divas as it is with the personality and character depth of a nickel. It'll be one of hell of a step forward if we get a dominant bitch with a strong character too. Let’s wait and see where this leads before we start saying Kharma's career is over. Wrestling fans have become so impatience nowadays. Give things time to develop.

Anyways, thank you for reading. I look forward to reading your comments on what I had to say.

EDIT: This blog was written before the recent reports of Kharma being pregnant. Despite that, I seriously doubt she is. Below is an article that advertises her to appear on RAW. Read it for yourself.

" is teasing that Kharma will appear on Raw next week and speak for the first time, despite online reports suggesting that this Monday’s breakdown scene was a blow-off leading to her exit.
The website writes: “Live on the next Raw, the WWE Universe will hear from the baleful behemoth, Kharma, about her unexpected emotional breakdown last Monday.”

Rumors will be rumors.

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    ...What's this dude's problem?
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    Too many fucking periods.
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    She shoulve had an abortion,so she could keep the storyline goin...and the wwe universe happy
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