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Over The Limit True Main-event: Christian and Orton

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Over the Limit had a strong card. Everyone knew that. That the ppv delivered in places was no surprise. However, just like the WWE at large these days, there was a let-down or two. Unfortunately, and again, just like the WWE in general these days, those let-downs might have been in bad places. For example The botch with Sin Cara vs. Chavo Guerrero to finish the match (ok not a total one but that last move wasn't so smooth, and if it was supposed to be la Mistica, it's almost a full botch if not for the recovery into whatever that was), and the main-event. (did anyone really get into that? especially the way it ended? Royal Rumble all over. Nexus is eliminating people one by one! Cena and Hornswoggle Save The Day! allll the way to.. Miz and Riley are beating up Cena! Miz uses a soundbyte! Decision gets over-turned and Cena wins in 5 seconds! Miz's penchant for resiliency in the ring has been completely 180'd! This referee is becoming the I got my head on straight referee! )

That damn rolleyes smiley just doesn't get it done.

But there was one surprise last night. A damn big one. A DAMN big one. And it was that one match delivered. Not that it did really, but that it really did! And I'm sure the Christian die-hards are all patting themselves on the back going "see we told you!". Make no mistake about it playas, Christian vs. Orton became the main-event of the WWE. Don't believe me? Guess you didn't see Over The Limit. At the PPV Christian and Orton put on what is easily a 5-star match imo and did something else too. Something pretty important. They split the crowd right down the middle and had them fucking eating out of the palm of their lanky ass hands. Me too. You too. By the time I was done with that match I looked like Michael Cole did at the end of it all. Ok not really but I did eat four hot-doggies with bbq! actually two with bbq two with ketchup. not JR's bbq truth be told seeing that all over Cole is not the best ad campaign . But that pales (like my ass) in comparison to Christian vs. Orton. That was special. You see

At the start of the match there was a 50/50 chant going. Orton and Christian were surprised about it. When Christian went for the peeps to clap the peeps fucking clapped. When Orton did something cool Randy chants started. When Christian did same thing. It flowed on every move of the fucking match the whole way through. There was boos for a Christian kickout. There was boos for an Orton kickout. There were huge Christian signs. There were huge Orton signs. Everything was about what was happening with those two guys. But it wasn't just the crowd. The match was brilliant. The spots were amazing. It went down just like that match on SD but even better than that. From Orton catching Christian's Kofi-kick, to turning the outside (Christian fans forgive me if I'm missing the names I was never a fan of his I liked him ok but never a fan) punch into his ddt, to Christian then hitting it anyway, to Christian's awesome fake on the second rope.. it was all fucking awesome. That's how wrestling should be. But that's not what really makes it special. It's not that the crowd was into it, that the match was fucking awesome, that the story-telling was great, that the audience was split.

It was all these together.

Last night the fucking WWE fucking went back to 1999 at Over the Limit. Last night I saw the closest thing to The Rock vs. Austin since the fucking Rock vs. Austin. I didn't almost cry like I did when Christian won the title or when Edge retired. But you better believe I was believing in what was happening on screen. WWE just fucking upped its K/9 average, just increased its save percentage, just did whatever the hell is important in football, or the other football... or like... it didn't splash at all if we're talking about Olympic diving, or it did a quad if it's figure skating, or it totally looked really sexy if we're talking about womens pole-vault. Basically, WWE just fucking went up a peg on the whole "legitometer". Seriously.

I was never a fan of Orton. Guys like him are why I didn't watch wrestling for years since the Attitude era. close to ten. I never liked Cena when he was a rapper. Always hated the stupid spinning belt. I never liked Batista, steroid freak that he was, skipped over brock too. Don't like Michaels. But since I've been watching again I've had to admit that Orton is a great pro-wrestler. He does all the little things so well. From a good sell, to positioning himself well to the camera, to doing that and keeping up with the cameras when they change, to a little comment or face when he knows the camera is on him when he's down, to saving a slight botch by his opponent, to that new little thing he does with the belt. (And I gotta admit I've warmed up to his character lately too. He seems more ninja less "GRRR I'M RIPPLED" to me) He's very smooth. Very professional. But so is his new opponent. Christian is a pro. He totally is. He may never have had the action-hero quality like Edge did but he is an experienced wrestler and he is just as good as Orton up there. But lately I've been thinking he looks as good too.

I've been having second thoughts about Christian lately. I never really liked him. I thought he was kind of goofy. But lately it's sort of a good goofy. Maybe it's his age or something. He seems to have a bit more edge. (no pun) It's like, to me, he looks just weird enough to make you believe there's a reason he is where he is. He doesn't look like a steroid monster. Doesn't look like an action star. He looks like a fighter. If you stuck him alongside any MMA guy he'd fit right in. He oozes legitimacy. He's got that long fighter reach. (Orton is the same way. They both have the look of a fighter.) And in an age where WWE is losing people to MMA and the fact that MMA's boring, bloody, barbaric, matches are very real, that's something man. I like a lot of things about Christian's entrance. His facial expressions are awesome maybe even better than Del Rio. He's next behind him anyway. And his promo work seems to have a little more edge these days. I like his music. I like his point thing but I think he needs to loosen up a little. Seems a bit too formulaic. Don't get me wrong it's good, but why doesn't he point at the other side at least once in a while? I like his whole "getting ready for the ring" hop-and-psyche thing he does while looking at the ring. I just think he needs to watch himself doing his little 'double point on turnbuckle' in a mirror and make it look a little less funny-lookin. Seems like his points just float. Can't describe it better really but I'm not saying it's bad, just that his double point thing could be a little more effortless a little more serious. The point is, Christian to me has main-event quality.

Christian really does have the main-event quality.

He's not infallible though. Just like Orton did on SD recently, Christian looked a little dumb doing the spear, I think that's why the audience didn't get behind it. But then, might also be they thought that it was just ripping off Edge. But I'm not saying anything with that really. Just blabbing me thoughts.

Back on point. Between all of this, the entrances which are great, the experience factor, the great in-ring fit, the great fanbase split, the veteran promos, and all of it, these guys are the new main-event to me. Far and away beyond everything the WWE has right now. And last night is what did it. If I was WWE I'd just give this one away. Next week on SD or RAW instead of "From the Vault" how about "From the fucking PPV last week". Don't try to remix that shit or promo it. Just show the match. Don't do anything. These guys just made themselves the star of the fucking show. And this better keep on rolling.

IF WWE has any goddamn sense at all. I mean any. They will try not to mess this thing up. I was happy to see no Christian heel turn. That would have ruined the thing. The match was perfect including the story end. They've got a face vs. face going and it's kick ass. If that gets stale they can always turn Christian. I certainly hope they haven't penciled Orton in for moving on to other things like Rhodes or Mark Henry. If that's so they better pencil Rhodes the fuck back out because while I am a huge fan of Rhodes and he was the number one reason I watched SD (after Del Rio and before this), nothing he does touches this thing any. As for Henry. Moving Orton on to Henry after... holy shit that's all I got to say about that. Maybe Henry can be used to supply the heel role here. And Sheamus too perhaps.

These guys look great opposite eachother too which is very huge. Orton taller and darker, Christian shorter and lighter. Orton big and pointy and edgy and Christian small and confident and charismatic.

Last night Christian vs. Orton for THE FUCKING BGB became the new main event. and what a mainevent it is

He realizes it

you should too.

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  1. Tenzach's Avatar

    Why? I disapprove of blog posters being douches.
  2. AOF666's Avatar
    I think what really helped Christian was when went TNA. He became a big star over there. WWE kept him in the mid card for years. When he came back his wrestling became better. Before he went to TNA his wrestling wasn't impressive but he was good at his job. I always liked Christian, but WWE always treated him like Edge's side kick. Unfortunetly Edge had to retire, but it did help Christian, he is no longer look like the side kick and really shows how good he really is.
  3. The Next Big Thing's Avatar
    i have to agree with tenzach. you are a crazy crazy man, I tried lasting a bit longer than him but that was evil to read. was a great match but the blog you have written has made me want to tear my eyes out of my head and piss on what is left of my brain
  4. KingOrton's Avatar
    Unlike some people I really enjoyed this blog. The opening statements were douchy, but once in a while douchy is funny. And i definitely agree that Christian/Orton GREAT. Its the best thing IMO since the Orton/Triple H Fued back in 2009.
  5. The Next Big Thing's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by KingOrton
    Unlike some people I really enjoyed this blog. The opening statements were douchy, but once in a while douchy is funny. And i definitely agree that Christian/Orton GREAT. Its the best thing IMO since the Orton/Triple H Fued back in 2009.
    all the orton triple h feuds were godawful, espscially the last one. the match last night was miles better than any they had
  6. Kingcobra82390's Avatar
    Great match. But Christian should have recaptured the World Title once again but I think he will get it back eveantully.But Orton is my current favorite wrestler right now so good Orton.
  7. blink's Avatar
    This would've been a great blog had you left out all the unfunny jokes... And I know a thing or two about unfunny jokes... I tell them
    All the time... See! In any case I did not get to see the match, but I read a recap last night and it sounds amazing. I've always had a thing for Christian (in a straight way) and knew he was capable of greatness. I don't even think the guy has peaked yet. And orton looks great against the right opponent (see cm punk). I hope this rivalry continues but also that orton doesn't bury Christian like he did punk
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