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WWE Over The Limit PPV Review

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Hey guys hope all is well. To say the least the WWE Over The Limit Paperview was subpar to say the least. It's funny how a show can get better and better with each match and then totally fail with the mainevent.

R-Truth vs Rey Mysterio
Well booked in my opinion. No reason for Rey to win this match and the win for R-Truth will definitely elevate him as a star. He stepped up and is progressing very well as a heel and the no music thing is cool as well. Its funny how he went from rapping him theme, to no music at all. I honestly can see him being on the level as Cm Punk as a heel. Kudos to both Rey & Truth.

Wade Barrett vs Ezekiel Jackson, IC Championship Match:
Also a well booked match. I'm a big Ezekiel fan but I honestly don't think he's ready for singles gold at this moment. I do believe this match was boring but thats because of the lackluster build. The Corre and Nexus thing has finally reached its downfall. I honestly see them both being disbanded within a month.

Sin Cara vs Chavo Guerrero:
Great match but not as great as I thought it would be. I feel the dimmed lights for Sin Cara matches is just the most stupid thing. Dimmed lights means that the person who's lights it is will win the match. This is what they used to do for Kane back when he debuted in 97. Kane wrestled with dimmed red lighting in arena which meant he was going to win that match in pretty quick fashion.

I don't think the match was the lucha libre style match we expected. One thing that is true about lucha libre matches are that they are high flying back and forth type matches. This match wasn't back and forth because Sin Cara controlled the whole match. Chavo didn't have enough spots and a chance to deliver his moveset as much as we would like. I was expecting a Classic WCW type cruiserweight match similar to the classic Rey Mysterio vs Juventude type matches they would put on.

Tag Team Championship: Cm Punk & Mason Ryan vs Kane & The Big Show
First off, we gotta give props to Kane & The Big Show's in ring work over the years. They have been two of the most gifted in ring giants over the past 15 years or so. Along with the Undertaker, they are the greats when it comes to pure giants.

I felt this match was pretty solid. I would so love to see Cm Punk as a singles superstar because this Nexus crap is bull. I think its time to start pleasing Cm Punk, its like the WWE Creative team are forcing him to quit.

Divas Championship: Kelly Kelly vs Brie Bella
I actually enjoyed this one. My only thing is that Kelly Kelly looks like too much of a nice girl when she wrestles. It looks weird when she's actually dominating her opponent because she's such a sweetheart. She reminds me too much of Torrie Wilson but I like the girl. Solid match but the "Twin Magic Switcharoo" is getting old.

World Heavyweight Championship: Christian vs Randy Orton
THIS STOLE THE FREAKIN SHOW. The way the fans turned on Orton was priceless. Definitely one of the best WWE matches in the past 5 years if you ask me. I really thought Christian was going to win this.

I thought the only reason they took the belt from Christian so quick is so he could build a short program with Orton and win it back in a classic match at Over the Limit, thus making him look like a more credible champion.

They did just the opposite. I think that Christian has proven that he can draw money as the World Champ but for some reason they wouldn't let him win it back. Having Christian as the World Champ makes us "Attitude Era" fans satisfied. Having Orton and Cena as both World & WWE Champ is so played out right now. The WWE had an opportunity to please at least half of the fans by haing the belt on Christian's waist.

But after this great performance, I can see Christian turning heel and winning it back.

Kiss My Foot Match: Jerry Lawler vs Michael Cole
WWE's PG Rating has took us from "Kiss My Ass" to "Kiss My Foot" matches lol call it how you wanna. This pretty much went how I expected. I honestly wanted Eve to put her feet in Cole's mouth. It beats seeing an old man's feet lol. I also expected Swagger to come out and turn face and drag Cole back in the ring instead of Bret Hart but Hart's cool too. I'm shocked that the WWE still uses Hart after his huge amount of tweets he makes bashing WWE's bookers. It was nice seeing Jr and I hope this Michael Cole mess is over. Cole however is a great heel and garners alot of heet and I love it.

WWE Championship: The Miz W/Alex Riley vs John Cena
Where in the blue hell do I begin? It was sooooooooo many ways to have Cena retain the belt in a more entertaining way.

I thought since this was pretty much a handicap match, it would've been awesome if Zack Ryder came out and wrestled with Cena to even the odds seeing as they have been backstage buddies.

Why can't someone rescue Cena for once? Why couldn't they just let Zack Ryder save Cena? It is sooooo boring watching Cena taking on two men by himself and winning alll the time.

What does that do for the Miz's credibility if he couldn't beat Cena with a partner. When Miz said "I Quit" I automatically felt sorry for everyone who ordered this garbage.

Horrible booking, the WWE had a great opportunity to inolve Zack Ryder in a high profile match but dropped the ball.

Like I said earlier, the PPV was actually pretty solid until the mainevent. Way to ruin a good PPV WWE.

Guys I appreciate you reading and please leave some feed back.


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  1. maar13's Avatar
    For me it was a nice PPV, the last match sucked for me but the rest was goo and the WHC match was awesome, so I won't complain.
  2. nrb6304's Avatar
    I didn't watch, but I've read the results. And to be honest, inserting Zack Ryder into the main event match would've been dumb. Look I love Ryder, I really do, I went to RAW in SA,TX and held up a Broski of the Week sign. BUT 5,000 internet fans know who Zack Ryder is. Not 45,000 regular fans. I think the super cena bs is getting old too and I'm tired of seeing it BUT, Zack Ryder's time isn't here yet. If they start building him now though I could see him being in the MITB ladder match come July.
  3. The Brown One's Avatar
    First of all, I appreciate you taking the time to do this review, knox. Secondly, I agreed with it for the most part. I wish that Cara would have more confidence when pulling off his finishes. But it will probably take him some time to adjust to the WWE style of wrestling and the atmosphere. I completely disagree with you about the Zack Ryder situation though. There were no reports, or any news that Ryder was going to get a HUGE push. I, just like many members of the IWC, would like to see Ryder be used more on tv, and even get a mid-card feud. But to say that he should be in the WWE title match, or step up to Cena's level is going a bit too far. Hes talented, but just because hes "Cena's buddy", as we have seen the past couple of weeks on Raw, so are many others. Hes not the first superstar in the back to greet Cena before his match. Besides, I don't think that Ryder is ready for anything this big, even if the WWE title isn't involved. He has to start from the bottom of Raw..that means that he has to:

    1) Get off Superstars
    2) Get promo time and matches on Raw instead of just standing in the back
    3) Get a low-midcard feud (no title)
    4) Get a US title shot
    5) A couple of months/a year or two later, and then we'l talk about him even getting into the main event.

    Hes not at that level where he can be taken seriously as a main eventer.
    Keep the great blogs coming!
  4. The Next Big Thing's Avatar
    living in ireland ppvs dont usually start til 1 am on a sunday night which means with work the next day the chances of watching live ppv is obsolete. however, i didnt have to work today so i thought "why not?" WHAT A REGRET! now im sitting at home, wondering why the fudge i would do this to my body. I enjoyed r truth v mysterio, and loved christian v orton, whcih is all i was looking forward to. but i realised how many people in that ring just should not be wrestling. wade barrett is the most over-rated person on the roster, ezekiel and his "five powerslams of doom" is the worst spot i have ever seen (did you hear the announcers make it sound momentous), mason ryan was the worst on the card as well. the main event thankfully put me asleep becuase i was being crazy staying up that late anyway.

    so basically, i havrnt watched live ppv in quite a while. what i have come to as a conclusion. everything is so long and drawn out nowadays. why oh why should i want to see a big beatdown from the corre on ezekiel jackson replayed, corre posing, yet another replay, a replay from another angle, corre posing by the ropes, one more replay, and corre posing on the ramp again?? whatever happened to the days when a slightly built up feud would end in a fall and that was it, no pussyfooting with replays and faceshots galore, just "well this match is over....NEXT PLEASE"

    Im finished
  5. Kingcobra82390's Avatar
    Well I didn't watch Over The Limit but I read the results. And I acutully agree with you guys. R-Truth VS Mysterio sonded like a pretty good match. So did Chavo Ns Sin Cara. Kane and Bigshow vs Punk and Ryan was OK from the results. Divas match acutally pretty good but the Twin Magic STOP ALREADY PLEASE!!!!!.The Barrett VS Ezeakiel Jackson match sounded OK. I am a big fan for Big Zeke but match wasn't that good. Then we have one of the most hyped matches Michael Cole VS Jerry Lawler. OK was great when Hitman Bret Hart returned. Now the I Quit Match. I Am sick and tired of John Cena sorry I have always disliked him from the beginning. But Miz shoukd have won that all well prettyy boring match.Now the match which should have main evented Over The Limit is RandyOrton vs Christian. By far the Show Stealer. While I was reading I actully thought Christian was going to recapture the World Title but then BOOM The RKO happened and it was over. But great match by far. And I give this PPV a 7.5 outta 10. OK PPV.
  6. knox's Avatar
    Thanks guys for the comments I appreciate it. I think I may have worded my statements wrong about Zack Ryder. During the WWE Title Match, the Miz & Riley were fighting Cena the whole time as if it was a handicap match. I just wanted Ryder to be out there with Cena to fight with him, I didnt want Ryder to actually win the title.

    I think it would've been cool for Cena to have backup for once and not pulling off these Superman victory being two guys by himself. What does that do for the Miz's credibility when him & riley beat up on Cena for 28 minutes and then out of nowhere Cena put Riley through the announce table & makes the Miz say "I Quit" all in 2 minutes.
  7. knox's Avatar
    And guys, lets be real, we knew Cena was going to win. We all are just mad at how he one. I would've rather seen him actually win one on one against the Miz in believable fashion. But him beating two guys just ruined it.

    I dont think the WWE Creative team believe in the Miz as much as I thought. When Randy Orton was a heel and was feuding with Cena, their matches were strictly one on one. They let Orton & Cena beat each other fair & square because Orton was a heel that can believabally win matches.
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