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And I Quote: Hart, Hayes, Sacrifice, Over the Limit + more

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I'd like to start this week's blog by following in the actions of many wrestling fans across the world and just say what sad news the death of 'Macho Man' Randy Savage was. It came completely out of the blue and best wishes have to go to his family and friends. I'm not old enough to remember Savage's era but i've seen a few of his matches, particularly the famous Wrestlemania 3 bout between the 'Macho Man' and Ricky Steamboat. A huge loss for the wrestling world.

I read on the ewrestling news website this week about some comments that Bret 'hitman' Hart made regarding Drew Mcintyres current position. And i echo all sentiments! Hart's comments were in relation to Drew Mcintyre being on Superstars that last few weeks. In my opinion, Mcintyre should without a shadow of a doubt be on the U.S title scene. He's a former I.C champion and tag team champion as well as having the esteemed honour of being hand picked by Mr Mcmahon himself. So why the relegation to Superstars? This to me look's like somebody in creative ain't the biggest fan of 'the sinister scotsman'. When i heard that Drew had been drafted to Raw i took it as bad news. I'm a fan of his and in my humbled opinion could have seen him gorw into the main event spot should he have been left on Smackdown. Then again we've seen other superstars nearly be in that exact position in the past. MVP is a prime example. I see being drafted to Raw as a promotion for a lot of superstars, however not for Drew. I see this move as a de-motion, as a form of relegation back down to WWE's televised development show. Potentially a wasted young talent.

I was critical of Michael Hayes last week after i heard that he was back on television. The criticisms were mainly because of all of the racist stories a few years ago, mainly with Mark Henry of course. However after watching Superstars last week as well as this week i have a sudden change of opinion. I see that he's now the manager of Tyson Kidd. Well after this week's Superstars that relationship is in the balance. Although i believe that it's a positive sign for the WWE that they're coupling experienced veterans and some of the WWE's young guns. After watching Hayes he look's like a great ringside coach for Kidd. I also read on ewrestling news that WWE management are thinking of doing more of this, possibly bringing in Arn Anderson as a manager. This can only be positive for some of WWE's younger stars!

I don't often watch TNA or Impact Wrestling as it now is but heard good things about Sacrifice. So i tuned in and i have to admit i was quite entertained. Kazarian vs Max Buck was a good quality match as was AJ Styles vs Tommy Dreamer. I also liked the look of Crimson who fought Abyss. After watching him i thought that a match between him and the WWE's Sheamus would be a cracker, should an invasion take place. Lets not go there on a topic about an Invasion storyline haha. I wasn't too keen on the main event between RVD and Sting however you've got to respect that Sting is in his 50's and long matches on a frequent basis are out of the question. It was enjoyable though and might have made a regular Impact Wrestling viewer out of me.

Sunday 22nd May 2011 we have Over the Limit. I'm looking forward to John Cena vs The Miz in an 'I Quit' match. I believe that we could be in for a great fight between those 2 in Seattle. I can only see one outcome to the World Heavyweight Championship match - RKO, Orton retains. Possibly with some form of interference from Mark Henry and maybe Sheamus. I'm also really excited for the match between Sin Cara vs Chavo Guerrero. This could be an understated cracker! Good to see Chavo being used in the right capacity again too.

Lets hope for a great Over the Limit and once again remember a true Wrestling Legend in the Macho Man Randy Savage.

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  1. AOF666's Avatar
    I think they also use William Regal as a manager. He can always create good heat. They should have him manage Sheamus, Drew, Mason Ryan, and Wade Barrot(think how you spell his name), of course they don't fight at the same time, always show case separate. Then they kind a do an Uk vs US story. It work well with Hart Foundation and DX (US vs Canada).
  2. Renevious's Avatar
    First off, I want to thank you for paying your respects to Macho Man Randy Savage. You said you weren't old enough to enjoy his era, so it's great to see a young blood like yourself pay respects to the true legends. I may be a bit partial because Savage has always been my all time favorite my whole life. If you enjoyed WM 3, I definitely recommend you do a little digging and watch more of his matches. You'll never be disappointed. Anyway, about the actual subject matter of your blog, I want to say you did a great job. However, my opinion is respectfully a little different than yours. I've never been a fan of Drew. Nothing against him personally, I just don't see that pop from him. He's a good wrestler and in excellent shape, but he doesn't wow me. It's like he's just a guy and that's it. Not to mention, all that nonsense when he was IC champ about Mr. Mcmahon pulling all those strings to keep his title despite losing all the time really hurt his credibility. But I think bringing Regal in as a manager would be bad ass. It's been so long since we've had true managers, much less managers with entire stables. And I think with this recent abundance of guys from the UK, this could be something to look in to. Guys like Drew and Sheamus could definitely join up under the wing of a veteran like Regal. Plus, that could give Sheamus a good out when the time comes that is inevitable to make him turn face. The guy is getting more and more over with the crowd with every match he has, and before long he's going to be too popular to stay a heel. Just look what happened with Randy Orton. Anyway, great blog my friend. Keep it up.
    Updated 05-23-2011 at 09:52 AM by Renevious
  3. WilloTron 5000's Avatar
    @Renevious Thankyou for your comments on this week's blog, much appreciated! I completely agree with your thoughts on a British stable incorporating Wade Barrett, Drew Mcintyre, Sheamus and being fronted by Willam Regal in a management role. This would be awesome and would showcase the British talent in WWE. Perhaps even work Mason Ryan into the group somehow?
  4. Renevious's Avatar
    Yeah, Mason Ryan needs to do something to get noticed. From what I've seen so far, I'm not at all impressed. I think he would definitely fare well in that type of environment. Right now he's just being treated as another Nexus member, but he's no different than any of the other guys. He could join a British type stable and be the extreme muscle of it. It could be similar to the way Immortal uses Rob Terry (but hopefully executed a lot better). We all know Rob Terry is not a great wrestler, but just as his nickname implies, he is a freak. When they need just a huge pile of meat to go and flatten somebody, they get him. Mason Ryan (with his lack of charisma) should be doing the same thing. Also WilloTron, I write my own blogs from time to time, but I quit putting them up on here when I got my own page, so if you want to check out any of mine go to and let me know what you think. Thanks young blood.
  5. WilloTron 5000's Avatar
    I agree about Mason. I thought a couple of weeks ago he was looking as if he was going to make an impact but nothing came of it. Mason and Rob Terry don't really have personality's which sounds harsh but it doesn't get over. Some would argue that they don't need a vast amount of personality due to their size and power. It could help though. Must be a general issue with the Welsh haha. Thanks for the suggestion, i'll give your blogs a look (Y)

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