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Moment of Silence for The Macho Man

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Hey guys, hope all is well. I'm taking the dubious honor of writing a blog sharing great memories of the late & great Macho Man Randy Savage. I never thought he would leave us so soon and its funny because I was just thinking about him in deep thought the other day.

We the Internet Wrestling Community always respected Savage the most because he truly knew when to call it quits. I was always proud that a man that accomplished all he did in the business, had a small enough ego and large sense of pride to truly step away from the business and let the new guys shine. I only wish we could've seen him one last time as maybe a guest host or in the hall of fame.

We can debate all day about the 80s but I always thought Savage was greater than Hulk Hogan in every aspect. Sort of how many people feel Magic Johnson was greater than Michael Jordan. Hogan received more attention but as far as in-ring ability and the ability to put on a great match, Savage was the better man.

Savage battled his share of demons including his drama with Lex Luger & Miss Elizabeth. I'm pretty sure Luger will address this situation because its the right thing to do and Luger is a born-again Christian so I'm sure he will say something on his behalf.

I'm also pretty sure that they will mention this on TNA, Friday Night Smackdown, Over the Limit and the Following Raw as well. I know management from both companies begged him to return in some capactiy and eventhough he never did, I'm sure no grudges are being held.

Savage was the greatest star of the 80s and possibly the most charasmatic star ever. I appreciate Savage because I'm only 20 so I wasn't alive for most of his great matches but I have to credit WWE Classic On-Demand as Savage has to be the main star they showcase from the 80s. I learned so much about this great man and we as the fans should be honored to have watched him perform.

Guys, lets not mourn his death but instead remember him for all the great moments he's given the wrestling fans. I ask that you all leave comments sharing your favorite Randy Savage moments & matches and great memories.

Thank you and guys please take care and hug your love ones because you never know if tomorrow will be too late. Take Care & Spike Your Hair...OHHHHHHHH YEAAAAAAA R.I.P. Macho Man

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  1. DXFan619's Avatar
    Rest in Peace. ''I been in the danger zonnnneeee''

    He made promo's; promo's.
  2. nrb6304's Avatar
    The Macho Man is one of the greatest of all time. One of the few big men from the 1980's to actually KNOW how to GO! Hogan didn't know a wrist watch from a wrist lock. Warrior didn't even know a wrist watch. But Savage, man Savage knew more then a wrist watch. Savage/Steamboat IS wrestling.
  3. Viper's Avatar
    To honor the Macho Man, I will be watching his matches from Macho Madness: The Randy Savage Ultimate Collection, Best of Saturday Nights Main Event ... and I kinda wish the WCW Nitro dvd already came out so I could watch his matches from that set to in tribute.
  4. tonytiger666's Avatar
    just so you guys know i really love the wwe its awesome i watch it 3 times a week after i record it and thats raw and smackdown. i burn superstars to discs and i watch them on my tv, i also store all of the discs in cold storage units in arizona to make it possible to watch superstars in the future
  5. Desitatta's Avatar
    I'm very very sad that the best wrestler has left us. This man made Hogan. I remember, back in those days, Hogan had held the belt for approximately 4years and Hulkamania were running wild. From WM 1 to 3 Hogan was the man, but it was Savage who was the best storyteller and entertainer. He had superb matches with Steamboat and very entertaining fued with George The Animal. He was soon pushed as a heel, and he was superb at it. I don't hate Hogan but I've always felt, due to his limited skills, that his opponents have made him ten times better. Macho did exactly that. Macho was the best villain at that time, still very charismatic. When the majority loved Hogan I was behind the King. At WM5 I actually cried when he lost to mr. backstage politican Hogan. He kept on and had the best match against Ultimate Warrior on WM7. No wrestler, except Hitman, has had the same impact on WWE and wrestling. He was and will always be the best. REST IN PEACE my hero.
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  6. tonytiger666's Avatar
  7. Renevious's Avatar
    Hey Knox, great blog man. Good to hear from you again. I wasn't sure if I was going to say anything at all about Macho Man's passing, because he was my favorite wrestler of all time and it would be very difficult. But then I realized that I can't keep these memories to myself. For starters, him winning the title at WM 4 was what I consider the greatest moment in the history of the industry. It still gives me goose bumps every time I watch it and see Savage come off the top rope onto Dibiase. Not to mention, it was so refreshing seeing a main event between two guys that were actually amazing competitors both in and out of the ring, and not just another excuse for Hogan to come out on top. WM 7 was one of the most emotional moments in the history of wrestling. When Savage was tied up in the ropes and Jake Roberts had that cobra sinking his teeth into Savage's arm, it still makes me cringe. You can't say that they were too many other guys in the back who would be willing to take a bite from a cobra to further a storyline. With all this being said, there's one thing that was always constant in every angle Savage ever performed. And that was that he made it believable. He put so much of himself into his performances to give us fans our money's worth that it really did almost seem real. He was one of a kind and they'll never be another one like him. Thank you Macho Man for making my world a better place. God Bless.

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