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Top Smackdown Superstars

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So after watching the 3 Disc Top 100 Moments of Smackdown and the Top 50 Superstars of All Time I thought that I’d combine the two and make a list of the superstars that I felt had the biggest pushes of their careers on Smackdown and truly made a name for themselves, or started off on Smackdown and propelled themselves into greatness.

Brock Lesnar (2002-2004)- While Brock had a small run on RAW in early 2002 right after his debut, after winning the WWE title from The Rock at Summer Slam Brock became a Smackdown exclusive, having AWESOME feuds with The Undertaker, Big Show, Kurt Angle, Vince McMahon, and Hulk Hogan, in fact it was on Smackdown that Brock “retired” Hulk with a five minute bear hug. Lesnar’s final match on Smackdown was against Hardcore Holly in 2004. Lesnar’s impact on Smackdown is unforgettable with three of Smackdown’s greatest moments include him getting chokeslammed through the announce table by Big Show, wrestling Kurt Angle in an amazing 60-Minute Iron Man Match, and superplexing Big Show from the top rope and having the ring collapse. Brock Lesnar was a 3 time WWE champion, King of the Ring Winner, 2003 Royal Rumble winner, and 1 time UFC Heavyweight Champion.

Eddie Guerrero (2002-2005)- Eddie may have already been a known name around the world in the eyes of professional wrestling fans, but it was on Smackdown that Eddie Guerrero became a household name. After a short feud with Ric Flair on RAW, Eddie Guerrero and Chris Beniot jumped to Thursday Night Smackdown, it was there that Eddie dived into one of the feuds of 2002 with Edge facing him in an amazing Street Fight on Smackdown. From there Eddie won the tag titles with his nephew Chavo and Tajiri, along with becoming the first WWE United States Champion in 2003 by beating Chris Beniot. In 2004 Eddie did the unthinkable and became the second person to jump ship from WCW to WWE and win the WWE title by beating Brock Lesnar. Eddie’s Smackdown career ended sadly in 2005 when he was found dead in his hotel room. His last match was against Ken Kennedy in 2005. Eddie’s impact on Smackdown was tremendous, his matches against JBL (04), Rey Mysterio (04,05), Edge (02), and John Cena (2003) are classics that should all be checked out. Eddie was a 1 time WWE Champion, 2 time Intercontinental Champion, 2 time European Champion, WWE United States Champion, 2 time WCW Cruiserweight Champion, 1 time WCW US Champion, and 4 time WWE Tag Team Champion.

John Cena (2002-2005
)- He may be the face of the WWE today but there was a time when John Cena didn’t even have entrance music and came out in generic two toned colored tights. Cena came onto Smackdown in 2002 in one of the best debuts in recent memory against Kurt Angle. Cena may have lost his debut but he quickly made an impression on everybody in the WWE. After a couple of months of floundering around on Smackdown, it was in October of 2002 that the John Cena the fans got behind was born. During the Halloween episode of Smackdown John Cena laid down a free style rap that would spark his character of the Doctor of Thuganomics, coming out freestyling all the way down to the ring. By January 2003 John Cena was one of the most over superstars on the Smackdown roster. In 2003 he even got a WWE title shot against Brock Lesnar. Cena spent all of 2003 as a heel, facing Undertaker, Angle, and Eddie Guerrero. In 2004 Cena beat Big Show at Wrestlemania XX to win his first WWE US title. Cena would go on to feud with Big Show along with Booker T and Carlito throughout 2004 for the US title. In 2005 Cena ended the almost yearlong WWE title reign of JBL at Wrestlemania 21. Two months later Cena was drafted to RAW where he’s stayed since. It was on Smackdown that we as fans cheered for Cena when we were supposed to boo. When we thought he was amazing because he was new and fresh. Funny what 6 years can do yeah? John Cena is a 7 time WWE Champion, 3 time World Heavyweight Champion, 3 time WWE US Champion, 4 time WWE Tag Team Champion, 2008 Royal Rumble winner.

Matt Hardy (2002-2003) (2005-2008)(2009-2010)- This one probably has just as much groans as John Cena, but fear not dear reader as I have reason behind my madness. Let’s concentrate on certain parts of Matt Hardy’s Smackdown tenure. For starters, Matt Hardy as one half of the Hardy Boys was already a house hold name, but in 2002 while Jeff Hardy was fighting The Undertaker Matt Hardy jumped to Smackdown and it was there that I feel he made his biggest impact on WWE with his best gimmick to date…V.1111111111111111!!!!! Matt Hardy V.1! One of the most hysterical gimmicks of all time was Matt’s Version 1 gimmick. His awesome buffering entrance video, along with his Matt Facts on the side of the screen was priceless, his feud with Rey Mysterio, and Billy Kidman was great stuff. His three or four month attempt to lose weight to be a Cruiserweight is classic WWE comedy. Matt and his MF’er Shannon Moore were at one time one of the hottest pieces of Smackdown property. After, his jump to RAW, his firing, his hottest angle ever with Edge, in 2005 Matt Hardy lukewarmly returned to the blue brand. And though throughout 2006 he floundered a bit, in 2007 Matt Hardy was able to recapture our attention in a great year long feud with MVP over the United States title. It was in this year long feud that we found ourselves cheering for Matt Hardy, ready for him to win his first major singles title. Unfortunately this feud would be the last one of Matt’s that we cared about. Whether or not it was WWE Creative, or just Matt himself, 2007 and 2008 were the last times we PAID to see Matt Hardy. Hardy is a 1 time WWECW Champion, 7 time WWE Tag Team Champion, 1 time WWFWCW Tag Team Champion, 1 time WWE European Champion, 1 time WWE US Champion, 1 time WWE Cruiserweight Champion, 1 time WWE Hardcore Champion.

Rey Mysterio (2002-2008)-
I’ll never forget where I was during Rey Mysterio’s Smackdown debut in 2002. I was eating dinner at my grandmother’s house and kept on “going to bathroom” to see his big debut finally in WWE. Rey Mysterio stayed on Smackdown for 6 years and it was during those 6 years that Rey Mysterio became one of the biggest names in WWE. It’s amazing how in WCW Rey couldn’t fight his way out of lower midcarder and yet in WWE his Cruserweight matches with Tajiri, Chavo Guerrero Jr, Matt Hardy, and many others were actually main events. It was on Smackdown Rey gave us amazing feuds with Eddie Guerrero, Batista, JBL, and so many others. Rey did end up getting moved to RAW in the 2008 draft but it wasn’t long before Rey Rey was back on Smackdown as only a year later he was back on the blue brand tearing it up with CM Punk and Cody Rhodes. Smackdown is where the WWE gave Rey his big break and made him a household name. Rey is a 2 time World Heavyweight Champion, 2 time WWE Intercontinental Champion, 4 time WWE Tag Team Champion, 3 time WWE Cruiserweight Champion, 2006 Royal Rumble Winner, 5 time WCW Cruiserweight Champion, 1 time WCW Cruiserweight Tag Team Champion, 3 time WCW Tag Team Champion

Edge (2002-2004)(2007-2010)(2010-2011)- If anybody made Smackdown HIS brand in the past decade it was Edge. Even though it was on RAW that Edge won his first WWE Title it was on Smackdown that Edge cemented his legacy as a champion. In 2002 Edge was on his way to becoming a Main Eventer on Smackdown. His matches with Eddie Guerrero and Chris Jericho that year are some things that need to be seen to be believed. It was in 2003 that he suffered a legit neck injury (an injury that would actually force him to retire) that set him back a full year and sent him packing to Monday Night RAW upon return. His Smackdown return was just as shocking as ever as he attacked the World Champion Undertaker after a grueling Cage match with Batista. It was here that Edge became the face of Smackdown. Edge battled any and all comers to his World Title. Batista, Kane, Rey Mysterio, and The Undertaker himself. Edge main evented WM 24,WM26, and WM 27 under the blue banner, and was the focal point of the show for the longest time. Edge retired from active competition in 2011. Edge was a 7 time World Heavyweight Champion, 4 time WWE Champion, 5 time WWE Intercontinental champion, 1 time WCW US Champion, 12 time WWE World Tag Team Champion, 2 time WWE Tag Team Champion, 2001 King of the Ring Winner, Mr. Money in the Bank 2005, and 2010 Royal Rumble winner.


The Undertaker (2002-Current)-
The Undertaker had already been in the WWE for 10 years by the time the WWE Brand Extension rolled around, so to say he was a household name is an understatement, Undertaker was practically the glue that held the fans from that era into the Attitude Era into the Invasion into the Brand Extension all the way up to today. Yeah Undertaker started off on RAW but in August of 2002 Undertaker found himself on the blue brand and has stayed there ever since. He’s been the foundation for Smackdown since his arrival acting as the standard bearer for everything on the brand. Every name you’ve already read on this list has battled The Deadman in an effort by WWE Creative to get them over. Even more names though have battled Undertaker while on the blue brand including: The Dudley Boyz, A-Train, Big Show, Booker T, Jeff Hardy, Triple H, Vladmir Kozlov, and more. The Undertaker’s days are coming to a close though as Wrestlemania 28 will probably be the last stand. Undertaker is a 3 time World Heavyweight Champion, 4 time WWE Champion, 1 time Hardcore Champion, 6 time WWE Tag Team Champion, 1 time WCW Tag Team Champion, 2007 Royal Rumble Winner.

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  1. VanHooliganX's Avatar
    I never really got over Eddies death. I watch it from time to time but...I just don't feel it anymore
    (I still follow it just not watch it)
  2. knox's Avatar
    Nice list, I certainly agree with them all
  3. ricardoveregero's Avatar
    Wow great list and so true! Every one on this list I agree had their shining moments on Smackdown but there could be a few more names thrown in the bucket. Even though creative has dropped the ball on his character and his ring ability is not good; The Great Khali had his defyning moment on Smackdown as the World Heavyweight Champion! Recently Alberto Del Rio career started on Smackdown taking out Rey Mysterio and Christian. There are a few more but this is one of the best posts I've read on here in awhile! Good job!
  4. bigdame9's Avatar
    This is a great list and I agree with everything you said.
  5. eboy's Avatar
    Agreed Agreed agreed
  6. Running the Vickie Train's Avatar
    Only one person you forgot on this list. Kurt Angle........he was one of the best talent in the WWE, smackdown or raw. I like the list, but you have to include him over Matt Hardy.
  7. IamKrishnan's Avatar
    great blog... But wheres the Rock and Hulk Hogan..??

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