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What would TNA be like without the Hogan regime?

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On October 27, 2009 it was announced on that Hulk Hogan had signed a contract to join Total Nonstop Action Wrestling on a full time basis where, partnered with Eric Bischoff, he would partner with TNA President, Dixie Carter. Many people disagreed on his joining with TNA and many people are still disagreeing. Well, I am one of those people.

In my eyes and in many others, TNA has taken a turn for the worst. This current recession we live in has not only hit the real estate businesses and other businesses, but it has also struck the wrestling business. With more Americans being in poverty than ever before, most of these Americans who are TNA fans are unable to go to the shows or order the PPVs. Let's be honest these shows are high priced and we all have other things better to care about like for instance, bills. But despite this recession, TNA consist to hire these big names like Hulk Hogan who are way past their prime. And i really do wonder what would TNA be like without this Hogan regime?

1. Ever since Hogan has joined TNA, he has insisted on bringing his friends who are just like him, WAY PAST THEIR PRIME! Wrestlers like, The Nasty Boys, X Pac, Scott Hall, Ric Flair, and Tommy Dreamer have all been hired by TNA to wrestle. But one thing that stands out the most is that, these old wrestlers are being paid big bucks and they can't even wrestle anymore. Without these washed up wrestlers, TNA originals like AJ Styles and Samoa Joe will actually have a chance to shine. And Christopher Daniels would actually still be there!

2. Now that TNA has hired all of Hogan's has-been wrestling friends, TNA has no choice to either give them a limited to time to appear at shows or to just continue to pay them a lot of money until they see no further use for them. But TNA is only screwing themselves, people like Sting and Kevin Nash want all this money without actually working for it. That only leaves TNA bankrupt in the process! Without these wrestlers who continue to make TNA lose a lot of money, TNA would be wealthier and they could then focus their time on other things like hiring a better creative writer and a better Booker.

3. Without these old wrestlers, AJ Styles would be AJ Styles instead of AJ Flair, the 6 sided ring would still be present, the X Division wouldn't be mistreated, and i guaran-damn-tee that the TNA Impact ratings would be a lot better. Even when Main Event Mafia was still a stable, the ratings were still better than this joke!

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  1. shanethewolf's Avatar
    I agree, but I don't think Hogan is entirely to blame. Things started getting worse around the same time Vince Russo joined (coincidence??) and you had stupid gimmick matches like Feast or fired, reverse battle royals where they had to get inside the ring to win, silly storylines like fake funerals for Team 3d with everyone pretending to cry and crap like that.

    Before then, you had quality wrestling and most storylines were based on the passion and desire of the wrestlers, looking to gain a title or defeat an enemy. You had jaw dropping Xdivision matches, tag matches and even their hardcore matches were pretty intense.

    TNA needed more publicity and that's where Hogan and these big names come in, but they did not need a whole new show format, new wrestling talent or new creative direction. Those were the things they were doing right.
  2. MarcusMiller84's Avatar
    The 6 sided ring is completely beyond overly overrated, has nothing to do with having good matches, or anything relevant whatsoever.

    TNA doesn't need a ton of Old wrestlers, no. TNA does need new talent AND starpower, yes, like ALL companies in professional wrestling.

    Mr. Anderson and The Pope = greatly misused and underrated but NOW have the chance to shine and not be held back.

    Jeff Hardy and RVD = star power, and still have something to offer, and not completely tired and old.

    ECW stuff = for fun, but not completely necessary.

    TNA bringing in talent from other countries, and the indies... great. Especially Desmond Wolfe.


    Does TNA use everything and everybody right? Of course not. Happens all the time in wrestling. And WWE is the worst of all right now.


    Atleast TNA caters to its fans, wrestling fans, and gives what people want to see.

    As for Hogan, eh. I like that Bischoff is there. Hogan is just a face. Doesn't really add to the program.

    Ric Flair, adds to the program.
  3. Hesterica's Avatar
    Personally I liked TNA before. Felt better. Now, it does kinda feel like minor league WWE or WCW. They had their own identity before.

    But business wise, I still think Hogan being there is good. He may not be able to perform or anything but his name alone has added a couple of fans on the seats. He can also help develop stars. Which is also what Flair is there for.

    Wrestling is a hit and miss game. Let's just wait and see. I think in a couple of years, both TNA and WWE will be bringing their best on the table. And, after a patient wait, we the fans will win.
  4. westy's Avatar
    Interesting post. I am now watching because of Hogan, Flair, RVD, Eric Bish.

    I didn't really watch too much TNA before because they weren't big names. Now they have huge names I'm watching. The TNA guys can still shine because unlike the recent older guys signing, the TNA origionals can wrestle better than most in the world. What these big name do is bring in more viewers who remember them.

    True Nasty Boys didn't last long and rightly so, but it was intersting for a while with their mini feud with Team 3D.

    What TNA have been doing recently is great, ratings are high around the world, just a shame they aren't in the US
  5. nrb6304's Avatar
    1.) From what I remember Tommy Dreamer wasn't brought in by Hogan, was actually brought in by Dixie Carter. AND If I remember correctly Daniels left on his own?? Yeah Hogan brought in his boys sure, BUT look at whose actually left, the guys that CAN still go. Flair, Dreamer. Tell me that Abyss vs. Dreamer hasn't been on your Hardcore wish list?! And then tell me Flair vs. Lethal two months ago wasn't awesome?!

    From VKM,
    Your right Hogan didn't bring in Dreamer, Dixie did. Wow big whoop! Still doesn't make a difference. Dreamer still doesn't need to be in TNA. Your right Daniels did leave on his own but the reason he left on his own was because of the condition of TNA. TNA was showcasing him or the X Division so he left. And no Abyss vs. Dreamer wasn't on my hardcore list. It would've been on there probably about 10 years ago. lol. See my point Dreamer is too old now. Now if Dreamer was in his 30s and could still do hardcore wrestling without getting impaled then yes it would be on my list. And will definatley tell you that Flair vs. Jay Lethal wasn't awesome. I don't want to see Flair wrestle. All it does is diminish the history of Ric Flair. I wanna remember Flair when he was with the Four Horseman and when he wrestled Sting back in WCW. I don't wanna remember Flair for the old man who has to hold his back up so he can stand up straight or when his veins pop out

    2.) Wrestling is always gonna have crappy booking in somebodies opinion. But as a company that has to look at ratings, and match ups, and feuds and etc. You cannot GIVE away great matches EVERY show. And as for the new matches that TNA has tried? Who can blame them?! In today's world there is so little NEW stuff, and in wrestling EVERYTHING is something reused. Some ideas work some don't get over it.

    From VKM,
    No I won't get over it. Your right wrestling will always have crappy booking but TNA's booking is worst. They can do much better than that crap! And if you have to give away great matches every show to boost up ratings then do it! Break the barrier! Don't be the same like WWE! Be different!

    3.)"On October 27, 2009 it was announced on that Hulk Hogan had signed a contract to join Total Nonstop Action Wrestling on a full time basis."
    BUT on October 18 , 2009 in California, at TNA's BIGGEST pay per view of the year we had 2 X-Division Matches, one of them that didn't even air. Can you tell me what they were without looking it up? CAUSE I CAN'T! I love the X-Division more then anybody in the world. I can safely say that it brought me to TNA. BUT. Since about 05 it's been buried. And THAT is sad. :/ But to blame Hogan is ridiculous.

    TNA has problems, is Hulk Hogan one of them? Not really.

    From VKM
    Yes, Hogan is one of them my friend. On the January 4th during the X division match where Homicide interfered on was horrible. It was a wrong way to showcase them by making them have only 3 minutes of a match just to show the debut of Jeff Hardy. It was so horrible that the entire TNA crowd was hollering "THIS IS BULLSHIT" That has never happened in a TNA X Division match, but as soon as Hogan comes up! It happens! Then it was Hogan's idea to take away the side ring! The six sided is a great to showcase the X Division! And Hogan took that away too! So yeah he is to blame!
    Updated 09-06-2010 at 02:25 PM by VKM
  6. TLK's Avatar
    Hogan and Bischoff were blamed for kiling off WCW when it was more or less AOL Time Warner not wanting a millstone hanging around it's neck that was losing money and also a program that no longer fitted in it's programming for it's market. These Guys are not the problem at all.

    Bringing them into TNA did give TNA a short term boost then it went back to the same old angles that were dropped so soon after it started. Blaming Hogan and Bischoff for how TNA is at the moment is not their fault. It is more the Creative Team which Russo is in control of that has gone back to the same old crap that WCW was put through which signalled the end of that company.

    When Jim Cornette and Dutch Mantell were in control a few years back. TNA was still only a one hour show and with a lot of great angles, and some enthralling X Division matches that captured the attention of wrestling fans who were pretty much fed up of the "Sports Entertainment" that the WWE dished out for many years as there was at the time not a lot of real competition, except for the Indies and Japanese wrestling. Then TNA made it to 2 hours and the Angles got better. The PPV's that were shown on the now defunct TWC gave people a chance to watch TNA PPVs as it was shown quite a few times during the week.

    Once Jim and Dutch were released from TNA the Decline happened. Jim left due to his personal issues with Russo and said he could no longer work under him.

    And the reason why TNA probably does better overseas is due to the fact here in the UK, and i basing this solely on the UK audiences and probably other countries follow a similar trend, who's TV broadcasters also put out TNA Programming across the world, is in the UK, we have TNA Impact on Bravo and Explosion and PPVs on Extreme Sports which are available to most Satellite and Cable customers that have selected entertainment packages where as WWE is on Sky Sports which is a premium channel and some people do not want to pay extra just for the priviledge of just watching WWE. I will assume that other countries that have TNA programming have them also on similar entry level channel packages.
  7. Hotrod Coolbeans's Avatar
    Is it just me or is anybody else sick and tired of hearing how Hogan, Bischoff and/or Russo are killing TNA??!! What people need to realize is that TNA can not please all the people, all the time!! If they focused mainly on the "x-division" then people would moan that they are not using the "main eventers" enough. If TNA push "wrestler A" then people will moan that they should be pushing "wrestler B", its ridiculous!!!

    Can someone please tell me what TNA was doing with the x-division in the couple of years before Hogan and Bischoff came in?? because from what i remember (and i watched every episode of iMPACT! on bravo) the x-division was pretty much non-existent!

    From VKM
    Actually you are wrong, before they came, people like AJ Styles and Samoa Joe were headlining The X Division title. Since you said a couple of years before then I guess you mean 2-3 years ago. Three years ago from 2010 is 2007. In those three years, Samoa Joe, Petey Williams, and Kurt Angle, had the X title. Also, there were way more X Division wrestlers during that time then they are now. So I guess you haven't watched every episode because the X Division was very existent!

    Also the main storyline before Hulk and Easy E came in was the Main Event Mafia (all veterans, with only Angle having real wrestling ability) vs TNA Frontline (mainly focusing on Rhino and Team 3D)
    Tell me, how was that better than what we have now?

    From VKM
    I'll tell you, this is how it was better:
    Main Event Mafia was an original stable Fortune is just a copy of the Four Horseman. If you actually read my blog you would understand that originality is what helped TNA to become better than WWE once upon of time ago, but you didn't because your ignorant.

    Give TNA a chance guys, and if you dont like it, then go back to watching your kids programs like WWE, Ben 10 and Spongebob.

    From VKM
    People are giving TNA a chance but TNA is just destroying itself. And Ppl use to like TNA but now look at them. I wonder, how old are you? You sound like a 13 year old.
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