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Impact Wrestling's Golden Ticket P1

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So these last few weeks WWE has been dropping in Ratings and they are getting ever so close to the 2.9 mark.
Now I hate TNA lately as much as any other guy, but I know Damn well if they just make a few minor changes and market the company better instead of taking shots at WWE that they could without a doubt pull off 2.0 ratings.
If you were to ask yourself if you ran TNA full time, and it was your job to bring in money & ratings what would you do to Increase these numbers?
Step 1) I would scrap the 4 sided ring and bring back the 6 sided one.
Step 2) Put the TNA World Title on one of the TNA Originals.
Step 3) Make Hogan, Flair, Bischoff, Sting & anyone older than 40 a backstage role or Manager to younger talent.
Step 4) Give The X-Division Championship back to Joe & bring some prestige back to the belt with a long reign.
Step 5) Get new music, preferably stuff that isn't generic and goes with the Wrestlers Gimmick
Now in Order to initiate Phase 1, First thing I would begin to put into play would be Almost an Invasion kind of thing but not, More or less of an Old VS New/Cocky Young Guns story line reversed.
And what I mean by this is I would have Hogan, Sting, Jarrett, Angle, & Flair - Managed by Bischoff (starting like this Thursday with this) continue their taking over of TNA until you have Styles, Daniels, Joe, Kazarian, & Williams - Managed by Dixie or someone else idc who it is or even nobody doesnt matter to me. Anyways this will be a feud for 'The Show'
The TNA Originals would be fed up with these Older Veterans coming in and taking their spot light and preventing them from showcasing their inner talent and making a name for themselves. This would lead to a 10 man tag team match with The Originals winning and the Losing team being banned from Stepping foot in a TNA ring other than a backstage role or manager type deal, now this is just off the top of my head so its just a rough draft obviously.
Phase 2 - Main Event Status & Credibility
The priority here would be to Establish yourselves as Main Eventers and gaining credibility for your show to be taken seriously by Other Wrestling companies world wide.
Step 1) No more Ignorant shots at WWE, they know your there and you just look dumb poking a stick at a sleeping giant, they will awaken when you've proven yourselves. And by now in this plan Impact Wrestling should be looking a whole lot better.
Step 2) Market yourselves on bill boards and commercials, but only showcase your originals and Main Event kind of matches.
Not Hogan and other WWE has beens. (aside younger talent like Anderson who still has a full career ahead of him)
Step 3) No ignorant match types such as Electrified Steel cage, thats taking Innovativeness and ignorance too far.
Step 4) Continue with the Wrestling Matters slogan and campaign, this is what sets you apart from WWE, its Yours.
Step 5) Your Calendar/Showmanship - Have around 6 or 7 PPVs a year, Hire Storyline writers that know what theyre doing.
Step 6) For god sakes listen to the fans, that will be a HUGE thing that will separate you from the 'E. Give them what they want, not always but at least reach a compromise.
Step 7) Fire or rebuild guys that have gimmicks like Robbie E. please for us.
Step 8) have backup writers for fresh eyes on a Story Line to give it an extra spark or push if needed. And DONT drop the ball or add up useless storylines. If the storyline doesnt make sense don't use it. Simple as that.
Step 9) Make longer title reigns and more Number one contenders we dont want to see the same guy getting a shot week in week out. Give everyone a chance to shine.
(EXTRA STEP) this can come in at anytime but it NEEDS to be done regardless, Stop with the blood, Blood doesnt make every match good. use it on rare occasions.
Phase 3 - Taking on the 'E.

Now at this time you should be pulling off some Decent ratings, WWEFanBoys should be leaving you alone, and The 'E just might have their eye on you.
So to start this phase, You want to use the Previous steps to guide you, Innovativeness & using your Credibility.
Step 1) DO NOT address the 'E! if done right they should eventually address you.
Step 2) Promos Promos Promos, you cant have enough promos Advertising your movement of Impact Wrestling to Friday Nights.
Step 3) Notice Smackdown puts on a better show than RAW but yet RAW is the flagship so to be innovative to an extent (wrestling has been going on Idk how many years theres not alot that hasnt been done) as opposed to having Monday Night Wars I suggest something New & Crazy, Take on their smaller show first. Air your shows Before Smackdown. Slowly but surely you should gain ratings.
Step 3) If you are REALLY going to open up a new show air it During Superstars. Take down that show.
Step 4) STILL DONT ADDRESS THE 'E - act as if your hands in the cookie jar and even though theyre looking at you pretend you dont see them looking at you.
Step 5) When you finally garner enough fans MORE PROMOS PROMOS PROMOS advertising your move to a NEW time on Fridays, Oh ooops it just happens to be during Smackdown, whats Smackdown? thats the attitude to have. (im not saying dont know theyre there just an act)
Step 6) Put on your best shows you can, more intense storylines, faster paced matches, Get your show known to be better than what WWE was putting on that night. Then Do it Again. and Again.
Step 7) After awhile you should actually be competing with SD.
Step 8) Decision time. Either stay on Fridays and demolish SD, or make the ballsy move to Mondays, but IF you do, make sure you're on before RAW! And with that being said If you make that move move your Flagship to Mondays and your Minor Show to Fridays so you keep your fans from there.

Let me know what you guys would do or think on this?

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  1. BackDaFoosleUp's Avatar
    didnt even have to read it. tna will never be competition to wwe, just get over it
  2. VKM's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by BackDaFoosleUp
    didnt even have to read it. tna will never be competition to wwe, just get over it
    Never say never my friend.
  3. ut11smithcor's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by BackDaFoosleUp
    didnt even have to read it. tna will never be competition to wwe, just get over it
    wonder who this guys talking to? surely cant beat me because if he was he would be very ignorant seeing as in the first few sentences i state that i HATE TNA. just saying they have great potential.
  4. VKM's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ut11smithcor
    wonder who this guys talking to? surely cant beat me because if he was he would be very ignorant seeing as in the first few sentences i state that i HATE TNA. just saying they have great potential.
    U know how some people are on the internet, they try to contradict everything a person says before they even read deeply in the post or blog.
  5. coops89's Avatar
    I love TNA, and this is a great read. Agree with a lot of what you have said. However, I think a bit of leighway on the 40+'s! That would result in Daniels hanging up his boots (I think he's 40 now), and a few others. The idea of putting iMpact before Smackdown sounds like it could be a good idea. TNA too often responds to something WWE does. Sin Cara, taking the word wrestling out. TNA keeps responding to them like you have said.
    Something further TNA needs to do is get rid of those female fans they hire week in week out that take up the front row of every iMpact. I don't think they realize how bad it looks on tv having the same group of women (don't look at all like wrestling fans) occassionally clapping their hands.
    Anyway great blog UT, nice to see someone have an intelligent opinion on TNA without using expletives and who evidently watches the show.
    Updated 05-18-2011 at 11:40 AM by ut11smithcor
  6. nosellshogan's Avatar
    Good read. tna pretty much has the tools to start being taken seriously,they just need to know how to utilize them.And thanks because you're one of the few people that realize that having blood all the time does not make it a better wrestling product. It'll be awhile if ever before tna catches raw,but with Raw slipping if tna can just capitalize on what they do best and bringing their trademark six sided ring back then the chances of it happening improve.
  7. ComingToCinemas's Avatar
    Not to put a downer on this blog (I too hate TNA since Hogan and Bischoff, let alone Dixie who has no knowledge of how to run TNA came in), but I personally do not see two weeks of RAW getting slightly lower ratings as "slipping" (I don't know if that's how long their rating have been down, just the last two weeks have been poor shows). I do want to point out that the ratings have been down since Cena became champion again though... perhaps WWE has more fans in the IWC than they think?
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