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Wrestlers - Method Actors Extraordinaire

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The worst thing that can happen to any individual in any walk of life is when they believe their own hype. Whether their new hugely inflated (or always inflated) ego carries continued success in whatever field they are involved in, there is an inevitability that it will catch up with them in some other way. Business men, strippers, hookers, all kinds.Tiger Woods is a prime example, his ego was probably inflated after a few months at the very top, but , alas, it caught up with them.

Now we all know the ENORMOUS ego's that professional wrestlers carry with them. Whether they show it to their fans or behind closed doors, they all have one. Everybody has one.

The ego is the all important aspect when referring to my title as those with the ego, more often than not, bring their ego out of where it is required, and in the case of wrestlers, become almost "method" actors.

A prime example is Kurt Angle. An absolute legend of a wrestler no doubt, personally my favourite of all time. He is inspirational to so many because he is fairly believable. Since the turn of the millenium though, he has bought in to the gimmick big time, and now seems like a bit of a loon for it. There is nothing wrong with being determined to be the absolute best in your field, even if it is in a scripted show. Angle is all about wrestling. But his wreckless disregard for his own safety must indicate that he believes it is all or nothing. He is determined to be the absolute best, in an entertainment sense and a professional sense.

Chris Benoit was the same. The desire to be the best cost him his sanity, and his family. The less said about that the better.

This may only be two examples, but their gimmicks are themselves. Maybe seperating the man and the gimmick is too much to overcome that superstars get lost in their mind. With all the days that they work on their gimmick, in the ring or backstage, for year upon year, it is perhaps not surprising that this is the case. When you hear about an actor getting lost in their role, that is only something that will be the case there for a year maybe, but will always finish up eventually. Wrestler's have to do that for a decade, maybe more, and maybe even their whole life. When I think about whole life, I think Ric Flair specifically.

But so many more carry their gimmick around like a shadow. For many of them, maybe all, their gimmick is their whole life, their livelihood and their social standing. It is just sad when you see your heroes kill themselves.

For the recent main event generation, something is going right. Of the big stars that have retired, Stone Cold Steve Austin took a needed sabbatical in 2002, and returned a year later fresh. He also had clarity in his mind. He knew that he couldn't put his body and mentality through the ringer again, and retired after a farewell match with The Rock. Now he looks healthy and genuinely happy. Life goes on after wrestling.

For the current generation, the charisma lacking douchebags have brought method acting to a whole new level, on screen at least.

For Stone Cold, read The Rock, Edge, JBL. They had gotten what they needed out of a harsh business, and rightly realised there was more to live for. Chris Jericho is currently on a sabbatical, and if he comes back, it is most definitely the decision of Chris Irvine and not Chris Jericho.

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  1. VKM's Avatar
    I feel mixed emotions with this blog. For one, I don't believe Chris Benoit tried to be the best, I believe that he tried to put on a good show for the audience. Giving the fans what they want is what cost Benoit his sanity.
  2. ComingToCinemas's Avatar
    I've read a lot of blogs on this site which pretty much ask for the most unlikely things, and it's nice to read a blog which doesn't necessarily put across an "I hate John Cena" opinion (among others). What you've said makes sense and I completely agree, but what you said about Angle confuses me. I do not follow traditional Roman Greco wrestling so all I know of his life before the WWF is that he won a gold medal in 1996 and has a background as an amateur wrestler. Are you saying his ego inflated when the millennium hit? because he only really came into professional wrestling in 2000 as far as I know, and the ego he seems to have developed only came towards the end of his tenure in WWE.
  3. The Next Big Thing's Avatar
    completely forgot I had written this blog guys and thanks for the comments. VKM you are right but no wrestler does it just for the fans, it is for himself first and foremost (except maybe mick foley). The Benoit point will always be a touchy subject and I was just trying to emphasize that he should have taken a break.
    CtoCinemas thanks for your opinion. Angle became my favourite after only a couple of years in wwf but things have gotten too intense with the man. After the countless life threatening injuries, not to mention his personal life thrown into turmoil a break would be a breath of fresh air into his life. He has had breaks but they have not really been, he has been rehabbing, working hard to return to the top. Still though, I love him he has constantly entertained me I just have a bad feeling that he is going to end up a very dissatisfied person when he retires, either by choice or force

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