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Wrestlemania 28: Era vs Era

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Hi everyone this is my first attempt at a blog so I hope everything is ok.

Wrestlemania 28 is becoming one of the most hyped Wrestlemania's of all time... If the WWE can finish the card as strong as the first match announced, this could potentially be one of the best wrestlemania's of all time if booked well. I think with the way WWE is changing nowadays we will only see a bunch of celebrities and a few shockers. Here is my dream card I would give anything for to happen.

1. CM Punk vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin: SCSA has said he is more then capable of peforming another match and I could see this even being a show stealer from the rock and john cena. CM punk is considered by some the modern day SCSA. This could be a epic match.

2. Kharma vs Beth Phoenix: I dont think there would be a women's match I would more likely to see other then this. They are both very talented and I think with the right build up this could be a huge draw for wrestlemania.

3. Sin Cara vs. Rey Mysterio: Im not sure about everyone else but this would probley be my favourite match on the card. Two mexican luchadors going at it in a match that they control would be pretty epic.

4. Christian (WHC) vs. Sheamus for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship: I would like to see this match set up as I think sheamus has a strong chance to become a big name star in the WWE and christian just has that likeable attitude in a match going against sheamus. I also want Christian to be in this main event as it would be a great chance for him to get back on top.

5. Daniel Bryan vs. Tyson Kidd for the WWE Intercontinental Championship: I dont think there are two men that could put on a greater match. They are both the same size and as quick as each other so I think with the right time slot this could be awesome.

6. The Undertaker vs. Kane: Kane for starters would have to be vintage. Mask and long sleeved attire. I read in an interview a few years ago that the only person the deadman would consider ending his streak would be kane. Now I for starters don't think the streak will end. It would be such a waste. I like that the Undertaker has a legacy like that. Kane winning would be an ultimate twist though, but again highly unlikely. This has to be a gimmick match as well. I would love to see an inferno but Im guessing a buried alive.

7. Tag Team Tables Match: I love tables matches. I think they are a great gimmick match and with the right wrestlers can be a huge match for wrestlemania. A 4 way tag would be great. The Hart Dynasty need to get back together and the Usos maybe some Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater then whoever else.

8. The Rock vs. John Cena: Enough said? I couldnt think of a better opponant for the rocks return match then John cena. Love him or hate him he is a hell of a performer and we would be seeing the PG era vs. The attitude era. I would also like to see a continuation into extreme rules afterwards? Maybe a stone cold/rock vs. cm punk/john cena?

A money in the bank match would be cool as they normally are pretty entertaining. I would put randy orton in a dark match just to bury him. Personal opinion he is a career killer. Some more title bouts added to the card would be sweet but yeah not sure whats gonna happen in a years time so anythings up for grabs.

Anyways thanks for reading.
Stay high,

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  1. ut11smithcor's Avatar
    asshole. lol. that is all, Orton deserves it much more than Cena.
    I would complain backstage too if guys werent doing things right thats how people get injured.
  2. ITHINKIMHIGH's Avatar
    Asshole? Orton does not deserve it as much as cena. Its wrestling you have to expect to get injured but I understood that whole situation with him. I just think he handled it wrong. For someone who has somewhat violated the wellness policy, ruined careers, harrassed women and disrespected fans... Orton is cunt.
  3. TheKingOfKings1990's Avatar
    Just to point out that Tyson Kidd couldn't be in two matches though? All in all a pretty good card though, I for one would like to see Punk vs Stone Cold but just for old times sake I'd like to Stone Cold vs Triple H in one last match (Probably wouldn't happen of course as they wouldn't want to shine away from The Rock vs Cena too much).

    As for Orton is at the moment yeah, stick him in to get buried, maybe by Mason Ryan to get him to main event status, however if Orton went back heel I wouldn't have a problem being high up on the card.
  4. Viking's Avatar
    instead of tyson kidd, I would like Daniel Bryan vs. Jack Swagger in a submition match. crossface vs. anklelock. the match at WM 17 was good. why not do it again?
  5. mika009's Avatar
    Why do you consider Punk as the modern day Stone Cold?
  6. masakaritko's Avatar
    I don't think Undertaker vs. Kane would be the best choice due to the fact that Taker and Kane have already faced each other twice at wrestlemania and if they did it a third time just for Undertaker to win again, it would be overkill. I'd pick somebody Undertaker hasn't faced at mania before, like drew mcintyre. Also, you left Del Rio and Miz off the card, so have them face each other.

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