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Brand Split Over?

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I have been calling for it for years. I wanted this damn brand split to end. I am tired of two "top dogs" and meaningless tag titles. I want the old days back. I want the days where the WWE Champion meant something. I want the days there being top dog meant you were the TOP DAMN DOG. I want the days where the mid-card was a mid-card and not just 14 former world champions waiting for their push. I want the old days and the big E is starting to deliver.

This week Triple H said that the superstars of Smackdown would be Raw for the "foreseeable future". Whatever the hell that means. So could this mark the beginning of a new era of WWE?

The WWE has had MANY shows a year the past two years where both shows mixed together. They used to have a PPV to showcase the two shows against each other, but that ended this year. They also used to have SEPARATE PPVs all together, but that ended years ago. So what's the point? Why do we need the split? They have been basically mashing the two brands together at random points anyway. Even recently R-Truth was on both shows for no reason. He didn't even have a feud or anything. He just showed up. Now we have Alberto Del Rio going wherever he damn well pleases (when he has a valid work visa).

Look, the brand split was a good idea back when the WWE bought ECW and WCW and had a ridiculous amount of talent. Now TNA...erm...Impact...erm...whatever...has big names. The WWE no longer has a monopoly on big name talent. Most of their big names are in-house talents like Del Rio, Shaemus, Randy Orton, and The Miz. Gone are the days where you had Hogan, Rock, Austin, Jericho, HHH, Foley, Taker, Michaels, Lesnar, Goldberg, Latino Heat, Benoit, Kurt Angle, and Edge...on the same damn card. They simply do not have the top talent to sustain TWO major shows with two major titles. All is not lost, however. I have a few ideas to get things rolling in the big E's favor.

#1 There can be only ONE!
You only need ONE major champion. It worked with the undisputed title. You can have the champion on both shows with ease.

#2 The Midcard
This is where brand splitting is still a good idea. Have the US title be Raw's title and the IC title be Smackdown's. These belts can ONLY be defended on the respective shows, but the talent can still compete elsewhere in singles or tag competition. Currently this would have Ziggler and Cody on both shows, but defending their titles on their own shows each week.

#3 The damn tag titles
With more guys with less to do, you can build a great tag division. Now guys like Ryder, Trent Beretta, Hawkins, McIntyre, Sin Cara, DiBiase, and others have opportunity to get on a card as part of a team. I think a Sin Cara tag team is a good idea...there is two of them for gods sake!

#4 Divas be gone!
Why do we need a diva's match every week? Forcing the talent to be on both shows would force the WWE to push divas onto secondary shows like NXT and Superstars...where they belong. I am all for equality...but they just are not equal in drawing power and entertainment.

#5 Cruiser-weights.
It's time. We have a lot of fast moving, small framed, talented guys on this roster. I would like to see a division that emphasizes this every week. Make it a Superstars exclusive belt. Have it open PPV cards. It's a great investment for the younger crowds. It also gives your card a "spot fest" like TNA or ROH.

So there you have it. Some ideas on how to make a brand merge work. It's more like a hybrid of sorts. Blend the old with the new. I think it's time the WWE changes, don't you?

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Until then, Keep reaching for the belts!


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  1. CM_SUXX_NOT's Avatar
    Give the women who can wrestle 15 minutes like Cena and Punk, and they would put on a fucking great match. TNA let their knockouts main-event sometimes because they're capable. It's just a shame that some of the female roster can't 'wrestle' that well. K2 is getting better though.
    I also think they should keep both belts, but the WWE champion should be recognised as above the WHW champion. The US championship should go, seeing as the 'E has such an international roster. And I totally agree with bringing back Cruiserweights. They are incredibly entertaining.
    All in all a good blog. A blog is about expressing opinion, so well done.
  2. Chavo.G's Avatar
    I agree, I agree. I am so glad the brand split is over. Seriously, it was gay. It is like the attitude era again where people can appear on both brands. There is definetly a new era in the air.
  3. Ain't No Grave's Avatar
    I liked the brand extension…for about 5 minutes.
  4. Reloval's Avatar
    The brand split isn't over. They are just putting the main smackdown guys on raw for the time being to compete with Monday Night Football. It will be back to "normal" by 2012
  5. Mr. McMahon's Avatar
    i agree with everything. I hate the damn divas, its always kelly/eve vs bellas, wtf. Get rid of those four, they are horrible.

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