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How to End Kane & The Undertaker !!

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I think the torch of the Brothers of Destruction is officially gasping for breath and needs to be put out for good ! My suggestion on the perfect way to end them is to have them compete against each other , one last time at WM29 ..... in an Inferno Match !!!

At the end of the match , 'Taker can hit the Tombstone Piledriver and after he wins ( 21 - 0 ) he will do his pose on one knee . Then instead of his lightning going off , the fire around the ring explodes with lots of smoke ( so you can't see anything in the ring ) or maybe the explosion somehow knocks out the lights ! When the smoke clears or the lights come back on , all that's left in the ring is Kane's Mask and Undertaker's Hat & Urn !!!! Plus maybe their dark Insignias will be "burnt" into the ring canvas for a final Goodbye !!!!!!

What do you think ??? Let me know . And if you have a better suggestion , let's hear it !!!!!!!!!!!!

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Updated 05-09-2012 at 03:43 PM by ChaoticChris

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